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Week 3: The Death System and Death in Modern Times

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Week 3: The Death System and Death in Modern Times 1/2 Week 3: The Death System and Death in Modern Times Overview We’re in Week 3 already – the midway point of this course. During this week you will study facets of the “death system” and look at some of its contradictory concerns. It is present in so many aspects of our individual and social lives that it includes both the growing provision of loving end of life care and the polar opposite, escalating violent forms of death, such as suicide, murder and terrorism. Death and dying have become more complicated in modern times. There are a constantly multiplying numbers of ethical, social and practical issues. Physical death is being redefined with each new scientific advance. In our society we are most concerned with the death of the body and billions are spent annually to try to halt and reverse the process of dying. The issue of how to tend our elderly and dying is major. The materialistic speed of our culture, in which economics are emphasized, has created a major revision of the view of the family’s and society’s responsibilities towards the elderly and dying. Do we buy our way out of caring? There are signs of a reversal in trends from the impersonal warehousing of the elderly and dying back to a personal caring relationship with the dying. We shall consider some of the more recent trends that are pulling society back into more personal and spiritual aspects of the system that is responsible for and invested in the process of death and dying. Reflection Questions for your reading Consider these reflection questions as you read this week to help you focus on the subject matter. 1. How does the “death system’s” impact your life? 2. Are current environmental concerns such as melting of the polar icecap part of the “death system”? 3. Do you believe “killing” is a natural component of the “death system?” 4. Can you describe other societies which approach death in a simple, more natural way? 5. How do you find information on your local hospice providers? 6. What are the parameters of pain management during the dying process? 7. Is suicide ever justified? 8. Do you think there is meaning in accidental deaths? 9. How would you balance individual rights and the actions necessary for protecting society from potential terrorism? Outcomes When you complete this week, you should be able to: 1. Describe the “death system” in our society. 2. Describe the general attitudes of the society towards the dying. 3. Explain the origins and nature of the hospice system. ۲۰۱٦/۸/۱۰ Week 3: The Death System and Death in Modern Times 2/2 4. Analyze the ethical issues of suicide, murder and terrorism. 5. Compare the belief systems concerning death for at least three of the religious traditions. Assignments Week 3 Essay Assignment Background: Occasionally a dying person seems to pay a preliminary visit to their post death state. In Final Gifts, Chapter 8, Callanan writes about these experiences. What can we know about the after death experience has fascinated mankind and been the topic of sacred texts throughout history. You can explore this topic as discussed in the course texts and web research into, for instance, Dr. Elizabeth Kubler­Ross’s work on Out of Body Experiences; The Tibetan Book of the Dead; the Egyptian Book of the Dead, or Bertrand Russell essay on “Do We Survive Death?” and many more books and essays on the subject. Your assignment: Using the course texts and web research described last week and this week, including references given just above, respond to this question in an essay of about three­six pages: Compare the belief systems concerning death for at least three of the religious traditions we have studied so far. Conclude by stating which of these resonates most strongly with you, and explain why. Your essay should have a minimum of FOUR references. Submit your essay to the Dropbox following your facilitator’s instructions. © 2015 Regis University. All Rights Reserved.


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Purpose:   Apply a theoretical framework to conduct an analysis of an

                   Organisation’s CULTURE

ASSIGNMENT  REPORT  –     (+/- 3000 Words))

Format:     Arial 12 pitch font, 1.5 line spacing, single-sided printing

                   Do not justify margins



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Theoretical Framework  (approx.. 500-800 words) 

Briefly outline/discuss the theoretical framework you have chosen – discuss why your chosen framework is more appropriate for your essay rather than another framework (yes, outline briefly the other framework concepts as well)





Argument = taking a viewpoint and justifying it.


Discussion of central topic  (approx..1800- 2000 words) 

As this module is about culture, you can define culture here

Critically discuss and evaluate the cultural issues of your chosen topic by using the framework dimensions.


 Analyse the issues, use the theoretical concepts to explain/defend your evaluation about what is happening in that issue you are discussing.
 Conclusion     (approx.. 300 words)


Summarize the key points of your analysis

Make sure the conclusion wraps up and links up to the central topic you mentioned at the beginning of the passage.



What could have been done differently?




At least 15 academic references (published books, textbooks, journals)

You will be able to choose from one of three organizations:







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Assignment 1; traditional Torres Strait Islander customs

Assignment 1; traditional Torres Strait Islander customs

Description Word limit Wtg(%) Due date
Essay 1750 words 40% 28 July 2016

Please ensure that all referencing is compliant with Harvard AGPS style. We have had constant issues with the referencing. To fix the reference issue once and for all, these links will only take a few minutes:

  1. (1 minute video)
  2. Link to download Harvard AGPS Style
  3. Instructions on how to do it







Assignment 1

Description Word limit Wtg(%) Due date
Essay 1750 words 40% 28 July  2016



Select and then compare and contrast three traditional Torres Strait Islander customs with three contemporary customs/practices. Include and discuss three examples of traditional customs and three examples of contemporary customs. Explain how the modern customs/practices evolved and the choices Torres Strait Islander people themselves had, if any, in the establishment of these contemporary practices.

Assignment 1 – Marking Sheet


Word limit: 1750 words
Please submit with Assignment 1.

Student name:___________________________ Student no.:_______________________

Item details Marker’s comments Marks
A.  Definition of the topic

1. The topic has been clearly defined and answered.

B.  Structure of the essay

2.  The introduction names the customs that have been selected, with clear statements of the issues to be raised in the essay.

3.  The essay has a clear structure or organisation in which the nature and evolution of three traditional Torres Strait Island customs and three contemporary practices are examined. The main points develop logically. The relevance of the material to the theme is clear.

4.  There is an effective conclusion which draws the main points together and which does not introduce any new material.

C.   Content

5.  There is evidence of adequate reading and research.

6.  The breadth of coverage is adequate.

7.  Three examples of both traditional customs and contemporary customs are included.

8.  The issues and ideas are analysed in sufficient depth.

9.  The ideas are clearly linked and integrated.

10.  The arguments/explanations are supported by evidence, examples, sources and apt, generally brief, quotations.

D.  Analysis

11.  The arguments/explanations are logical and consistent.

12.  The opinions are based on fact and/or logic.

13.  The essay shows evidence of original thought.

E.  Presentation

14.  Assignment Cover Sheet and Marking Criteria Sheet are included.

15.  Fluency and style of writing.

16.  Spelling, grammar and paragraphing.

17.  Neatness and legibility.

F.  Sources

18.  All sources acknowledged and references cited correctly, using the APA system or Harvard system of referencing.

Total   /40


Marker: …………………………………………………………….. Date: ……………………………………

PERS 1400 Assignment 2 Description

PERS 1400 Assignment 2 Description

Leisure and Recreation Research Paper – 40%

For this assignment, you will be expected to apply the research knowledge found in the textbook, as well as additional journals, to create your paper on a topic relating to leisure or recreation in Canada.

You will select a minimum of 3-5 journal articles (research oriented and peer-reviewed) related to the topics of leisure and recreation in Canadian society, relevant to a topic that you find interesting. Careful selection of the articles and an in-depth understanding of their content will be necessary for successful completion of this assignment. Other sources (websites, newspaper articles, etc.) may be used but will not count towards the minimum journal articles required and must be properly cited and referenced.

You will be graded on your understanding of the information presented in the articles and your ability to link this information to the concepts of recreation and leisure and your topic. You are free to choose your topic, preferably something that has piqued your interest during this course, but it must be related to leisure or recreation in Canada in some way. Popular topics in the past have included, but are certainly not limited, to:

  • Sport development in Canada
  • Leisure/recreation for Canada’s aging population
  • Leisure related to youth, new Canadians or minority populations
  • How funding can affect national/provincial programs related to leisure and recreation
  • Volunteering
  • Tourism, sustainable tourism, increase in technology, decrease of being in nature
  • etc

The articles that you select must be academic peer-reviewed articles and you are to employ the same skills for finding these articles as you did to find the article for Assignment 1.

Some of the journals available in Dafoe Library and in University of Manitoba online database:

  1. Journal of Leisure Research
  2. Leisure/Loisir
  3. Therapeutic Recreation Journal
  4. Leisure Studies
  5. Leisure Sciences
  6. Annals of Tourism Research

This assignment must be in APA format and marks will be deducted for those that do not adhere to APA guidelines. For APA formatting help, please see:

Username: umchaob

Pswd: r3t2s5

What is APA Format?:

Examples of APA Style of Documentation:

APA Formatting and Style Guide:


  1. Cover page, including title of the paper, student’s name and student number, course number, instructor, and date submitted.
  2. 5-7 pages in length, not including title and reference page
  3. 12 point font, double-spaced
  4. 1-inch margins
  5. Include in-text citations and references (preferably APA style, 6th edition)


1) Application of Knowledge

a. Choosing relevant academic/journal articles
b. Use of textbook knowledge
c. Relates to role of leisure in Canada

6 points
2) Understanding of Knowledge

a. In depth understanding of articles
b. Summary of key points
c. Reflection of the implication of the journal articles

6 points
3) Format

a. Structure and organization of the paper reflects a logical progressive style
b. Layout, headings, appearance and readability
c. Adherence to guidelines

4 points
4) Presentation

a. Technical aspects of writing style including grammar, punctuation and spelling

4 points
TOTAL 20 points



Individual Presentation: Cultural Group: Hispanic & Latino Americans vs Socio-Cultural Group: Cuban Heritage

Individual Presentation: Cultural Group: Hispanic & Latino Americans  vs Socio-Cultural Group: Cuban Heritage

Each student will choose one cultural group and one socio-cultural group from the list provided below and set up a PowerPoint presentation  in APA format. Required a inimum of 16 slides.

Preparation for the presentation will include synthesizing the information from assigned readings, Internet resources, the scientific literature, and other sources. Students will provide a minimum of five sources.

The presentation will address the following:

  1. A brief history of the cultural/socio-cultural group
  2. Values
  3. Worldview
  4. Language and communication patterns
  5. Art and other expressive formsNorms and rules
  6. Lifestyle characteristics
  7. Relationship patterns
  8. Common rituals
  9. Degree of assimilation or marginalization from mainstream society
  10. Health behaviors and practices.

The presentation must include a comparative and contrast analysis of common characteristics and distinguishing traits between the cultural group and the socio-cultural group. As well as a brief explanation of differential approaches needed by health care professionals.

Grades will also be based on overall quality of the professional presentation including handouts and references. The presentation is due by the end of Week 8.


Cultural Groups: Socio-cultural group
African American & African Group African American Heritage, Haitian Heritage
Asian American, Asian, & Pacific Islander Group Chinese Heritage, Japanese Heritage, Korean Heritage, Filipino Heritage, Russian Heritage, Thai Heritage, Indian Heritage, Vietnamese Heritage
Native American Group Apache Heritage, Navajo Heritage, Yakama Heritage, Cherokee Heritage
Hispanic & Latino Americans Group Mexican Heritage, Brazilian Heritage, Cuban Heritage, Puerto Rico Heritage, Guatemala Heritage
European  American Group Jewish Heritage, Polish Heritage, Baltic Heritage, Greek Heritage, Turkish Heritage, Irish Heritage, Italian Heritage



Gentrification and its effect on low income communities

Gentrification and its effect on low income communities

Paper type: Research Paper
No of pages 6

Paper format :APA
Deadline: 12 May 12pm

Name of Class: Africana Studies

I NEED THIS TO BE AN “A” PAPER! Not plagiarized. APA Format. With atleast 5 scholarly articles

This paper is about the effects of gentrification on low income communities. Gentrification comes about due to rapid urbanization and because of our capilistic culture here in America.

I need the pros and cons of gentrification.
How it destroys small business and how it effects more specifically people of color. This is a Africana Studies class, so that is important to focus on.

Aspect of the Vietnam War

Aspect of the Vietnam War
Subject or discipline: Cultural and Ethnic Studies
Title: Aspect of the Vietnam War
Number of sources: 0
Provide digital sources used: No
Paper format: MLA
# of pages: 2
Spacing: Double spaced
# of words: 550
Paper details:
Comments from Support Team: Discipline: Asian American Studies

Please make sure to follow the instructions and the file attached.

The assignment:

Interview someone who was out of high school and in the United States during the Vietnam War, 1965-1975. You need to have a paragraph about the interviewee’s background. The person does not have to be Vietnamese or a veteran. The paper will be graded on its readability, organization and editing. The length of the paper should be two pages. Do not use the person’s actual name.

Your interview is to get the person’s opinion about any aspect of the Vietnam War. There is no set rules or requirements of the interview. It may take one interview or two interview sessions. Some of the questions below might not be appropriate. You might not need to use all of the points below. A few suggestions might be:

1. Did the war affect their lives or their families’ lives.

2. If it did affect their lives, in what way.

3. As part of the public, what views or opinion did they have about the war.

4. Did their view stay the same or change from the beginning to the end of the war?

Cultural and Ethnic Studies

Subject or discipline: Cultural and Ethnic Studies
Title: Writer’s choice
Number of sources: 0
Paper format: MLA
# of pages: 4
Spacing: Double spaced
Paper details:
The goal of the final paper is to help students reflect on all that was discussed in the course, along with what was learned by successfully completing the homework assignments. Specifically, the 4-page (minimum) paper should synthesize all of the following as it relates specifically to the host country you will be traveling to for your internship or study abroad. If you are not going abroad, the paper should include the following bullet points and focus on a country or culture of particular interest to you. If you have selected a county or culture of particular interest, please define in your paper why it was selected.

What you learned about yourself as a participant in the Cultural Plunge that can be applied to your internship or study abroad;
What you learned about collectivism and individualism pertaining to you own culture and to your upcoming host culture;
What you learned about cross-cultural communication;
What you learned specifically about your host country/culture through homework assignments;
What you learned about cultural competencies

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