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Comparison paper of “the three evils of society” by Martin Luther King and “the ballot or bullet by Malcolm x”.

This is a two pages comparison paper of “the three evils of society” by Martin Luther King and “the ballot or bullet by Malcolm x”.
The paper will need well developed paragraphs; introduction, thesis statement, quotations, conclusion.

Intro to Humanities

Intro to Humanities               

Term Paper:  Prepare a 3 to 5 page essay on either a cultural event you attend or a book about a historical or cultural topic relevant to our class (see rubric below). Due week 12

Suggestions – Possible Topics for Term Paper – Any of these 11 items would work for this project

1) ancient mysteries – lost lands/catastrophes, architectural wonders, legends, hoaxes, explorers, discoveries, supernatural beliefs, and inventions, Stonehenge, Easter Island, and the Pyramids, etc.


2) Folklore and Humans – origins of writing, alternative medicine, family life in history, origins of burial practices, astrology, and/or seven wonders of the ancient world.


3) Architecture – Great Wall of China, Angkor Wat, Mount Rushmore, Taj Mahal, and Machu Picchu.


4) Historical Eras – neolithic revolutions, stone age, first civilizations, iron age empires, indigenous peoples, globalization, etc.


5) Ancient World – Rise of Christianity, rise of law, Monotheism vs Polytheism, Rome’s rise and fall, the first Chinese Empires, etc.


6) Middle Ages – Byzantium, African civilizations, European feudalism, last flowering of Asia’s ancient empires, conquest of New Spain, history of magic.


7) Renaissance/Enlightenment – contributions of intellectuals, contributions of artists, contribution of religion, role of science, exploration/discovery, birth of nations, rise of democracy, rise of capitalism, etc.


8) Modern Times – Colonialism, Industrial revolution, modern wars, rise of Marxism, modern art, rise of feminism, social class issues, civil rights movement, space age culture, etc.


9) theoretical issues – rise of humanism, life-cycles of civilizations, ancient or modern philosophers, different styles of art, East/West relations, etc.


10) review a popular movie about a cultural theme, review a documentary about a historical theme, review a book about a topic from class, etc


11) 1001 Days – select a day from history that changed the world and explain several reasons why.

Your grade for the Term Paper, Essay is determined as follows (see rubric):

Unsatisfactory Deficient Satisfactory  Good Excellent
0-59%  F 60-69%  D 70-79%  C 80-89%  B 90-100%  A

Unacceptable grammar/spelling; not written at college level


Many flaws


Many/some flaws


Minimal flaws


No flaws


Does not comply with syllabus and MLA


Many flaws; minimally complies with syllabus and MLA


Numerous flaws; generally complies with syllabus and MLA


Minor flaws; complies with syllabus and MLA


No flaws; complies with syllabus and MLA


Contains no identifiable Intro, Body & Conclusion; not written at college level; contains no analysis and conceptual depth


Contains no/vaguely/ambiguously identifiable Intro, Body & Conclusion; contains minimal analysis and conceptual depth; 65-69% requires product to surpass merely deficient; 60%-64% is Deficient


Contains vaguely/ambiguously identifiable Intro, Body & Conclusion; contains some analysis and conceptual depth; 75-79% requires product to surpass merely Satisfactory; 70%-74% is Satisfactory


Contains identifiable Intro, Body & Conclusion; well written; contains significant analysis and conceptual depth; 85-89% requires product to surpass merely Good; 80%-84% is Good


Contains identifiable Intro, Body & Conclusion; professionally written at or above college level; contains considerable and substantial original and authentic analysis and conceptual depth; 95-100% requires product to surpass merely Excellent; 90%-94% is Excellent

Note:  In order to obtain a grade under a grade category (e.g., Excellent, Good, Satisfactory, Deficient, Unsatisfactory), the student’s assignment must contain every characteristic under the grade category.  If an assignment contains one or two of the three characteristic(s) of a grade category, the same analysis is completed under the next highest grade category to determine which grade category the student’s assignment complies with fully (i.e., the assigned grade).

Honesty Policy/Academic Integrity – It is important to follow standard practices of resource citation in your writing (MLA or APA). Plagiarism should be prevented by your own personal code of honor and we should remember that this term’s critical thinking homework provides everyone an excellent opportunity to develop his/her own voice in research papers/essays.


English 309 Summer 2016 Assignment Number Five: Proposal Letter and Article Summary

English 309 Summer 2016

Assignment Number Five:

Proposal Letter and Article Summary

This writing assignment is due before midnight on Sunday, July 31, 2016 This assignment consists of two separate components: a formal business letter, and a summary or abstract of a professional technical article. Both components must be of professional writing quality, and should be SUBMITTED AS A SINGLE DOCUMENT. You will choose a Request for Proposal from an outside source (many are available through the internet), and prepare a formal Proposal in response for Assignment Seven; Assignment Five is designed to help you begin preparing your Proposal, and should provide an excellent opportunity for you to discover the current state of events in your chosen professional field. For your Proposal Letter, you must first locate a formal Request for Proposal and analyze it carefully. Searching the internet using simply “Request for Proposal” will return a number of results that instruct you how to write or prepare an RFP, which is NOT required for this assignment. The most effective search terms will incorporate “Request for Proposal” in addition to some other term, also in quotations, related to your major field of study. Once you’ve identified an appropriate RFP, you should prepare your Proposal Letter following standard format for business correspondence, and address it to the contact person listed on the RFP you have chosen. Your Proposal Letter MUST include EACH of the following elements to receive full credit: – the name of your company or organization – a copy or working internet link for the outside Request for Proposal that your formal Proposal will answer – a list of essential elements and/or tasks required for you to complete your Proposal (i.e., bids, document specifications, member credentials, research regarding market costs) – a proposed timeline for completion of your project – NOT your Proposal for this class, but the project you’re offering to complete in response to the RFP. For your Article Summary, you must locate a SEPARATE technical article related to the preparation of your Proposal. SUBMISSIONS WHICH SUMMARIZE THE RFP CHOSEN FOR YOUR PROPOSAL LETTER WILL NOT BE GIVEN FULL CREDIT. Your Article Summary should be presented in MLA or APA format, and MUST include EACH of the following elements to receive full credit: – heading in MLA or APA format – proper citation for the source of your article, in MLA or APA format – a thorough summary or abstract of the article, consisting of at least three full paragraphs – a copy or working internet link for the article you are summarizing. Page 2 of 2 In preparing this assignment, choose your Request for Proposal carefully; it should be related in some way to your major field of study or professional experience. The article you choose to summarize should be one of the sources you plan to use for your Proposal. The formal guidelines for your Proposal are set forth in detail in Assignment Number Seven.

Composition: one or more places in nature

Subject or discipline: Composition
Title: one or more places in nature
Number of sources: 0
Provide digital sources used: No
Paper format: MLA
# of pages: 10
Spacing: Double spaced
# of words: 2750
Paper details:
Comments from Support Team: Discipline: Journal

Assignment: Submit a journal, consisting of a minimum of 14 days/entries, of your own reflections/observations about one or more places in nature. In your journal, you can choose to write about any outdoor natural area: your yard, a park, the woods, the prairie, a farm, a lake, etc. You can focus all of your entries on one place (the transformation of a place from winter to spring could make for interesting reflections/observations), or you can write about many places. You can write about 14 (or more) consecutive days, or the 14 days (or more) may be scattered throughout the semester. You are also encouraged to make references to the assigned readings (ie. comparisons and/or contrasts with your own observations/reflections and observations/reflections from the authors assigned this semester). Feel free to add photos, poems, sketches, art etc. to your journal as well, though you still need to include a minimum of 14 pages of writing; in other words, you cannot submit 8 pages of writing and 6 pages of photos.

Your essay should include the following:

14 entries, each entry consisting of a minimum of 1 page of writing for a total of 14 pages (or more) of writing.

Your entries should be current, about natural places you visit during the current semester. In other words, your entries should not be based on recollections of places that you have visited in the past.

Each entry should include the date and place.

In each entry, describe, observe, and reflect on the natural scene that you are writing about.

References (quoted or paraphrased) to the readings assigned this semester. These references can be as specific as a quotation or more general like the following: The woodchuck made me chuckle as I thought about Thoreau stating that he wanted to eat one raw.

Optional: photos, sketches, art, poems, maps, etc. Note that you still need to include a minimum of 14 pages of writing (1 page for each entry).

T321 Resort Marketing Study Assignment

T321 Resort Marketing Study Assignment

The final group project will be a marketing study of the resort that you have decided to develop in your area assigned. The assignment will be a through assessment of the viability of the success of the resort you are planning and will be detailed in a 7-10 page paper (double spaced) that will include the following information.

  1. Introduction of your property
  2. Resort Concept
  3. Theme
  4. Image
  5. Location
  6. Accommodations overview
  7. Recreation facilities
  8. Transportation
  9. F & B overview
  10. Target Market
  11. Key differentiators
  12. Demographics
  13. Current Competitors
  14. SWOT Analysis
  15. Future Forecast
  16. Conclusion

This work will be turned in online in Canvas so please make use of any visual materials to support your descriptions.

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