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Personal Statement; Political Science, Government

Subject or discipline: Political science
Title: Writer’s choice
Number of sources: 0
Provide digital sources used: No
Paper format: Not applicable
# of pages: 3
Spacing: Double spaced
# of words: 825
Paper details:

Now that you’ve completed the course material, tell me about yourself and what you’ve
learned. Please write about the following in your personal essay (answering as many of the
questions below as you can; be sure you write in essay form):
 Where are you from (where you grew up) and did your home town, state, or country
influence your political beliefs?
 How did you learn about government growing up?
 How did the area of the country or the world your from help determine your political
socialization (“political socialization” being a term from our first unit referring how the
attitudes, beliefs, and understanding of one’s government is transmitted to new
 What influenced (and how) your political socialization—your parents, your religion,
your peers, your school, the media?
 Has your understand of government and politics and the beliefs you hold about
regarding those two interrelated institutions and procedures changed as you grew
older? How and why?
 What did you learn about the U.S. Constitution and our governmental system as a
young person in early life and public school as you grew up?
 If 18 or older and a citizen, are you registered to vote and have you voted before?
Why or why not?
 Are you going to vote in the 2016 general election (and why)?
 If you are not a citizen, do you plan to be and will you vote? Regarding voting, why
or why not?
 Do you consider yourself a Republican or Democrat? Other? No party? Independent
voter? Why for any of those choices.
 Were your parents active in a political party, which one; and are you active or identify
with the same party? If different from your parents in this regard, why did you
 Are you now following the campaigns for the 2016 general election (which will be
held in November after the state primaries select candidates for the general election
offices that are up for election)?:
 Who do you want to be the next president of the United States and discuss why,
giving at least three reasons why he or she should be president based upon what
you know about the candidate right now from what you’ve heard or read about
the candidate from family, friends, the news media, and from social media (such as
Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc.).
 If your impressions are vague, simply discuss what you know and tell me where
you have heard what you know and how you’ve reached your decision.
 You do NOT have to do any research. I really want to read about what you know
now, where you learned it in general, and why you’ve made the decision the way
you have.
 In that same manner, tell me who you do NOT want to be president and why. What
about this person have you heard or read that makes you worried that he or she
might become president. Give two or three specific reasons based on your
impressions and opinion.
 Discuss the five most important things you’ve learned about government this
 Did you know about these things before or did you learn about them now, this
 Why do you consider them important?
 What issues that have been discussed in your study and reading affect your life in a
significant way?
 Are you more or less interested in government and politics now?
 Is government and politics important in your life now based on your studies this
semester? Why or why not?
 Do you now support or lead toward a particular candidate running for president? If so,
who, and why?
 Is there a person running for president you would not want to ever be president? If so,
who, and why?
 Do you know about any of the candidates running for Congress (the House or Senate) or
the Texas Legislature (House or Senate)? Are these elections important? Why or why not?
Does it matter to your education, to your future, who is elected to these offices? Why or
why not?
 Before this class, did you know anything about the U.S. Supreme Court—what it is, what
it does, its importance, its impact on your life? If you did, what did you know?
 Do you believe the decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court have any impact on your life and
your future? Why or why not?
 If you do believe it does, what issues areas are you most concerned about that the
Supreme Court can affect?
 Of the Bill of Rights protections what do you consider to be the most important liberty
interest that is protected in the Bill of Rights and why.
 600 WORDS, MINIMUM (about 150 words for each of the four sections). You can write
well beyond 600 words if you wish. put the word count at the bottom of the paper.

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