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Reflective Essay

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The overall purpose of this task is for to you demonstrate that you are able to justify and critically analyse your own practice in relation to social work law, knowledge, skills and values relating to: social work methods and models of intervention; ethical dilemmas; inter-professional challenges and/or dilemmas; risk and resilience; research; and/or evidence based practice. You must accurately reference your work throughout.


Provide a critical reflection on a piece of work you have undertaken with an individual, family or group. Include brief references to the PCF, legislation, and relevant literature to support your discussions and evaluate your learning, and include a reference list.

  • Provide a brief introductory paragraph regarding the event/case, including the main reason for the agency’s involvement.
  • Outline how you assessed and planned your work
  • Outline what interventions you actually carried out and why
  • Include a critical evaluation of your understanding and use of professional judgement and autonomy.
  • Discuss and evaluate how you assessed and managed risk
  • What skills, methods and approaches did you consider or apply to your practice
  • What helped you to reflect on your practice and development
  • Include the challenges and dilemmas you faced and how you addressed these
  • Reflect on what you learnt about yourself (self-awareness), your skills, your values, and your resilience
  • What future learning needs have you identified and how will you address these


I need to write a critical reflective piece of work about a young person in placement in the leaving care team.


I previously had contact with this young person when I was on placement last year in a foster agency. This young person was on my caseload then and on my final placement I have the young person on my case load in the leaving care team.


This young person and her family have been known to social services since 2005. The issues surrounding social services being involved is round the young persons mum not being able to cope with the young persons behaviour. The young person has been diagnosed with ADHD and ODD and her childhood has been challenging with her presenting aggressive and violent behaviours.


Initially after leaving her mothers home the young person went to live with her grandparents but her behaviours became too much for the grandparents and they asked for social services to intervene. At this point the young person was self harming as well and the grandparents did not feel that they could keep her safe.


The young person was eventually accommodated under a section 20.


The young person has had two foster placements break down due to her behaviour and when I met her she had been placed in a new foster placement. The young person has displayed signs of aggressive behaviours verbally and physically but she seemed t overcome these, she was able to speak to both foster carers and the problems seemed to get resolved. The young person was attending college and had a new girlfriend, which could be quite volatile at times. Whilst I was in placement the relationship did become a bit fraught and at one time it seemed like the placement was going to breakdown due to her behaviours.


When my placements was finished the placement seemed stable and the young person seemed to understand about the behaviours that she was displaying but she was able to control them.


When starting my second year placement I cam across this young person again and was informed that the previous foster placement where I knew her from had broken down and she as wit new foster carers and had been there for about eight weeks. The previous placement broke down due to volatile behaviours and I believe that the foster carers felt that they were no longer able to cope with the young person. When I went to meet the young person again I could not believe the change that I witnessed. This young person was full of confidence and was very happy with life in general. She was very happy with her new foster placement and felt like she fitted in as part of the family. This young person was more than happy to talk to me about what she had been doing and what she had achieved and this was a huge contrast compared to the previous year when conversation was very hard to get out of the young person.


This young person was extremely positive about her future and was keen to tell me what the involved and how she was going to achieve it. This was lovely to see. Obviously the other placement just wasn’t right for the young person but this placement I feel is going to be extremely beneficial to this young person and will also help her grown towards her own independence and eventually being able to live n her own independently.



Then 100 words approx. for each section relating the domains to the leaving care team in social services

Domain 1 Professionalism

Identify and behave as a professional social worker, committed to professional development



Domain  2 Values and Ethics

Apply social work ethical principles and values to guide professional practice


Domain 3 Diversity

Recognise diversity and apply anti-discriminatory and anti-oppressive principles in practice


Domain  4 Rights, Justice and Economic well-being

Advance human rights and promote social justice and economic well being


Domain 5 Knowledge

Apply knowledge of social sciences, law and social work practice theory)


Domain 6 Critical reflection and Analysis

Apply critical reflection and analysis to inform and provide a rationale for professional decision making


Domain 7 Intervention and Skill

Use judgement and authority to intervene with individuals, families and communities to promote independence, provide support and prevent harm, neglect and abuse


Domain 8 Contexts and Organisations

Engage with, inform and adapt to changing contexts that shape practice. Operate effectively within organisational frameworks; contribute to the development of the service/organisation. Operate effectively within multi agency and inter-professional partnership settings.


Domain 9 Professional Leadership

Take responsibility for the professional learning and development of others through supervision, mentoring, assessing, research, teaching, leadership and management

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Health issues and Transportation Network

Health issues and Transportation Network


Community portfolio. Community portfolio will be done on New Lynn which is in Auckland City. Use Credible sources such as Statistics New Zealand, New zealand government websites, Waitemata district health board, Google scholar and Transport agency in Auckland

1) Demonstrate knowledge of social and environmental influence the health.

2) Explore individual, group and community health in New Zealand.

3) Select and apply a range of literature relating to health.

4) Formulate a Community Portfolio which includes the following information and link it to the determinants of health.

5) Graphs and statistics pictures is a must. Divide the topic in two health issues and Transportation network. First talk about health issues.. (600 worlds) What are the health issues in New Lynn (Auckland)?. How many percentages of population have health issues? Graphs Second talk about Transportation network… (600 words) New Lynn Transport and link it to health. Graphs Reference list of 3 or 4. Compile this information and present it as a portfolio. You are expected to refer to the literature and provide references to support the information you provided in all of the above sections in the portfolio.

Need Help-OESM 102 Homework No. 3

Need Help-OESM 102 Homework No. 3

OESM 102 Homework No. 3

Hawaii Occupational Safety and Health Standards Part II and CFR 1910.21 – 1910.39

Due 9/19/16


  1. You have 25 employees at your retail store and have not had a recordable accident in 2 years.  Are you required to have a written safety and health program?  Why? 




  1. An employee has a prescription for medical marijuana. What would be a reason you would not let him work in your machine shop while using the marijuana?



  1. What is the permissible exposure level for organic arsenic compounds?



  1. The floor of your maintenance shop has several holes in it and some protruding nails. Why are you likely to be cited if there is a HIOSH inspection?



  1. At what height do you need to provide railings or equivalent protection o an open sided floor or platform?




  1. Your architect wants to make the rise height and tread width different for every step of the entrance stairs for your new office. He says this will attract special attention from your clients. What is your advice concerning safety and why?




  1. What is the maximum length of a metal stepladder?



  1. Can you paint a metal fixed ladder? Why?



  1. You build a wood pole scaffold that is 8 feet high to complete some maintenance work. Are you required to put guard rails on the open sides of the scaffold? Why?



  1.  Exit route doors can be locked from the inside in mental, penal and correctional facilities under what conditions?




OESM 102

Completing Homework Assignments

Unless otherwise stated, all homework questions require a 2-part answer.


  1. Identify where you found the answer

Cite the specific standard number to the greatest detail possible

If State standard – 12-60-2(a)(1)

If Federal standard – 1910.68(c)(1)

Write the numbers and letters just as they are written in the standard – case

sensitive, use ( )’s, periods, dashes, correct numbers, etc.

Cite preceding/succeeding sections only if they apply to the same topic and are

needed to answer the question

Do not cite definitions, appendices, tables, etc. unless specifically requested

Do not cite page numbers

Check your answer by “backing up” and attempting to find the section again

using your answer.


  1. Give a short, complete answer to the question asked.

Give one answer – not multiple answers hoping to cover all bases.

The answer should be best one for the situation described in the question.

The answer needs to be specific – no “shotgunning”

Do not cite an entire paragraph with multiple sections

If you do believe multiple sections are needed to answer the question, identify each

and describe how it applies to question

If there does not appear to be a correct answer, provide a brief explanation or

justification for the answer you give.

Don’t change the question to fit your answer.


  1. Do NOT quote standards text word for word as the answer to a question.


  1. Home work may be typed or handwritten. If handwritten, must be legible and easily readable (by the instructor!).


  1. If not using the formatted question sheet, be sure to include the question with your answer.



Need Help-Portfolio Management and Strategy Formula

Need Help-Portfolio Management and Strategy Formula


Portfolio Management and Strategy Formulation “Strategic planning is a systematic process for defining a pathway into the future. Taking one path precludes taking others. Strategic planning forces choices—and that is what makes it both so difficult and so beneficial. It generates focus” (Beckham, 2010, p. 6). During the strategy formulation phase of strategic planning, the individuals involved must determine the organization’s priorities and make difficult decisions for the future. For this Discussion, you will examine a dilemma and consider what might be in the best interests of the organization and the patients it serves. The case study for this Discussion is:”What Would You Do? Is This System’s Smaller Hospital a Keeper?” Prepare for this Discussion as follows: On your own, review the information in the Learning Resources and make sure you are familiar with ideas and suggestions related to portfolio management and strategy formulation. Also, on your own, review and analyze the selected case study with the following questions in mind: What are the most critical strategy-related challenges or decisions facing the organization in this case? What option(s) do you think would be most beneficial for this organization? Why? What additional considerations do you think are important to keep in mind as this organization engages in strategy formulation? Think about external factors and trends that might influence this organization in the future. Based on the information in this case study, what future directions would you expect this organization to pursue? What would you do to facilitate the kind of strategic thinking and collaboration that is necessary to address this situation effectively? What principles do you think should be followed to promote the success of this organization? Then write a 2- to 3-page paper that addresses the following: What are the most critical strategy-related challenges or decisions facing the organization in this case? What option(s) do you think would be most beneficial for this organization? Why? What additional considerations do you think are important to keep in mind as this organization engages in strategy formulation? Think about external factors and trends that might influence this organization in the future. What would you do to facilitate the kind of strategic thinking and collaboration that is necessary to address this situation effectively? Based on your own evaluation of this case study, what future directions would you expect this organization to pursue? What principles do you think should be followed to promote the success of this organization?

Case Study Analysis; The Veterans Health Administration

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Case Study Analysis; The Veterans Health Administration

Working individually, you will read The Veterans Health Administration: Taking Home Telehealth Services to Scale Nationally posted in the Blackboard folder labeled Case Study. The case study identifies certain challenges and opportunities facing the VHA as it pursues its goal to fully leverage telehealth. Your assignment is as follows:

  • Synthesize the strategic and business goals the VHA has achieved.
  • Select ONE challenge OR opportunity for focused research on your chosen topic.
  • Provide a synthesis of your research and analysis.
  • Present a detailed recommendation for a solution that includes:
    • Why you think that is the best solution;
    • The ramifications of not implementing your suggested solution.

The case study analysis will be graded based on the Case Study Analysis Grading Rubric in the Rubrics folder on Blackboard. Formatting requirements for your analysis are:

  • Length requirement: 12-15 pages double-spaced using a 12-point font.
  • Minimum 10 high quality and scholarly external resources (does not include current or previous textbooks). ALL sources used in your analysis should be correctly cited and cross-referenced. In other words, if a source is listed in your references section, it must also be cited correctly in the body of your paper. Similarly, any sources cited in the body of the paper must also be listed in the references section.
  • APA formatting guidelines..
  • Turnitin similarity index is not to exceed 20%. Similarity is based on properly cited external content. It does NOT include external content that is not correctly cited or credited to the original source.


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Assignment: Healthcare Information System Standards

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Assignment: Healthcare Information System Standards

Due Date: See Course Syllabus.  When completed, please upload your MS Word file to scholar.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the various standard code sets for diagnoses, laboratory tests, procedures, and medications
  • Understand the classes of HL7 FHIR standard.
  • Demonstrate how various standard code sets for diagnoses, laboratory tests, procedures, and medications are integrated into the HL7 FHIR.
  • Create Patient data in FHIR format.


Directions: Please answer the following questions using the web ex lecture for Assignment 3, the FHIR Introduction and FHIR Introduction for developers, and other materials as desired. You should find more information about FHIR on the internet to help with this assignment. The following links may be useful.


All answers should be in your own words and any examples should be unique.

Submission Requirements
Upload your Word document into the scholar site.  In the event that the scholar isn’t working, please send an e-mail to the course DLI with your Excel Document as an attachment. Please use a document naming convention that allows the DLI to determine your name.  EXAMPLE: “LastName_FirstName_Assn3.docx”.

This assignment involves understanding standard healthcare data code sets, understanding the HL7 FHIR EHR standard, and learning how patient and other data are represented in FHIR. Create one document for the assignment.

Assignment Requirements

  • Identify and briefly describe each of the standard code sets for diagnoses, laboratory tests, procedures, medications and clinical reasoning including the purpose of the codeset, the range of items listed in the codeset, the number of codes in the codeset, and how the codeset is related to the data from our book “Administrative Healthcare Data,” including the FacilityHeader, FacilityDetail, ProfessionalHeader, ProfessionalDetail, Pharmacy, and any other relevant tables. This is a research and reporting task. You are to identify the relevant codesets, (hint: this information is summarized in chapter 10), then do additional research using the internet to provide your definition of each codeset. (about 1 paragraph per codeset)


(5 points)


a.) Diagnoses

b.) Laboratory tests

c.) Medical procedures

d.) Medications

e.) Clinical reasoning


This is a website that you should review that is related to one of the codesets: You should find and review websites for the other codesets.


2)      HL7 FHIR (Fast Health Interoperable Resources) (10 points)

Review the power point “Introduction to FHIR for Developers.pptx” (skip slides 70-76)

  1. a) Write a short description (one paragraph) of the information on this page.

  1. b) Review the FHIR patient information at the following links. Write a short description (one paragraph) of the information gathered for a Patient:

  1. c) Review the FHIR Observation information. Write a short description (one paragraph) of the information gathered for an Observation:

  1. d) Review the FHIR CodeableConcept information. Write a short description (one paragraph) of the information gathered for a CodeableConcept:

  1. e) Review the FHIR DiagnosticReport information. Write a short description (one paragraph) of the information gathered for a DiagnosticReport:

3)      Review this website on how to integrate codesets into FHIR data. Write a paragraph explaining how each of the codesets you found for your response to question 1 are implemented in FHIR. (5 points)

4)      Use the SAS university edition to create an XML Patient file from the Members table by completing the following steps:  (5 points)

  1. a) Create a Patient Table from the Members table. The patient table should use the column names from FHIR patient definition. Add attributes for managingOrganization and showing the record is active.
  2. b) Generate an XML file from the new patient table.
  3. c) Describe how this XML file can be transformed into a FHIR Patient XML file.

HIM Professionals Assignment

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HIM Professionals Assignment

What do HIM Professionals do in physician offices, nursing homes, surgery centers, home health settings, etc.?

Explore one of the following sites, or a site of your choice, to research the subject, paying particular attention to revenue cycle management, billing or clinical documentation improvement functions.


APA format


Module 01 Assignment – Healthcare Fraud and Abuse

Module 01 Assignment – Healthcare Fraud and Abuse

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QuestionsProvide your answer(s) beneath each question as indicated.


1.            HIPAA established a national Healthcare Fraud and Abuse _________ Program (HCFACP).Answer(s):
2.            HCFACP is under the control of the Attorney General and the Secretary of the Department of _________ and _________ Services (HHS).Answer(s):
3.            They identify and prosecute the most egregious instances of healthcare fraud, to _________ future fraud and abuse and to protect program _________.Answer(s):
4.            In 2015, a total of _________ defendants were convicted of healthcare fraud and related crimes.Answer(s):
5.            HHS also excluded _________ individuals and entities from participating in Medicare, Medicaid and other federal healthcare programs.Answer(s):
6.            Thought Question:
In question 5 above, consider what ‘individuals’ (for example physicians, nurses and occupational therapists) and ‘entities’ (for example clinics, diagnostic laboratories and ambulance companies) mean. The sentence indicates that the illegal actions that convicted them of fraudulent healthcare activities have resulted in them being excluded from participation in Medicare, Medicaid and other federal healthcare programs. Explain why this penalty is critically damaging to their professional healthcare futures.Answer(s):
7.            Locate the table titled: “Monetary Results: Total Transfers/Deposits, FY 2015” and record the $ amount of Restitution/Compensatory Damages $ _________.Answer(s):
8.             In the same table, locate the $ amount for Relator payments $ _________.Answer(s):
9.            In the same table, see the ** after Relator and record who these funds were awarded to: _________.Answer(s):
10.        See The Mission of the Healthcare Fraud Prevention and Enforcement Action Team. Part of it says ‘crackdown on_________ costing us all billions of dollars.Answer(s):
11.        The Medicare Fraud Strike Force was launched in 2007 to investigate and prosecute fraud in southern Florida. It later expanded to cover nine areas. Name 4 of the 5 states listed:Answer(s):

HCA WK; US health care system

US health care system


  1. Part 1
    1. The media plays a role in crafting policy.  The influence of mass media and social media has been increasing over time.  Describe one example of a health policy (adopted, rejected, or proposed) influenced by the media (TV, radio, newspaper, social network, or internet) actions.

    Part 2

    1.  Based on your studies during these last few weeks, describe one aspect of the current US health care system that you believe would improve Botswana’s healthcare system. 

      2. Based on your studies during these last few weeks, describe one aspect of Botswana’s healthcare system that you would like to see adopted here in the US for improving the current US health care system.  What are the opportunities and challenges to attempting to implement this in the USA?

Espoused Reality vs Actuality

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Healthcare Strategic Management

Espoused Reality vs Actuality

Write a 2 page paper addressing the following elements in your paper:
•Explain how a manager would avoid having espoused reality enter into his or her department..
•Include a discussion on the tools they could use, would department meetings help – please be sure to support your position with peer reviewed references..

Include a title page and 3-5 references. Only one reference may be from the internet (not Wikipedia). The other references must be from scholarly journal peer reviewed journals, articles.

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