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The Effects And Dangers Of The Subliminal Messages In Children’s Movies

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The Effects And Dangers Of The Subliminal Messages In Children’s Movies
Work type: Dissertation chapter – Methodology
Paper format: APA
# of pages: 3
Spacing: Double spaced


The purpose of this assignment is to encourage the students to build the alignment of the final pieces of the research paper. The three final components of the research paper consist of methodology, findings, and conclusions.


The student will be able to

1. Structure the methodology section of the research paper according to the guidelines given in class
2. Identify good sensitive, ethical, and scholarly writing practices
3. Describe the steps in the process of analyzing and interpreting data
4. Make an interpretation of the quantitative and or qualitative findings
5. Evaluate the findings to advance validation for the accuracy

Written Report

The group written report must:

• be written in the third person
• have cited and quoted references for all information found elsewhere
• use topic sentences at the start of each paragraph
• use full sentences (and no bullet points)
• follow strict APA format



This section is one of the most important pieces of your research paper. The components of the methodology are: (a) description of subjects, (b) description of the site, (c) research design, (d) instrumentation, (e) data collection, (f) data analysis.

Description of the subjects: who are the subjects/participants of your study? Describe them as much as you possibly can. For example: gender, age, socioeconomic status, educational background, number of siblings, etc. Specify your population and sample

Description of the site: where the study will be conducted? Describe as much as you can the site/location where your study will be conducted. For example: a school, a company, the university, a classroom, a restaurant, etc.

Research design: what type of research design will you use: Qualitative; Quantitative; Mixed-method research; and or Action research?

Instrumentation: Your study may collect performance, attitudinal, or observational data. These forms of data collection all involve using an instrument (a survey, questionnaire, checklist, interview form, etc). You can either locate or develop an instrument. The instructor strongly recommend to locate an already developed instrument.

Data collection: describe the steps and procedures of collecting the data. Tell the story: what, how, when, where, and why.

Data analysis: This section will include the type of analysis of the data collected. For example, if your research is quantitative in nature, your data analysis will be based on statistical analysis either descriptive or inferential. If your research study is qualitative, your data analysis will be based on recording words, creating descriptors and themes.

Findings or Results

• This section includes the representation of your data in the form of tables, figures, charts, etc.
• This section should address or respond to each research question and hypothesis, if any.

• A typical approach is to respond each research question one by one in the order in which they were introduced earlier in the study.

In reporting the findings and or results, the researcher stays close or the statistical findings without drawing broader implications or meaning for them. According to Creswell (2013) a results section includes:

• Tables that summarize statistical information
• Figures (charts, pictures, drawings) that portray variables and their relationships
• Detailed explanation about the statistical results

Discussions and Conclusions

This section involves:

• A summary of key findings
• Explanations for results
• Limitations in the research
• Recommendations for future inquiries.

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