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Need to write 150-175 words for each question

Task 1 Exploring the General System Development Approaches Based on Module 2

Readings: Textbook Satzinger et al,;Chapter 8 (6ed) or Chapter 10 (7ed), BABOK Chapter 2 Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring, also BABOK part 9.3 Brainstorming

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A “College Education Completion” Methodology

Given that you are reading the testbook, you are probably a college student working on a degree. Think about completing college as a project—a big project lasting many years and costing more than you might want to admit. Some students do a better job managing their college completion projects than others. Many fail entirely (certainly not you), and most complete college late and way over budget (again, certainly not you).


As with any other project, to be successful, you need to follow some sort of


“college education completion” methodology—that is, a comprehensive set of guidelines for completing activities and tasks from the beginning of planning for college through to the successful completion.


Sub-Task 1.1 What are the phases that your college education completion life cycle might have?


Sub-Task 1.2 What are some of the activities included with each phase?

 Sub-Task 1.3 What are some of the techniques you might use to help complete those activities?


Sub-Task 1.4 What models might you create? Differentiate the models you create to get you through college from those that help you plan and control the process of completing college.


Sub-Task 1.5 What are some of the tools you might use to help you complete the models?


Task 2 Understanding Project-Oriented Approach in Business Analysis Based on Module 3


Read: Textbook Chapter 11 (Satzinger et al)



Custom Load Trucking


It was time for Stewart Stockton’s annual performance review. As Monica


Gibbons, an assistant vice president of information systems, prepared for the interview, she reviewed Stewart’s assignments over the last year and his performance. Stewart was one of the “up and coming” systems analysts in the

company, and she wanted to be sure to give him solid advice on how to advance his career. For example, she knew that he had a strong desire to become a project manager and accept increasing levels of responsibility. His desire was certainly in agreement with the needs of the company.


Custom Load Trucking (CLT) is a nationwide trucking firm that specializes in the movement of high-tech equipment. With the rapid growth of the communications and computer industries, CLT was feeling more and more pressure from its clients to move its loads more rapidly and precisely. Several new information systems were planned that would enable CLT to schedule and track shipments and truck locations almost to the minute. However, trucking wasn’t necessarily a high-interest industry for information systems experts. With the shortage in the job market, CLT had decided not to try to hire project managers for these new projects but to build strong project managers from within the organization.


As Monica reviewed Stewart’s record, she found that he had done an excellent job as a team leader on his last project, where he was a combination team leader and systems analyst on a four-person team. He had been involved in systems analysis, design, and programming, and he had also managed the work of the other three team members. He had assisted in the development of the project schedule and had been able to keep his team right on schedule. It also appeared that the quality of his team’s work was as good as , if not better than, other teams on the project. Monica wondered what advice she should give him to help him advance his career. She was also wondering if now was the time to give him his own project.


Sub-Task 2.1Do you think the decision by CLT to build project managers from its existing employee base is a good one? What advice would you give CLT to make sure it has strong project management skills in the company?

Sub-Task 2.2 What kind of criteria would you develop for Monica to use to measure whether Stewart (or any other potential project manager) is ready for project management responsibility?


Sub-Task 2.3 How would you structure the job for new project managers to ensure or at least increase the possibility of a high level of success?

Sub-Task 2.4 If you were Monica, what kind of advice would you give Stewart about managing his career and attaining his immediate goal of becoming a project manager?


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Task 3 Investigating System Requirements Based on Module 4


Read: Textbook Chapter 2 (Satzinger et al); BABOK Guide V2.0 Chapter 6


John and Jacob, Inc.: Online Trading System


John and Jacob, Inc., is a regional brokerage firm that has been successful over the last several years. Competition for customers is intense in this industry. The large national firms have very deep pockets, with many services to offer clients. Severe competition also comes from discount and Internet trading companies. However, John and Jacob has been able to cultivate a substantial customer base from upper-middle-income clients in the northeastern United States. To maintain a competitive edge with its customers, John and Jacob is in the process of modernizing its online trading system. The modernization will add new features to the existing system and expand the range of interfaces beyond desktop and laptop computers to include tablet computers and smartphones. The system will add Twitter messaging in addition to continued support for traditional e-mail.


Edward Finnigan, the project manager, is in the process of identifying all the groups of people who should be included in the development of the system requirements. He is not quite sure exactly who should be included. Here are the issues he is considering:


Users. The trading system will be used by customers and by staff in each of the company’s 30 trading offices. Obviously, the brokers who are going to use the system need to have input, but how should this be done? Edward also is not sure what approach would be best to ensure that the requirements are complete without requiring tremendous amounts of time from the stakeholders. Including all the offices would increase enthusiasm and support for the system, but it would increase the time required to compile the information. Furthermore, involving more brokers would bring divergent opinions that would have to be reconciled.


Customers. The trading system will also include trade order entry, investment analysis reports, trade confirmations, standard and customized reporting, and customer statements. Edward wonders how to involve John and Jacob customers in the development of system requirements. Edward is sensitive to this issue because many brokers have told him that their customers are unhappy with the current system, and customer complaints are sometimes posted to the public comments area of the current Web site. He would like to involve customers, but he does not know how.


Other stakeholders. Edward knows he should involve other stakeholders to help define system requirements. He is not quite sure whom he should contact. Should he go to senior executives? Should he contact middle management? Should he include such back-office functions as accounting and  investing? He is not quite sure how to get organized or how to decide who should be involved.


Sub-Task 3.1 What is the best method for Edward to involve the brokers (users) in the development of the updated online trading system? Should he use a questionnaire? Should he interview the brokers in each of the company’s 30 offices or would one or two brokers representing the entire group be better? How can Edward ensure that the information about requirements is complete, yet not lose too much time doing so?

Sub-Task 3.2 Concerning customer input for the new system, how can Edward involve customers in the process? How can he interest them in

participating? What methods can Edward use to ensure that the customers he involves are representative of John and Jacob’s entire customer group?

Sub-Task 3.3 As Edward considers what other stakeholders he should include, what are some criteria he should use? Develop some guidelines to help him build a list of people to include.

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Need Help-Assignments

Need Help-Assignments

Assignment 1:

  1. What are the differences between file viruses, boot viruses, macro viruses, and network viruses?
  2. Describe the true threat posed by viruses and virus hoaxes and their effects on computers and productivity.

Assignment 2:

  1. Explain the intent and fundamental concepts of search and seizure law as it applies to digital crime.

    2. Identify and explain situations where search and seizure is possible without a warrant. Please describe the limitations.


Assignment 3:

  1. Identify and explain the factors that have limited local law enforcement efforts against digital crime.

    2. Explain and describe the best practices for collection, preservation, transportation, and storage of electronic evidence.

    3. What is the importance of chain of custody as it relates to computer crime?

Assignment 4:

  1. What is the importance of a forensic analysis?
  2. Define the following terms and describe how they relate to information security: integrity, authenticity, confidentiality, and availability. 

Assignment 5:

  1. Identify and explain the eight general forecasts that experts believe are likely to occur in the area of computer crime.

Need Help-Assignments

Need Help-2.3 Knowledge Check

Need Help-2.3 Knowledge Check

“The molecules in Tyler are composed of carbon and other atoms that share one or more electrons between 2 atoms, forming what is known as a(n) __________ bond.”

Learning Activity 2

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Learning Activity 2

Modle 2

Choose one of the following activities  and       Complete the learning activities. Research the topics. 1000 words each.

  • Choose a learning activity
  • Research the topic on the www, Google Scholar, Wikipedia or your readings.
  • Complete and submit online for peer discussion.
  • Recommend resources etc. in follow up discussions.


  • Pedagogy and Instruction

What do we know about the learning needs of students with learning difficulties and learning disabilities?

  • The individual and educational needs of the student will be complex and unique.
  • Learning difficulties that involve social or personal problems such as poverty, illness or transience require a responsive understanding at the school level so classroom strategies can be effective.
  • Learning disabilities involve neurological differences that interfere with learning. Learning disabilities are life long and pervasive.

We have also acknowledged that research and gathering information about the issue, the disability and the student is an important first step to responding to the student’s individual needs. Really getting to knowing the student, their learning history and learning profile involves building a positive relationship with the student and where possible their parents / carers. Positive student / teacher relationships are identified by students with specific learning disabilities as extremely important, often making the difference between early school leaving and staying at school and achieving success.

The next step is to prioritise learning needs by assessing the nature of the difficulty and then implement strategies that are most likely to be effective.


Some strategies will conveniently by-pass the learner’s difficulties and as we have already mentioned, the use of technology is an example of this. Software programs for mathematics are increasing in scope, interest and effectiveness. Of course, the use of calculators and computers may also be helpful. Assistive technology, such as speech recognition devices are particulalry important for students with communication difficulties.

Learning activity 3.1

Search the www for software programs that are suitable for a student with a mathematics disability. Go to the Closing the Gap – Resource Directory for an overview of effective maths software. Are there any other sites you can recommend? Also consider what might be available within the mainstream software programs. Are the add on applications or ready to access applications that can be used as accessibility options for students with specific learning disabilities?


Assessing the student:

Unless you teach in younger grades, you should not have the responsibility of identifying a learning disability. Read the school files, talk with the parents and the student and you should find all the information you need. Intervention at early learning stages is much more effective that intervention later in the student’s learning experience when bad learning habits may be established.

Once you have gathered as much information as possible from the files, the student and the parents, and a relationship of trust has developed with the student, it is important to focus on the nature of the difficulty. Check that hearing and eyesight have been assessed recently and rule out other causes of learning difficulty such as ‘glue ear’ or illness.

Observations can tell you if the crisis situation in learning is contextual, specific or general. Is there a pattern to the learning difficulties? Are there antecedents to disruptive or avoidance behaviours? In our model of addressing learning differences, observations can also provide you with information about the

student’s strengths, interests and abilities.

Learning Activity 3.2

Below is a table that identifies possible standardised tests that may help to diagnose the nature of a specific learning disability. List either the test or the learner behaviours. These tests are commonly used in Australian classrooms and may be used by a teacher.



Student is unable to distinguish if two spoken words are the same or different.
Brigance assessment of basic skills. Tests of reading, language arts and mathematics for years K-8.


Peabody picture vocabulary test


Neale Analysis.




Stage 0. Emergent counting: The child cannot count visible items. The child either does no know the number words or cannot coordinate the number words with items.


Daily classroom activities will provide a lot of information for the teacher. Consideration should also be given to evaluating motivation, memory, communication, organisation and planning, and social skills in daily classroom activities.

Learning activity 3.3

Speaking, reading, writing and understanding words is a complex task that involves several skills. We have already identified the many variations of Dyslexia. Teaching strategies need not be directed to the area of difficulty rather than a generic approach to learning reading. Briefly describe (or develop) a classroom evaluation tool that can identify a student’s difficulty in the area of:

Spoken language

  1. Syntax: The way words are arranged into meaningful sentences
  2. Semantics: Understanding contextual cues that give a word its meaning.
  3. Morphology: Changing the meaning of words by adding endings or speaking in the third person appropriately (his/hers etc.)

Learning activity 3.4

Go to the Web link titled How do children learn to read by the Reading Doctor under the e-resources tab. This is a web page that provides a very clear overview of the difficulties that occur for children with a reading disability such as dyslexia. Within this reading there are several hyper links in blue – these are important readings to build on the basic information provided through the Reading Doctor website and are written by academics within the area of learning disability. Please ensure you link on each of these for more information on the barriers to reading for children with dyslexia as well as the political debate current in Australia in regard to the teaching of reading skills.

  1. What are the components of reading?
  2. Describe the student behaviours with:
    1. Reversals
    2. Word attack
    3. Decoding and
    4. Comprehension


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Writing Thesis Statement

Writing Thesis Statement

Writing in college is interesting that in most cases takes a persuasion form, thereby convincing the audience or readers. Thesis statement must be interesting, with logical flow of ideas on the subject of study. In college assignment, students are required to present such a persuasion statement-Thesis Statement. The statement convinces the reader, following a pattern predictable in writing.

Thesis Statement follows a brief introduction on the topic of study as a summary of the whole argument of the paper.

Facts about Thesis Statement

  • Reader understands interpretation of subject significance
  • Paper roadmap i.e. it tells what is expected of the whole paper.
  • It is an interpretation of the subject or question by providing direct answers.
  • Makes a clear claim that can easily be disputed by others.

Questions that requires Thesis Statement

  • Analyze,
  • Interpret
  • Demonstrate cause and effect
  • Compare and Contrast or
  • Take a stand on an issue





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