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COLS 1100: DARs Lab [Degree Audit Report]:SEMESTER BY SEMESTER PLAN

COLS 1100: DARs Lab [Degree Audit Report]


Step 1 – Go to the CSCC Web Page and find your Program of Study (POS) or degree requirements. Keep this Windows/Tab open.
Step 2 – Open a new tab and sign into CougarWeb.
Step 3 – Run a Degree Audit (DARS), including planned courses, and “Open All Sections” in the report.

Use the POS/degree requirements and your DARS report to answer the questions in this lab.

What is your Major/Program/Certificate? communication(COMM) ___________________________

Is this major showing up in your DARS? ___________No____________

Which degree are you getting?
A.A Associate of Arts (A.A.)

All CSCC students have an academic advisor.
What is your advisor’s name: ___Advisor 1_______________________
Email: ________advisor1@cscc.edu___________________
Phone: ________222-333-44_______________

If you are getting an A.A. how many courses do you still need in each area:
English: _6 semester hours______

Social and Beh Sciences: _7 semester hours____

Math: __3 semester hours______

Historical Studies:_3 semester hours_

Natural Sciences: ___n/a______

Literature, Culture & Arts: __3 semester hours___

Additional hours and in what subjects? _______n/a_____________

6) How many Courses/Credits do you have left to finish? __23 semester hours______________

7) What additional certificates could you get that will compliment your plan of study?

A certificate in real estate will compliment my plan of study

8) Open a new tab and run another DARS Report, on a different Program Major, one you may be interested in pursuing. Use the “Run a What If Audit:” and include Planned Courses.

What is the Major? ____Real estate______________________________

Is there much difference in the amount of hours you’d have to take between this major and the one you’ve declared? _Yes there is much difference in comparing._________________

9) Go back to review the courses you still need that are listed in your DARS (#4 or #5). Check each of the required courses by looking them up in the catalog or through the course descriptions web page ( Note if the course has a prerequisite (or two) that you need to take and if it is only offered during certain semesters? [AU, SP, or SU]

How many prerequisite classes do you need to take? ___n/a_____________________

Use this information to fill out the blank semester-by-semester sheet. This is the other assignment in this unit. Map out your plan for the next two semesters or all the way to graduation! Remember to check those prerequisites!

10) Finally, when does registration begin for next semester? _On time registration began april 18th,2016_________________

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