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Assignment help- BM6100-6107-40 – Business and Management Project

Assignment helpBM6100-6107-40 – Business and Management Project

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BM6100-6107-40 – Business and Management Project

Module Leader – Dr Diana Reader


Assessment – Research Project (60% of total marks)


You need to submit a Research Project of 10,000 words (± 10%).  One copy of your research project should be uploaded on to Minerva via Turnitin by 5pm Wednesday 5th April.


Your supervising tutor and a second Business and Management tutor will mark your work.  The marking criteria they will use is at the end of this document.  In addition, a selection of scripts (10% together with all fails) will be internally moderated by the module leader and this sample will then be sent to the external examiner for further scrutiny.


Your research project should have the following sections:


  • Title Page
  • Abstract
  • List of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Literature Review
  • Method
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • Conclusions
  • References
  • Appendices


Title Page

Your title page should include the title of your investigation, your name and student number and the date.



The abstract is a short summary of the complete content of your research project (up to 300 words).  It is a challenging but important exercise.  Saunders et al (2009) suggest it should contain four short paragraphs addressing the following questions:

  1. What were my research questions, and why were these important?
  2. How did I go about answering the research questions?
  3. What did I find out in response to my research questions?
  4. What conclusions do I draw regarding my research questions?


List of Contents

Your list of contents should clearly identify where sections are and what pages these start on.  You may also need to include a list of tables and figures.




The Introduction

Your word count begins here!  Your introductory chapter should provide a clear idea about the central issue of concern in your research and why you thought it was worth studying.  You also need to include a full statement of your research question and research objectives.


If your research is focused on a specific organisation, it is usual to include some background information on it.


The Literature Review

Saunders and Lewis (2012, p.33) suggest your literature review ‘provides the base on which you will build your research project’.  The aim of a literature review is to provide a clear and balanced picture of the published literature relevant to your topic.  You should synthesise the literature and extract the key themes and debates.


The Method

This should be a detailed chapter giving the reader sufficient information to make an estimate of the reliability and validity of your methods.  Saunders et al (2009) suggest you ensure you address the following questions where relevant:


  • What was the research setting?
  • Why did you choose that particular setting?
  • What ethical issues were raised by the study, and how were these addressed?


  • How many?
  • How were they selected?
  • What were their characteristics?
  • How were refusals/non-returns handled?


  • What tests/scales/interview or observation schedules/questionnaires were used?
  • How were the resulting data analysed?


  • How valid and reliable do you think the procedures were?
  • What instructions were given to participants?
  • How many interviews/observations/questionnaires were there; how long did they last; where did they take place?
  • When was the research carried out?



This is where you present the facts that your research discovered.  You can use tables and graphs to illustrate your results.  This chapter may include verbatim quotes from interviewees.  There are two points to bear in mind when writing your results.  Firstly, the purpose is to present facts – it is not appropriate in this chapter to offer opinions on the facts (this comes in the discussion and conclusions chapters).  Secondly, consider how you present your results.  One of the simplest ways is to return to the research objectives and let these dictate the order you present your results.



Discussion and Conclusions

It is your discussion that will demonstrate whether you have answered the research question and show the degree of insight that you exhibit in reaching your conclusions.  Saunders et al (2009) urge you to pay attention to your conclusions.  They suggest that this is where you are making judgements rather than reporting facts so this is where your maturity of understanding can shine through.  You need to ask ‘So what?’ for each of your findings and ‘to what extent have I answered my research question(s) and met my research objectives?  Avoid the rehash of the findings trap!  Your word count ends here – 10,000 words!



It is recommended that you keep your references up to date throughout your research project (otherwise this becomes an arduous task at the end!).  You must use the Harvard style of referencing.



Appendices should be limited to providing detailed information, particularly results, that are not appropriate for inclusion in the main text.  They provide additional reference material for readers who may wish to verify or further investigate information you have presented in the main text.


It is very important you keep a copy of any audio recordings of interviews/focus groups and any detailed numerical analysis on a data stick/CD.   It is likely that you will be asked to provide evidence of your data collection.





There is one core text that takes you step by step through the research process and this is available as an e-book:


  • Saunders, M. and Lewis. P. (2012)  Doing Research in Business and Management: An Essential Guide to Planning your Project,  Pearson, Harlow


There are numerous other textbooks on business research methods available in the library and as e-books that you may find useful (a full list is on Minerva).


Our Minerva site (in Stage 1 and Stage 2) provides seminar slides and further guidance on every aspect of the research process.

Assignment helpBM6100-6107-40 – Business and Management Project

Accounting: Financial Section of Business plan

Work type: Business plan
Subject or discipline: Accounting
Title: Financial Section of Business plan
Number of sources: 35 (as one may choose)
Provide digital sources used: No
Paper format: Other: Harvard in-text citation and bibiography
# of pages: 12
Spacing: Double spaced
# of words: 3300
# of slides: ppt icon 0
# of charts: 0
Paper details:
Must follow the order instructions file (all pages).
Must be done base on the uploaded file “Financial Section Business Plan” file(all pages).
Must use proper heading and subheading for each required section(copy and paste tables and charts in both body and appendices)
must meet the word limit.
Sources can be anywhere between 20-50

Must Follow: Based on the attached word document “Financial Section Business Plan” must include all charts and tables of this file in the order and its appendices. (Funds available 305000 Australian Dollar)

Product: Advanced Drone (made and assembled in china and sent to our warehouse in Australia)

Industry: Civil Engineering and Construction Development

Inventory On hand: 2month

Depreciation is based on equipment over 8 years no residual value

Credit sales: 25%

Payments: 30 days

Everything should be based on Australian system

  • Analysis of startup capital expenditure and need for any additional finance
  • Budgets (5 years): Revenue, fixed/ variable expenses, capital costs (beyond start up); explanation of any inventory reqs and costing; assumptions in forecasts
  • Budgeted cash flow: Year 1 quarterly, Years 2 to 5 yearly. Cash flow analysis/ address surplus/shortfall. Importance of liquidity management with reference to what-if/ sensitivity analysis.
  • Budgeted P& Ls/ projected Balance Sheet (yrly, 5 yrs)
  • What-if and sensitivity analysis (suggest import excel into an appendix and refer to appendix). Explanation and significance.
  • Contribution Margin and Break-even analysis/ explanation
  • Ratio analysis: including ROI and comparison to industry average. Comparison of expected returns to next best opportunity which may include client’s current salary)
  • Sum up financial viability re analyses
  • Use all needed tables and charts in the main part and the put the rest in the appendices (must be noted in the body, i.e refer to appendix A1.01)
  • Supporting document of the body must be included in the appendices
  • Every section must have an explanation with references and supporting document in the appendix
  • Include executive summary and table of contents
  • Add any additional data needed


Must be Consistent with attached file “group component” and:

With exec summary and action plan
With market research/strategies
With budgets and costs from oth. comps
Cross refs to group/other components (attached file)
Research and analysis:
Appendices: quality, refs in body
Overall  analytical and research depth
Overall  analytical and research breadth
Appropriate use of analysis tools
Clarity of presentation of analysis
All sources acknowl’d, citations/ref list
Structure and professional style:
Clear sections, paragraphs, sentences
Correct spelling and grammar



Detail of start up capital expenditure and analysis of need for any additional start up finance


 revenue and fixed and variable expenses and capital costs (beyond start up) forecasts for three years; explanation of any inventory requirements and costing; assumptions about costs and revenues in forecasts,


 budgeted cash flow forecasts: Year 1 quarterly, Years 2 and 3 yearly. Cash flow analysis and how to address cash surplus and shortfall. Explanation of importance of liquidity management with reference to what-if and sensitivity analysis.

 budgeted P & L and projected BS (yearly, 3 years)


 what-if and sensitivity analysis (suggest import excel into an appendix and refer to appendix). Explanation and significance of this analysis.


 CM and BE analysis and explanation


 ratio analysis including ROI and comparison to industry averages. Comparison of expected returns to next best opportunity which may include client‟s current salary),


 sum up of predicted financial viability from above analyses. NB: this may trigger the need for discussions with the client, changes to business strategy and amendment of sales forecast.


The use of appendices for inclusion of supporting documentation, analysis, and time-line and minutes is compulsory. Students should not feel constrained in their research as much detail and information can be relegated to appendices and referred to in the body of your plan. Supporting data, evidence and information should be contained in appendices and referred to where relevant. Use appendices for very detailed or generic information so that the client has the choice of reading more or reading less. Do not lazily and vaguely download from the internet. Importing of output from programs such as excel is recommended whenever appropriate


Primary data and its analysis should be regarded as valuable and clearly presented in an appendix


The following information within this report is confidential and regards the best interest of our client thus it must be read briefly and thoroughly to understand the consequences at hand. If any conflict is due to arise from this comprehensive report legal actions will be undertaken and remedies put in place by NSW legislation. If any concerns were to arise regarding the information and statistics in this reliance report, please do not hesitate contact our headquarters.
Moreover, regarding your best interest the business plan is recommended to be reviewed by yourself and an accompanying qualified party for increased understanding. In regards to professional assistance, our office is willing to provide specialized help and guidance towards clarifying this report for a disclosed fee.
Lastly, to clarify matters further, any primary and secondary information or recommendations present in this business plan will be rightly owned and property of CPU consulting group, unless been paid out.

Disclaimer Notice

The following business plan involves private communication amongst CPU consultants and our respected cliental partners Shane and Stephanie Smith. This report has been constructed on the foundation of suitable laws and frameworks with diligence and applicable professional standards. CPU consultants have put in its determination and attention to achieve optimal completion and reliability within this report.
This document comprises of various sales forecasts, financial guidance, insurance valuations and supplier expenditure as at ……………… The financial statistics provided may be prone to change and must only be used as mere guidance only whilst allocating costs to the business. You are subjected to authorize figures which are present in this report as any invalid estimated losses in occurrence during business operation will not be held against CPU Consultants.

Executive Summary
With the advent of drones since the early 2000’s, the Civil Engineering industry has had an increased focus on adopting these drones for use of many tedious time consuming task such as measuring soil density, soil depth, soil quality, analyzing crop health, fertilization, irrigation etc. Thus taking these components in to consideration, we designed a product that fulfils mainly the requirements of the Civil Engineering and Building industry, to meet needs and values.

Table of Contents
I. Confidentiality 1
II. Disclaimer Notice 2
III. Executive Summary 3
Highlights 3
IV. Client Profile 7
V. 1.0 Business Strategic Overview 8
1.1 Objectives 8
1.2 Mission Statement 8
1.3 Vision 8
1.4 Key Success Factor 8
VI. 2.0 Description and Features of product 9
2.1 Mapping System and Landscape Display System 9
2.2 Video recording 9
2.3 Soil Depth and Density Analysis 9
2.4 Products and Services 10
2.5 Suppliers 10
2.7 Manufacturing 11
2.8 Start-Up/Acquisition Summary 11
VII. 3.0 Industry and market analysis, Trends, Growth opportunities 12
3.1 PEST Analysis 12
3.1.1 Political 12
3.1.2 Economic 13
3.1.3 Social-Cultural 13
3.1.4 Technological 14
3.2 Expected location of market and reasons 15
3.3 Market Analysis 16
3.3.1 Survey Results 17
Advance drone results of 40 contestants 17
3.3.2 Professional Interview 19
3.4 Trends and Growth Opportunities 21
3.5 Economic and Regulatory Environment 22
3.5.1 Economic Environment 22
3.5.2 Regulatory Environment 23
3.6 Competitor Analysis 24
DJI Phantom drones 25
Walkera QR drones 26
Autel Robotics 27
ProDrone Byrd 28
IdeaFly Mars 29
3.7 Competitive Goals and Strategy 31
3.8 Competitive Advantage 32
3.8.1 Source of competitive advantage 32
3.8.2 Target Market 33
VIII. 4.0 Market Research and Analysis 35
4.1 SWOT Analysis 35
4.2 Critical Success Factors and strategic objectives: 36
4.2.1 SWOT, CSF and BSC Linkages 36
4.3 Balance Score Card 37
4.4 Strategy Map 38
IX. 5.0 Marketing strategy 40
5.1 Product 40
5.2 Price 41
5.3 Promotion 42
5.4 Place 43
Floor Plan 43
Outside View 44
5.5 People 45
5.6 Process 46
5.7 Physical Evidence 46
5.01 Market Segmentation 47
X. 6.0 Sales Forecast 48
Three market perspectives 48
XI. Appendix 50
P1.01 50
P1.02 51
P1.02 52
P1.02 53
P1.03 54
P1.04 54
P1.05 55
P1.06 56
P1.07 57
P1.08 57
E1.01 58
E1.02 58
M 1.01 59
T1.01 60
T1.02 60
T1.03 61
T1.04 62
C1.01 63
C1.02 64
E1.01 65
F1.01 66
XII. Bibliography 67
XIII. Project Timeline 72
XIV. Minutes of Meeting 73

Client Profile
Mr. Shane and Mrs. Stephanie Smith are middle aged couples looking forward to start up a business in engineering field. Their main desire is to provide a staggering product with an optimal differentiating strategy to the ideal niche market while adding value-added services to customers in the industry.
Mr. and Mrs. Smith have a saving of $305,000 in which they are willing to risk in order to achieve their life-time goal and dream. Their main goal is to run a business by introducing an innovative product to the engineering field. They are entrepreneurs and risk takers who are prepared to undertake a loan if necessary.
1.0 Business Strategic Overview
1.1 Objectives
Our Philosophy is enhancing and creating personal relationship with our client that is based on honesty, trust, accessibility, expertise and our broad experience to achieve our clients’ goal.

1.2 Mission Statement
Our mission is to enhance the building and civil engineering industry by developing futuristic innovations to create simple, yet effective operations. We aim to achieve this objective by following regulatory standards and abiding by laws, creating a new gadget to assist the qualified civil minded and skilled individual on the job site. Our main interests are to attain innovation that matters, keep dedication towards every customer success whilst maintain value.

1.3 Vision
Our vision is to become a unique enterprise and propel in the field of the building industry and its innovation

1.4 Key Success Factor
CPUs complexity of association with our clients is what differentiates us from other consulting firms.

2.0 Description and Features of product
Advanced Drone will make all landscaping jobs look easy. It offers a unique self-mapping feature which is activated and executed by a press of a bottom on your android/iOS device. Not only it flies and draws the map of the target area but it will also provide a detailed information of the ground such as depth and density of the soil using its unique echo system. The app on your device will also suggest the type of excavator required to dig that ground.
2.1 Mapping System and Landscape Display System
Advanced drone hurdle system incorporated with a high quality computer vision processor gives Advanced drones the achievement to escape difficulties that gives it the power to respond to any obstacles in its path. Hence, allowing it to capture the best land and mapping readings without any obstacles in its way. Advanced drones has the capacity to read a distance of 1 to 2 kilometer

2.2 Video recording
Advanced drones provide a range of high quality video color profiles that are available to help view the project at hand and as clear as possible. The Drone provides a top of the range of energetic colors which is available for instant download. Advanced drones capture images in 12 megapixel Adobe ZAK WAZ.

2.3 Soil Depth and Density Analysis
The drones are equipped with a Visible-near infrared diffuse reflectance (vis-NIR) spectroscopy sensor and Hyperspectral Imaging which allows the drone to measure soil properties with a single scan. This technology is quite popular in the agricultural industry as it is a swift, non-destructive technique that provides an accurate analysis of soil properties such as soil density, depth, moisture and the presence of clay minerals and organic matter in the soil. This data is then transmitted back to the users in spatial resolution which allows the user to identify ever in-field variability.
2.4 Products and Services
Before every drone that is sold a certification must be provided as long with identification.
Advanced Drones provides a single high quality drone which is recommended to the profession of civil engineers but available to qualified individuals for recreational activities. The product can be used to help guide small to large infrastructure projects by evaluating blue prints and assisting measurement in regard to the building industry.
In regards, to our service Advanced Drones provides a one year warranty for every drone sold with the essential guide and owners-manual, services included.

2.5 Suppliers

The Advanced Drones business will use a range of different suppliers regarding the raw materials contributing to the final product. The civil engineering drone tools will use the reliable internal hardware of a trusted importer from china whom specializes in the creation and manufacture, of drone parts which includes high resolution monitors as a special customized feature. “Global Sources Drone Parts and Manufacturers” caters for the needs of drone creation assisting with the shipping of internal and external parts such as motors for this innovation (Global Sources, 2016).
This supplier, as well as others, will be incorporated with the main business logistics of advanced drones and will be included in the communication systems. Business between the two parties will be online and include currency transfer regarding orders and shipping details. Having the store in Botany Bay which is the home of importing and exporting goods in Australia will increase efficiency and create competitive advantage. Suppliers for various components of the advanced drones will vary however all will come from china. Tianjin Tianyunxing Import & Export Co. Ltd will provide our product with spectroscopy and Hyperspectral sensors for soil regarded measurements (China Made, 2016), Surveying lasers and distance remotes will be provided by HKTDC, (HKTDC, 2016), china as custom kits made for the drone and finally auto pilot navigation (up-PH model) by Beijing UAV Pilot Technology Co. Ltd (Beijing UAV, 2016)

2.7 Manufacturing
The manufacturing process will include the heavy dependence on communication systems and logistical communications between this business and supplier as well as employees. Manufacturing will take place in our main regional headquarters company which will uphold the necessary machinery as well as employee directory groups to maintain smooth business operations. Drones will go into production depending on product lines and models needed which may reply on orders requested. Manufacturing managers will help execute operations meeting high standards to maintain quality control and time efficiency. Manufacturing will of course have the base foundation concerning customer values and desires.

2.8 Start-Up/Acquisition Summary
To start up production and business the use of all gathered secondary and primary statistics will be heavily evaluated and propelled into final products to meet expectations of variously involved parties. Startup will include the hiring of specialized employees to help operate manufacturing machinery as well as have directors to guide a safe workplace. Hiring specialized forces is a key factor for this business as this will improve start up efficacy as well as influence the future operations of the business. The use of marketing and advertisement through various routes such as online social media as well as websites will spread awareness of the advanced drones specifically aimed at the civil engineering/building industry and its parities of interest.
3.0 Industry and market analysis, Trends, Growth opportunities
3.1 PEST Analysis
When we develop our strategies there are dozens of important factors we have to consider. For instance how will government laws and policies affect us, what technological changes are likely to help our business and progress and how will changes in people’s life style affect our product offering, hence all these will affect our plan of action in the business plan (Arline, 2014).
Above mentioned are rather few reasons PEST analysis is helpful. Going through this analysis helps to avoid actions that are likely to fail because there are factors that are outside our power and control. Moreover it also helps us to spot opportunities that we can take advantage of (Gupta, 2013).
3.1.1 Political
Political section explores what the government is like and its effect on the consumers demand and behavior, the stability of the government rules and regulations and the tax effect on the business and the product.
• The Australian government is the first country in the world to regulate and enforce policies on Remotely Piloted Aircrafts or RPAs. The regulations came into effect in 2002. (Civil Aviation Safety Authority, 2015).
• The Australian Privacy Act 1988 principles control, regulates and controls the confidentiality of the video recorded using the Drone in-built camera (Office of the Australian Information Commissioner, 2015).
• Operating certification and license must be held for flying any Drone for commercial gain since 21 December 2015. There are also proposed conditions of flying a Drone (see Appendix P1.01) (RPAS, 2015).
• Indirect taxes are imposed on Goods imported from outside Australia as well as goods produced in Australia (Department of Border Protection, 2015).
• Exchange rates will have an adverse effect on the business as many parts have to be imported from overseas. The exchange rates will vary based on many factors such as interest rates, weighted % of foreign currencies, capital flows, monetary policies, manufacturing industries, business investments, import and export volumes, etc. (see Appendix P1.02) (Reserve Bank of Australia, 2015).
3.1.2 Economic
This sections points at projected economic growth in the region, impact of globalization and effective labor costs.
• Growth domestic product or GDP rate in Australia is projected to grow from 1.8% to 2.22% within the next quarter (see Appendix P1.03) (Trading Economics, 2016).
• Manufacturing industry has been showing a decline in share of the total Australian industries whereas services sector have been booming (see Appendix P1.04) (Lowe, 2012).
• However Professional and Specialized Machinery export volumes have been booming since 2011 (see Appendix P1.05) (Lowe, 2012).
• Impact of Globalization in Australia is based on actual movements within trade, investment, technology finance and labor, as well as their capacity to move within each element. Trade policies have been set to opening domestic industries in the global market since 1980s. However efficiencies of each organization is a huge factor to stay competent in the global market because of Australia’s rate of protection in export market (see Appendix P1.06) (Stokes, 2014).
• Labor cost in Australia has been decreased from 102.20 index points in 2015 to 101.20 index points in 2016 (see appendix P1.07) (Trading Economics, 2016).
3.1.3 Social-Cultural

This section includes population and lifestyle factors that can impact our business, social expectations and any unexpected social norms that we might be overlooking.
• Statistics show that 60% of civil engineers and graduates have been employed in engineering firms and currently working in Australia the other 40% have been analytically difficult to measure and pursue. 16% of the engineers have been employed in manufacturing sector and 6% in construction sector (see Appendix P1.08) (Kaspura, 2015).
• Drones may draw threats and risks to public safety, some individuals may find that it gives rise to harm in people and property. However natural controls can mitigate and ease this concern by identifying the residual risk implicated by flying drones (Clarke, 2014).

3.1.4 Technological
Impact of emergent technology, internet and research and development are pointed out in this section.
• Robotics and man-less production in manufacturing factories have dramatically dropped manufacturing costs (He, 2014).
• Improvements in telecommunications have made it easier to sell and purchase goods on the World Wide Web.
• Research and Development is undertaken to help find that engineers are more efficient using automatic processing machines such as our model drone, i.e. automatic map drawing, soil depth and density analysis.
3.2 Expected location of market and reasons
Your business will be located in the Botany area, which not only has a characteristic of the business area but will also suit the budget by minimizing the rental costs as well as incorporating a warehouse with an office in front. The office and the warehouse will be located at Unit 7, 9 Margate Street, Botany, NSW 2019 (see Appendix E1.01). The location offers easy accessibility from the busy botany road and is also well-known for being a great industrial area.
The location will comprise of a landmark for testing and flying the Drones.
City of Botany generates $9.50 billion Australian dollars in GSP or Gross State product with its population of 44,742 which comprises of 22,608 employed residents with 4,520 Local businesses. City of Botany’s economic profile shows a staggering 2% of New South Wales GSP which proves its role in broader economy with powers of economic development that promotes a vast strength in the area (see Appendix E1.02) (City of Botany, 2015).

3.3 Market Analysis
Beyond the whole globe we have to look at the markets which are relevant to us, considering our target group, competitors, positioning and trends. This analysis have been performed by is using primary and secondary research.
Our primary research consists of analyzing current information and primary data collected via surveys and interviews (see Appendix M1.01). In includes an extensive qualitative research, aiming at understanding target behavior in a natural setting as well as a quantitative research which includes data in form of numbers and statistics conducted in the survey sample of the target market population. Observation of target market behavior has been incorporated in our primary research. The primary research is done to make predictions about the opinions and behaviors of the entire target market.
See Appendix M1.01
Secondary research involved gathering market information that has already been published and collected by others. This will help us develop a marketing strategy and enhance our decision making in the business plan. According to William (2015) drones can assist construction practices in variety of activities which includes:
• Site inspections
• Crane inspections
• Site planning
• 360° panoramas
• Dynamic visualizations and logistic planning
• Live feeds
• Health and Safety inspections
He suggests that there are more into drones than just flying toys. Furthermore, he points at possible use of drones in volumetric measurements of items on construction site, automatic 3D modelling, automatic panorama creation, thermal image scanning, waypoint flying which comprises of setting specific pathway for the drone to fly on a timely basis to record time lapse of the projects, and lastly upward filming which allows inspection of overhead structure that minimizes the need for cranes or scaffolding (Reddaway, 2015).

3.3.1 Survey Results
Advance drone results of 40 contestants

Insight of Survey

Surveys are conducted to introduce and announce a direction of a business or organization, allowing us to analyze and proceed on certain decisions. In the development of a survey, it is important to obligate particular goals to achieve through the results. For an example, in the completion of this primary source data, it provided us with first-hand information to tackle goals, including; to determine what customers contemplate on our product, acknowledge the effectiveness, Strengths and weaknesses, market competition, price range and an effective strategy to market and advertise our product.

According to the results provided above, our price range of $500 to $2500 is in the average range of the market with an outcome of 5.55 out of 10. Allowing us to contemplate and consider if we can adjust the price accordingly to our features we offer and at the same time remain profitable. This has also come to our awareness in the Dislikes of our product, where there is possibility of a consumer not to purchase our unique product, due to the price. Alarming us to be conscious in regards to our price, in order to enter into the competitive market.

In the industry of civil engineering and construction, investors and employers analyze and research equipment that will enable an enhancement in time distribution, effort desirable and money reduction. We have acquired this through secondary sources in the completion of our drone. Similarly in our primary data acquired it emphasis the importance of time consumption and effort, with an overall result of 7.25/10. However, from the perceptions of the contestants, our product will not accumulate a large segment of the market. With an outcome under the average, of a mean and standard deviation 4.5 and 1.2 respectively. Although our product overall has been rated with a mean of 6.4.
In our survey we have taken the easy approach of just simply rating each question, enabling us to analysis the primary data quickly and effectively. However we have also added three more complex questions, to receive a larger variety of ideas and tactics. This is present in the last three questions, where it requires them to think and contemplate about the result. In the first question it has raised some alarming ideas of what features to add and not add. For example, longer battery, night vision, lighter device, longer range, waterproof, armored body of the device (increase durability). With the second question elaborating on what features encourage and desire them to buy or not buy the product. Positive features include: 3d imaging, effective and efficient operation of the drone, ease of usage, density calibrator, has features that are valued and doesn’t exist in our products, it’s a new innovation. While there are multiple features that encourage consumers to purchase the product, there are also several possible dislikes, including; high price, new product may have some defects, short battery life, increased regulation and certificates (government requirements), invasion of privacy, and
Might not be durable e.g. if it falls or hits a tree it might break, due to the structure.

3.3.2 Professional Interview
Interviewee Name: Bardia Kamal Alavi (Civil Engineer, UNSW)
Interviewee Phone Number: 0450700800
1. The price of a drone ranges from $500 -$2500, with the inclusion of all the features we offer you, what price are you willing to pay?

For a drone that contains all these features, I would be willing to pay $2000 plus as the drones that are sold now for the $2000 plus do not contain even contain have of the features that a drone of this design is offering.

1. Will the drone ease some of the burden of pre-construction requirements and also reduce the amount of money, time and effort required in the planning stage of construction?

When we first start a project, we must ensure that the area is suitable for construction. If this drone can complete the tasks that are mentioned, this would not only reduce costs significantly but it would also reduce the time. Typically, the evaluation of an area would be done by a subcontractor, however if it is possible for the drone to fulfil these requirements, it will help to reduce cost and time significantly.

2. Are there any other features that can be included in our product in order to ensure that it is ahead of any competition?

Of course one of the biggest things would be battery life. Most drones last for about 25 – 30 mins. If the battery life could be extended significantly it would be extremely helpful as we have to ensure that the evaluation of an area before a project has begun must be extremely thorough. Otherwise, if the evolution is not precise and we experience any faults or mishaps, the costs will increase significantly and our reputation will also take a major blow.

3. Would you recommend this product to others including family, friends, client or anyone else working in the construction industry?

Looking at the features and seeing what the drone has to offer, I would recommend it to my clients. However, since I have not actually tested the drone, and have not seen how good it is in practice, I really cannot say how functional and useful it is in practice.

4. What aspects or features of the product do you think entices you the most to buy/not buy the product?

I think the overall design and the distinct features as compared to other drones make it look really intriguing. However, if I was to narrow it to one feature it would be the built-in mapping system. This feature will allow for a significant decrease in time when the details of a project plan commences.

5. Do you think this product will have the capacity to capture a large market share?

This drone does have the potential to capture a large market. However, many people will be skeptical about how precise and reliable the drone will be. In saying that, if you can manage to prove to the audience that it really is reliable by way of demonstration, then this may capture a large market share.

6. What do you think will be the most effective way to advertise our product in order to capture the most audience?

As mentioned earlier one of the biggest ways is via a demonstration. Other than that, magazine that are building related such as Construction in Focus or Construction week etc.

3.4 Trends and Growth Opportunities
The construction in industry sector is a major driver of economic activity in Australia. After mining and finance sector it is the prime industry that generates about 8% of Australia’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in value added terms (see Appendix T1.01). It includes over 335,000 businesses across Australia which employs over one million people that is about 9% of the total workforce. Construction sector produces buildings and infrastructures that are a necessity of operation of other industries as well as the housing sector (Ai Group, 2015).
Of the $204.5 billion in construction activity in 2014 (Figures for 2015 not yet released) in real volume terms that is inflation adjusted, engineering construction held 56.1% followed by 26.6% in residential and 17.2% in non-residential buildings (see Appendix T1.02) (Ai Group, 2015).
Value of construction work done has been increased dramatically NSW with over ten $100m+ projects taking place in this region (see Appendix T1.03) (Ai Group, 2015).
According to Skylogic (2015) there are six major trends that drives opportunities and key challenges for drone manufacturers, investors and service providers (Skylogic Research, 2015). These comprise of:
• Fidelity that is driven by the consumer which is the demand for higher quality and better image and video resolution. This is a key driver of technological development (Skylogic Research, 2015).
• Demand for better and smarter sensors such as ultrasonic, infrared, thermography, 3D imaging and collision avoidance sensors (Skylogic Research, 2015).
• Mobility across all operating systems to stay competitive in the industry (Skylogic Research, 2015).
• Be china incorporated to provide a compelling price as a leading vendor (Skylogic Research, 2015).
• Incorporate Virtual and Augmented reality (Skylogic Research, 2015).
• Beat the competition since the barriers to enter the new market is low and obstacles are narrow (Skylogic Research, 2015).
Ballve (2015) mentions that global drone market will increase by 150% within the next few years (see Appendix T1.04), he highlights that with the current annual growth of 19%, and it is projected that drone users will increase as the government regulations are normed. Furthermore commercial use of the devices will trend upwards with the correct marketing and advertising schemes (Ballve, 2015).
3.5 Economic and Regulatory Environment

It is very critical in the entrepreneur infrastructure that you are undertaking to use the optimum risk management and practices and policies. The risk culture in our business must be up to speed to deal with rapidly changing economic and regulatory environment.
3.5.1 Economic Environment

The Australian economy was expected to increase its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by 2.7% during 2016 from the previous year and is currently sitting on a staggering 3%(see Appendix E1.01) (Reserve Bank of Australia, 2016).
Australia’s economy is at an all-time growing period having grown by 0.9% for only the first quarter of 2015 and therefore leads to increased customer purchasing power (Spasic, 2016).
With the current building and civil engineering industry at an increased rise, combining with the booming Australian economy, the idea of the drone innovation will likely skyrocket been effective and efficient. In regards to employment, unemployment rates are at 6 (see Appendix E1.02) (Reserve Bank of Australia, 2016) which is reasonably low considering Australia’s 23.8 million population (which in fact is increasing each year). The Australian population has a 1.4% annual growth meaning more workers and customers available within the radius of our target market, available to meet the financial needs of our offering. Customer purchasing power is vital for the success of this innovation as this can be a key success factor for our client’s business.

3.5.2 Regulatory Environment

During opening and entering of a new business venture one must consider the necessary and appropriate regulations and legislations applying to the specific business entity. While many laws govern similar businesses there are specific authorities determining the rights and responsibilities of other entities of different nature.
As our client your duty is to make certain that the planned business complies with the following bodies and regulations:
• Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA): CASA is an Australian government authority sect which regulates an effective and efficient safety and privacy governing system in regards to the sky’s upholding a positive safety culture (Civil Aviation Safety Authority, 2016)
• Civil Aviation Act 1988: This is used in the procedural governing within CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority, 2016)
• NER (National Engineering Register): This board regulates standards and professionalism in the building industry presenting qualified engineers to the public. This is vital as to use the Advanced Drone innovation one must be fully qualified and specialized in the field (Engineers Australia, 2016)
• Home Building Act 1989: unqualified or unlicensed residential work impacting on product users (New South Wales Consolidated Acts, 1989)
• Australian Taxation Office (ATO): Governing import taxes and levees as well as overall tax expenses and disclosure procedures (Australian Taxation Office, 2016)

3.6 Competitor Analysis
We have undertaken a broad research on our competitors based on our budget, product and strategy. Furthermore, by conducting secondary research we have investigated over 20 different firms that manufacture drones. Hence, under our current conditions and criteria, our main competitors are as follow:
1. DJI Phantom drones
2. Walkera QR drones
3. Autel Robotics
4. ProDrone Byrd
5. IdeaFly Mars
Competitor Price Range
DJI Phantom drones $499-$1800
Walkera QR drones $570-$1500
Autel Robotics $900-$4900
ProDrone Byrd $950-$3599
IdeaFly Mars $600-$2399
DJI Phantom drones
• Ability to capture potential customers due to Hollywood induced advertising. (DJI, 2016)

• Potential for an expanding base since they have a number of product types to choose from including Phantom, Inspire, Osmo, Ronin and Industrial
(DJI, 2016)
• The battery life on the drones are quite long lasting compared to drones developed by other companies.
(Brandon Carte, 2016)
• Can fly during moderate rains and winds
(Brandon Carte, 2016)

• If the drone fly’s out of range or has low battery left, it is guided via GPS back to the owner
(Brandon Carte, 2016)
• It is pre-assembled which thus saves cost (Brandon Carte, 2016)
• The add-ons and spare parts for repair are quite expensive
(Quora, 2015)
• It is not suitable for a first time user of drones as it’s handling is quite sophisticated
(Quadcopter, 2015)
• There is no microphone included to record audio
(Korey, 2014)
• The camera cannot be disconnected from the drone, therefore you are stuck with the same camera
(Korey, 2014)

Walkera QR drones
• The control range for the drone is significantly longer than other drones
(Walkera Technology Co, 2016)
• There are various models of one drone to choose from which could potentially attract a larger market
(Walkera Technology Co, 2016)
• Depending on the model, the drone has an impressive payload capacity.
(Brandon Carte, 2015)
• It can reach impressive speeds of up to 72 kph
(Brandon Carte, 2015)
• The drone does not come with a camera
(Brandon Carte, 2015)
• The drone is quite hard to handle for first time users
(Sciautonics, 2015)
• The warranty for the drone is only seven days
(Brandon Carte, 2015)
• As the drone ascends to higher altitudes, it tends to drift about and becomes more difficult to control
(QuadHangar, 2015)

Autel Robotics
• The company has introduced an app X-star which allows you to change video resolution, frames per second, camera angle, photo size, meter etc. during flight (Autel Robotics, 2016)
• The drone has superb camera quality which can record Ultra HD videos (Autel Robotics, 2016)
• The camera is not fixed and has a 108 degree FOV (Autel Robotics, 2016)
• The handling system is designed to be beginner friendly (Autel Robotics, 2016)
• The recharge time for the drone is quite lengthy due to the sophisticated flight system
(TCL Amazon, 2014)
• The price range is quite higher especially if you are looking to go for the higher quality drones
(Autel Robotics, 2016)
• The range of control and video transmission is significantly lower than other drones of the same price
(Autel Robotics, 2016)

ProDrone Byrd
• It has a stunning 29 minute flight time. The highest amongst many drones
(Ben Coxworth, 2015)
• The drone can carry up to 2 kilograms in cargo
(Ben Coxworth, 2015)
• The drone can be controlled by two pilots. This can help with complicated maneuvers and for also teaching beginners
(Ben Coxworth, 2015)
• The video feed can be viewed on three devices simultaneously (Ben Coxworth, 2015)
• Not all models come with a camera
(Prodrone, 2015)
• The drone is rather heavy due to its complex design
(Frank Bi, 2016)
• It is not as compact as other drones, due to the size of the drone and the remote control
(Cnet, 2016)
• Not all models are designed with the Follow me option. This option essentially allow the drone to follow you (Cnet, 2016)

IdeaFly Mars
• The drone is light weight which allows for smooth handling
(Specout, 2016)
• You are able to program the drone and tailor it to how you personally would like to fly it
(DreamItHobby, 2016)
• Some models of the drones are waterproof (Ideafly, 2016)
• The camera is not included with the drone
(HobbyPeople, 2016)
• The drone is not appropriate for first time users or beginners
(DreamItHobby, 2016)
• The payload is below average carrying a maximum of only 438 grams
(Specout, 2016)
• It is one of the slowest drones available on the market (Specout, 2016)

Through the five competitors as seen above the focal point for each company objectives is to deliver the highest level of service but also having multiple ranges of service for its customers not only providing a done to which can only fly. The highlighted pros and cons of every competitor can be concentrated and examined.
The main Strength recognized in the five competitors is the quality of image displayed in all five products. DJI has been operating subsequently since 2006 has a global player with 3,000 employees (DJI, 2016). DJI offices range from and can be found in the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, Japan, Beijing and Hong Kong (DJI, 2016). Recognized in 1994, Walkera Technology Co., Ltd has been a leading professional in aero model manufacturer that merges elements such as product research & development, production, marketing, and customer service (Walkera Technology Co, 2016). As Walker has multiple company attributes as highlighted above it is a major threat to the other remaining products within the drone industry. Autel Robotics emphasis on renovating technology into simple components that is easy to use for imaging and filming (Autel Robotics, 2016). Finally, ProDrone technology provides forward thinking around the UAV Industry (Autel Robotics, 2016).
One of the main faults found in three out of the four competitors was the absence in the price comfortability. Products may be too expensive in comparison to other competitors. Although, both DJI and Walkera have affordable starting prices for the drones this will result in a catalyst for customer satisfaction. Furthermore, ProDrone Byrd and Autel Robotics offer a small rage of components that are expensive which on the other hand, DJI phantom and Walkera drones provide to their customers drones that are sold as a whole without the necessity of purchasing extra equipment.

3.7 Competitive Goals and Strategy
In order to stay competent in the industry our business should develop sustainable superior performance. According to Porters Generic Strategies, a firm’s positioning within the industry defines whether its profitability is below or above the industry median (see Appendix C1.01) (University of Cambridge, 2014) .
As a result our decisions in the competitive strategy will generate actions that will create impressive results. Our purpose of competitive strategy is overcome the obstacles and barriers with ease and gain an advantage over rivals and engineering industry competitors.
Our strategy approach is the Guerrilla or Niche strategy and marketing approach. This is defines as “minimizing or neutralizing barriers by reducing the size of the playing field and taking an offensive or defensive position in a smaller, more attractive market segment” (Three Sigma INC, 2011)
Porter’s model suggests that the root of achieving above average profitability in the long run is sustainable competitive advantage (Porter, 1985).
Based on Porter’s model we suggest undertaking one of following strategies (see Appendix C1.02) (University of Cambridge, 2014):
• Cost leadership
• Differentiation
• Focus
After our through examination of these strategies we recommend adopting the differentiation focus approach. This places the generic strategy on a narrow target competitive scope with differentiation incorporation. In differentiation focus we aim to seek differentiation in our niche market. This focuses on the production and delivery system that will suit our buyer most who have unusual needs than what currently is offered on the market. Our main goal is to exploit the special needs of our buyers in the niche market.
3.8 Competitive Advantage

3.8.1 Source of competitive advantage
Advance Drone’s main source of competitive advantage is being the first drone designed and manufactured for civil engineering purposes. Through our research via surveys and secondary sources we discovered the staggering opportunity of designing a drone that not only records video but also creates 3D image of the targeted structure and a map of the ground to be constructed as well as analysis the depth and density of the soil to be excavated on the palm of the user’s hand, that is on any android, windows or apple device.
Advance Drone will deliver more usages other than creating an image or a video of the construction site. It can be used for safety and monitoring purposes, this is achieved by flying the drone whether manually or on a set time and monitoring the safety of workers, engineers and visitors on site.
Most of the available drones on the market are marketed for movie recording and entertainment purposes (hargreaves, 2013). Thus, this has brightened our opportunity to take over the niche market of engineers and therefore aiming to be a leader in the industry within the next five years. This will be achieved by utilizing all the available resources as well as tampering our product in the market.

3.8.2 Target Market
Based on the research conducted it is apparent that the potential target market for Advanced Drones consist of high white collar corporations specifically in the civil industry but also individuals in the aviation industry/filmography (Drone Analyst LLC, 2014).We as CPU Consultants have determined that Advanced Drones can be more widespread in its target market, thus has emerged as the following consideration.

• Primary Target Market: High white collar civil engineering corporations, of the Botany Bay geographic, who are in the heart land of the Sydney CBD around top quality project or potential global standard projects.

• Secondary Target Market: Aviation enthusiast who have the passion to operate or collect top of the market drones in addition to the aerial photography industry (Drone Analyst LLC, 2014).

The target market for Advanced Drones will vary in professions from industry to industry. The main target market is the high white collar corporations specifically in the civil industry who are continuously working on mega industrial projects in the geographic of Botany Bay (Commercial Drones Market, 2015). Advanced drones, objectives to provide a product with all the required needs and wants to help compete industrial projects by supplying a drone which measures the landscape, soli density as well as previewing the project infrastructure through any smart device, i.e. personal computers and portable devices with any operating system.
With a continuing focus on customer satisfaction another goal of advanced drones is to deliver affordable prices to the customers. As the major target market of the firm are either manly white collar corporations in the civil industry, which will be looking to pay premium prices for a drone which has all of its working tools in one as they will be competent to justify the minimal expense in addition to, aviation enthusiast and aerial photography users (Drone Analyst LLC, 2014). Moreover, Advanced Drones must always have the mainframe of being competitively priced in order to satisfy its customers, and in turn this will lead the business to gain a greater market share in its main market of civil engineering.
As CPU Consultants we greatly recommend that you target white collar civil engineering corporations who are in the market of developing large industrial/ infrastructural projects which are more likely to purchase your product without the concern of the product price in comparison to other expenses. In regards to secondary target market covers are more widespread demographic viewers by focusing on aviation/ filmography users with the age demographic of 21 – 40, who have the passion to operate top of the market drones or for the use of filmography, however having the correct qualifications.

The condition and the principle of the target market was prepared based on the findings of primary and secondary sources of market research. (See Appendix F.01)
4.0 Market Research and Analysis
4.1 SWOT Analysis
Strengths Weaknesses
• Importing/exporting area meaning heavily improved logistics in terms of gathering raw materials.
• Client excels in the civil engineering and marketing sector and has experience.
• New product innovation unavailable elsewhere increasing differentiation for consumer.
• A range of skilled employees
• Located in an industrial area with a “medium highest average income” level-botany bay (Profile ID, 2015)
• Various options in terms of consumer enquires/contact and service regarding drones
• No local competitors selling products of similar nature
• Many warehouses
• Barriers of entry • Forming new suppliers /relations takes time
• Increased expenses may lead to needing more funds
• Increased promotional expenditure may lead to needing more funds
• Isolated area (not too busy)
• May need superior employee skill
• Various managerial structures and work groups

Opportunities Threats
• Ever rising use of online social media
• Customer base who can easily adapt to new technology
• Rising increase in infrastructure and investment in quality projects
• No potential competitor groups as yet as the is a new innovation
• Opportunity to out branch and establish potential business growth developing current products and creating product lines
• Improved consumer purchasing power and available expenditure funds
• Only 2% of Drones are marketed to construction industry (Drone Analyst LLC, 2014) • Threat of new entrants creating similar products
• Similar Competition outside local area affecting production
• Legal regulations and legislation influencing manufacture and selling process
• Legal Authorities intervening with licensing claims and enforcements for users
• Limited control of social communication systems
• No government groups opposing idea
4.2 Critical Success Factors and strategic objectives:
Perspective Factor
Financial Superior competitive marketing
Differentiated product lines
Corporate dominance
Customer Industry Awareness
Consistency of innovation
Relationship with customers
Internal business processes Responsibility centers and sub-groups
Enhanced logistics and communication systems
Relationship with suppliers
Learning and growth Overall size of company
Enhanced employee development and inclusion
Employee reward system
Enhancing communication

4.2.1 SWOT, CSF and BSC Linkages
Increased expenses Decrease admin. costs Financial
New product innovation Increase product sales Financial
Isolated area Increase company awareness Customer
Customer based Increase customer satisfaction Customer
No opposition force Endorse corporate governance Internal business processes
Supplier relations Manufacturing time Internal business processes
Need for superior skills Employee skills/training Learning and growth
New entrants and competition Globalization Learning and growth
4.3 Balance Score Card
BSC perspective BSC objective Lead Measure Lag Measure Benchmarking
Financial-1 Improved market Share/earnings Variances in profitability budgets Percentage of increments/returns from sales made Reducing outlays by 2% for coming year
Financial-2 Keeping a stable and ever improving net profit return Level of Gross income in financial/performance statements Percentage variation in investment proceeds Try to propel capital gains by 1.5% and reduce obligations by 1%
Financial-3 Decrease administrative cost Valuation of budget cost Consumption of overpriced expenses Reducing administrative cost expenses by 2% annually
Financial-4 Increase product sales Improved marketing campaign Deceased in customer satisfaction Matching prices of competitors
Customer-1 Attract highest number of clients in industry (competitive advantage) Number of positive online media social reviews through Facebook/website Figures relating to new market customers been attracted Aim to upsize business cliental base by 1.5% of total market
Customer-2 Develop new product lines adding value for interested parties Thorough online ratings, reviews and poles statistics will evaluate to new innovations Amount of new developmental requests on-hold Increase product lines/developments by 5% of total, during second year to maintain barriers to entry
Customer-3 Improved company awareness High level of advertising on social media Customer interaction Annual target of 1% increase in customer awareness
Customer-4 Increase customer satisfaction Providing 24 hour customer service Number of complaints Conducting surveys every six month
Internal business processes-1 Endorse corporate governance and support team structures Performance disclosure statistics and sales per specific unit of product model % variation in departmental productivity per period Increase appraisal by 1.5% for improved employee output
Internal business processes-2 Improve manufacturing time and employee work rate Company set Performance objectives and workplace policies % of machine downtime or production output Expand manufacturing output by 2% and employee work rate by 1.5%
Internal business processes-3 Authorizing Corporate Social Responsibilities Accessibility of corporate information Undisclosed corporate information Evaluation of corporate government documents every six month
Internal business processes-4 Lessening product dissatisfaction 24 hour product support service Frequents of needed customer support Providing guided product outlines
Learning and growth-1 Upsizing company growth and possible globalization Conducting higher substantial meetings to expand before forecasts Percentage change in new products and expenditure Hold 2% of total industry growth during a financial period
Learning and growth-2 Enhance and improve employee skill/training Set Targets for each workgroup/employee to promote innovative thinking Expand recruitment and further developmental resource costs by 1.5% Evaluate amount of successful innovations and view employee performance reports
Learning and growth-3 Employees achieving work requirements Conducting individual performance reviews Decrease in work ethics Providing bonuses for achievement of work requirements
Learning and growth-4 Employee and management communication Information outline Relationship dissatisfaction Enhancing communication weekly

4.4 Strategy Map
5.0 Marketing strategy
One of the most important aspects of achieving our objective is to introduce Advanced Drone to the market in a manner that attracts our target market. Thus marketing strategy is one of the foremost solutions of familiarizing the public to our unique product and the reasons of the factors that separates us from our competitors.
With the purpose of shining in the niche market, it is critical to offer a stunning product that delivers the promised features in the most affordable prices considering its features and specifications. Advance Drones will be one of the few efficient and effective devices with ultimate uniqueness on the market. The following are the marketing strategies that Advanced Drones will undertake to achieve this.
5.1 Product
Advanced Drones has significant edge due to its unique features. This superiority can be condemned and judged by its multi-tasking structure. As described in section 2.0, this product offers automatic 3D structure and mapping system as well has soil density and depth analysis. Your product also offers a service, which is the application and software on any operating system devices ranging from android to windows systems, thus adding an enormous value to the eyes of the consumer.
In order to attract the niche market and the introductory stage of our product, we have developed a value proposition by offering two different packages of the product to attract both small companies with basic needs with single projects, as well as larger firms who undertake multiple projects, as shown in the table below:
Basic Package Professional Package
1 Drone 3 drones
Available for pre-order at 10% Fly multiple drones at the same time at 15% off
Complete one drone supplies Complete drone supplies with free multi-user app

5.2 Price
The pricing strategy for Advanced Drones has been developed and chosen in a matter that breaks the resistance or frustration of the target market in purchasing the product. This will be achieved by constantly examining the prices of similar products in the market. Our pricing objective is to maximize the revenue, which is because we are a new company. Revenue maximization regards to exploiting revenue to the highest level in order to maximize long term profits by increasing market share and thus lowering our costs (Latham, 2011).
To pursue our objective of maximizing the revenue, Advanced Drones will undertake market penetration pricing strategy. As explained by Latham (2011) this pricing method set a relatively low price for the product in order to attract new customers. This will not only increase the demand for our product but also decreases the cost as volume of production increases (NetMBA, 2009). By doing so we will achieve our goal of staying consistent with the market prices as well as assuring our place in the market in the long run.
Value-based pricing method has been chosen to achieve our pricing objective and strategy. According to Kotler (2015) value-based pricing method is establishing the price of the product or service on the effective value to the eyes of the consumer in relative to alternative products (Kotler, 2015).
In accordance to above we will also offer cumulative quantity discounts to customers, which offering and incremental discount as the purchase quantity increases (Kotler, 2015).

5.3 Promotion
Advanced Drone’s major target market consists of professionals in the field of engineering and construction. Due to its unique specific features and usages in the field of construction and engineering, a professional and striking promotion mix must be undertaken to reach these target markets.
• Newspaper advertising
• Advertising banners in engineering magazines that are targeted for the industry
• Banners on the construction sites
• Internet marketing
o Facebook page
o Professional blogs
o YouTube advertising accompanying cookie tracking technology of the website to target the professionals relative searches
• Public relations and networking which involves developing a relationship with developers and contractors in the field to increase publicity (Ansoff Garisson, 2009)

5.4 Place
Your office and warehouse is located in the industrial area of botany, which provides the most convenience for clients to reach. This location comprises of a warehouse located at the back of the office for easy accessibility to the products. Being close to Domestic and International airport will allow us a quick access to importation and exportation of the product and its parts from suppliers and vice versa. Below is a plan of the office and the warehouse.
Floor Plan

Outside View
5.5 People
Advanced Drone’s marketing activities and its individuals executing this factor have great impact on the success of the company. Advanced Drone’s staff are highly experienced with a broad experience in the field. Our staff are the ones who create transactional line between the company and our customers. Therefore, quality staff training is one our pillars of success.
Customer service is our second pillar to underpin the customer relationship between your company and the consumer. All our products and services are supported by our positive highly experiences customer service representatives who come from a reputable background.
Personal selling can be regarded to as our third and strongest pillar. Product delivery determines the return of our existing customer, attraction of new customers and reputation of your business. Advanced Drone’s technical sales persons/engineers have in-depth knowledge of the product, features and the benefits it delivers. They will deliver this to the consumer by their positive behavior which will place the product in the mind of the consumer, perhaps creating a long lasting relationship.
Role Description
Sales Engineer Sales Engineer develops strategies and methods needed to meet sales targets.

It is also his/her responsibility to build customers for the benefit of the business. Moreover, enhancing brand promotions for the organization.
Receptionist Receptionist is required to answer phone calls in addition to meeting any clients or customers that enter the office which have any concern regarding Advanced drones.
Manager The manager is responsible for setting targets and aims with the authority of what work needs to be delegated in order to meet the organizations targets.
5.6 Process
Advanced Drone is a customer focused company that aims to lead the unique rather untouched field of construction site focused drones, and capitalize on customer satisfaction. Our team is constantly undergoing research and development to familiarize product with the needs of the target market. Thus expanding on the IT factors and artificial intelligence of the device.
Advanced Drone will allow users to fly the device at any given time. Your product will have its own professional and unique website where it allows interested individuals and firms to purchase the products from anywhere in the world with ease. As per your office location, it includes a drone testing and demonstrating area.
5.7 Physical Evidence
This section refers to the physical attributes forming the Advanced Drones product business, which influence consumer values. Our business is situated in the heart of Botany Bay New South Wales and therefore is circulated by a busy yet welcoming environment appealing to the industrial minded. As our product will have the basis of being a work tool we have headquarters showing signs of industrial work, our office being a-part of our assembly plant and warehouse. The main office imitates a welcoming environment set up with modern decorated furniture, fittings, IT resources and communications hardware to improve overall operations.
Products that will be ordered and sold will be packaged in the original drone box then be boxed in a heavy duty cardboard packaging surrounded by plastic bubble wrap to ensure safety and reduce risk of damage. Data for this will be recorded on company databases updating relevant tables and spreadsheets that are active for our company. In regards to the employees, employees will be presented will a custom made uniform with the business logo presented at all times along with all the safety equipment required.

5.01 Market Segmentation
Market segment is the actual detailed categories of your potential customers. Your market segment as targeted for construction sites and engineers may be any professionals or companies in construction, building fields and industries and even real estates, architecture firms, city governments and also contractors. (Lorette, 2014)
As per our secondary research, we will have overseas selling and shipping of the product via Advanced Drone website which will open the door of our market segment across developing and developed nations such as North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Latin America.
According to Press (2014) as shown in the graphs below 23% of the certified unmanned aerial systems are used within NSW with the leading operators being located in VIC with 32% of the overall operators within Australia, following 19% in Western Australia and Queensland and the rest across other states. Moreover, Press (2014) research suggests that 70% of these UAS users are Micro Businesses, following by 21% of the users within the small businesses and 10% of users within the medium business (Press, 2014).

6.0 Sales Forecast
Three market perspectives
Based on our primary and secondary research in the previous sections we have concluded the sales forecast as shown the tables below. The values are projected base on three market perspective of likelihood of the market based on presence medium, the optimistic view that the market will uptake our product with the constantly changing economy particularly in construction industry, and lastly is the pessimistic view of the market where the market will be less likely to spend on innovations and technology. Please note that the current selling price is an estimate.











M 1.01
Advanced Drones Questionnaire
Rate each question below according to the scale of 10 being the most appropriate and 1 being the less suitable towards our product.
7. Is our ranging price appropriate? Ranging from $500 -$2500, with the inclusion of all the features we offer you.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
8. Will the drone ease some of the burden of pre-construction requirements and also reduce the amount of money, time and effort required in the planning stage of construction?
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
9. Would you recommend this product to others including family, friends, client or anyone else working in the construction industry?
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
10. Do you think this product will have the capacity to capture a large market share?
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
11. How highly do you rate our unique product that offers a distinctive self-mapping feature which is activated by a press of a bottom on your android/iOS device?
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Answer the next 3 questions direct and short.
Are there any other features that can be included in our product in order to ensure that it is ahead of any competition?

What aspects or features of the product do you think entices you the most to buy/not buy the product?
Positive Features: __________________________________________________________
Dislike Features: ___________________________________________________________

What do you think will be the most effective way to advertise our product in order to capture the most audience? (Circle the most appropriate solution).
A. Prime time Commercials B. Billboards C. Magazines

D. Social media E. Website Adds F. Flyers






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Project Timeline

Minutes of Meeting
Advanced Drones

Meeting called by Adnan
Tpoic of meeting Brainstorming
Planner Yaoob, Bashaar
Note taker Reda
Timekeeper Behzad
Attendees Adnan, Yaoob, Behzad, Reda, Bashaar
Where to start
Meeting length 3 hours
Discussion Brainstorming, Gathering information relating to our product and business plan. Discussing the layout of the report
Conclusions Every member gathered a great deal of information regarding the report.
Signatures Deadline
Adnan, Yaoob, Behzad, Reda Bashaar
Week 1
Advanced Drones
27/02/2016 8.00am – 11.00am WSU PARRAMATTA LIBRARY
Meeting called by Adnan
Topic of meeting Summary and Pest
Planner Behzad
Note taker Reda, Bashaar, Adnan
Timekeeper Yaoob
Attendees Adnan, Yaoob, Behzad, Reda, Bashaar
Where to start
Meeting length 3 hours
Discussion Every member contributed in researching summary and PEST analysis and at the end of the meeting we agreed on making a final summary. The work was divided upon the group members giving Political to Reda, Economic to Adnan and Behzad, and Social to Yaoob and Technological to Bashaar whilst Behzad and Reda worked to interrelate the information and put the work together referencing and making certain of scholarly sources, not to mention all team members were also assigned to complete the whole PEST to be uploaded on our Facebook page. Our members gathered secondary information by visiting scholarly industry websites and articles to have a basic knowledge of what we are dealing with. Each member searched various products to develop in the industry and the idea to combine drones in the building industry started to shine with behzad adding to this. Together members added features and discussed possibilities to form our final product. The idea of collaborating these ideas helped us to together form our final product the “Advanced Drone”.
Conclusions We all as a group contribute to the PEST and summary as well as form our final product. In addition, we set out a layout for our next meeting.
Signatures: Deadline
Adnan, Yaoob, Behzad, Reda Bashaar
Week 2

Advanced Drones
Meeting called by Adnan Achrafi
Topic of meeting Vision, Mission, Strategies and Goals
planner Yaoob
Note taker Reda, Adnan, Behzad
Timekeeper Behzad
Attendees Adnan, Yaoob, Behzad, Reda, Bashaar

Where to start
Meeting length 3 hours
Discussion All of the group members worked on vision, mission statement and objectives of the planned business undertaking. The vision was assigned to Bahzad as we assisted him form our future plans and put them in perspective, mission was conducted to Reda with the help of all group members whilst objectives included the work of Bashaar, Yaoob and Adnan to create goals of the business. We discussed the future strategic plans for our product/s, their purpose and summarized for whom the company caters for in terms of customer base. We outlined the purpose of our clients operations including the resources we have and the necessary skills needed. Adnan helped to formulate this part as well as Yaoob with the rest of our helpful team dispersing ideas to create our client summary. As well as the whole team to start with the 7P’s of marketing to be completed and uploaded on our Facebook page. The client profile concluded as well as locations and contact details regarding enquiries about our accounting firm and the future business plan.

Conclusions All tasks were analyzed and finalized effectively. Moreover, week 4 tasks were discussed at hand.
Signatures: Deadline
Adnan, Yaoob, Behzad, Reda Bashaar
Week 3
Advanced Drones

Meeting called by Adnan Achrafi
Topic of meeting primary and secondary information, Target market, competitive advantage
planner Adnan
Note taker Reda, Behzad
Timekeeper Yaoob
Attendees Adnan, Yaoob, Behzad, Reda, Bashaar
Where to start
Meeting length 3 hours
Discussion Today our group begun to discuss potential target markets. Adnan and Behzad suggested ideas for our secondary target market ranging from the Hollywood industry, construction industry and the sports racing industry along with our main target market being the white collar civil engineering industry. Bashaar along with Yaoob highlighted our primary and secondary information that will help the group facilitate with the start-up of the business. In addition to Reda, further researched information regarding the new drones industry. In addition to Behzad looked at the different competitors that are in the drones market and Bashaar analyzed how advanced drones can gain competitive advantage over the other industries. After a series of discussion between all group members Adnan as the group leader concluded that our main target market will be the white collar industry due to the fact that according to commercial done market there has only been a 2% of drones have tapped into the drone market along with it is a unique market in contrast to the other popular markets such as the film and sports industries.
Conclusions All group members contributed all there information and agreed on the final information regarding our target market and we outlined the final elements that our reports needs to be concluded.
Signatures: Deadline
Adnan, Yaoob, Behzad, Reda Bashaar
Week 4
Advanced Drones
Meeting called by Adnan
Type of meeting Research
planner Adnan, Behzad
Note taker Reda
Timekeeper Yaoob
Attendees Adnan, Yaoob, Behzad, Reda, Bashaar
Where to start
Meeting length 3 hours
Discussion Today we discussed the market of drones in the botany bay region also other markets in New South Wales. Having the region in mind we determined the age group of which our product will be target at. With the progress check due this week Bashaar and Yaoob overlooked the vision, mission, and objectives along with the critical success factor and did changes if necessary. Behzad and Reda went over the balance scorecard, PEST, SWOT and sales forecast and double checked if there any information that need to be correctly layout. Moreover, Adnan did a final check up on the target market and market segmentation as per done by himself and Behzad to see if those two section were sufficient and finalized with great help of Bashaar.
Conclusions To conclude each member of the group individual when over the whole report reviewing and editing the whole business plan to confirm that the business plan was free from errors and most importantly that all necessary information was cited and referenced. Finally the group as a whole checked that all requirements of the marketing criteria was sufficient and post importantly that the business was intertwined with the marking guide. Thanks to our persistent team, all and every part of the group component was done by all individuals with equal share of weight dispersed among everyone, with every person contributing to all parts of the project.
Signatures: Deadline
Adnan, Yaoob, Behzad, Reda Bashaar
Week 5

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