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The following asks you to provide a short answer to each of the learning objectives outlined at the beginning of this chapter and prepare you for the quiz.

LO1 Explain four basic properties of a consumer’s preference ordering and their ramifications for a consumer’s indifference curves.


LO2 Illustrate how changes in prices and income impact an individual’s opportunities.


LO3 Illustrate a consumer’s equilibrium choice and how it changes in response to changes in prices and income.


LO4 Separate the impact of a price change into substitution and income effects.


LO5 Show how to derive an individual’s demand curve from indifference curve analysis and market demand from a group of individuals’ demands.


LO6 Illustrate how “ buy one, get one free” deals and gift certificates impact a con-sumer’s purchase decisions.


LO7 Apply the income– leisure choice frame-work to illustrate the opportunities, incentives, and choices of workers and managers.


LO8 Explain alternative ways of measuring the productivity of inputs and the role of the manager in the production process.


LO9 Calculate input demand and the cost-minimizing combination of inputs and use isoquant analysis to illustrate optimal input substitution.


LO10 Calculate a cost function from a production function and explain how economic costs differ from accounting costs.


LO11 Explain the difference between and the economic relevance of fixed costs, sunk costs, variable costs, and marginal costs.


LO12 Calculate average and marginal costs from algebraic or tabular cost data and illustrate the relationship between average and marginal costs.


LO13 Distinguish between short- run and long-run production decisions and illustrate their impact on costs and economies of scale.


LO14 Conclude whether a multiple- output production process exhibits economies of scope or cost complementarities and explain their significance for managerial decisions.

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For this assignment, you will be recording and analyzing your media consumption for three consecutive days. This assignment has two parts; both should be submitted in a SINGLE Word document in the Homework Dropbox.


Part 1: Media Journal


For three consecutive days, you are to record every media interaction you have in a simple log. Here is an example:


Thursday, November 3



Time: 7:00-8:00 A.M

Media: Television, ESPN Sportscenter

Total time: 60 minutes


At the end of your three-day measurement period, calculate the following:

  • Total usage for each medium (television, Internet, books, magazines, newspapers, etc.).
  • Total usage for all media combined.


Part 2: Essay


In a detailed essay summarize what you learned from the media logging exercise. Some items to address in your essay:

  • What did you learn about your interaction with the mass media over those three days?
  • Who owns the media you interacted with most? How about least?
  • Were you surprised by anything your media log revealed about your consumption habits?

Students are expected to engage the course material as evidenced by the use of key terms, concepts, and quotations from the assigned readings. Students are encouraged to use outside sources, too. Be sure to cite all sources in APA format.

Assignment Guidelines

  • The length of the analysis should be 1-3 pages in length and all parts of the assignment need to be submitted in a single Microsoft Word document.
  • When you cite your sources, use APA citation and reference style.

Spell check your paper before turning it in. Read your paper before turning it in. Be sure to watch out for grammar and spelling errors.

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Team assignment 3: each member of the team must read the attached article (Product for Hire.pdf) by Joe Sinfield and Scott D. Anthony. This article is about the ” jobs-to-be-done” framework (championed by disruptive innovation expert Clayton Christensen for new product development).


Each member of the team will select one different section from the article and write a brief report (no more than 1 page each) covering the following:

1.Explain what you learned from reading the section (that adds new understanding to marketing);

2.Explain the role of the jobs-to-be-done framework and how it can be used for segmentation and targeting (in the “science of marketing”);

3.Include examples from real companies (that you can get anywhere, except the article itself — get from our textbook, the internet, practical experience, etc.) that illustrates the points in number 1..


Here are the sections from which team members can choose:

  • Article Introduction
  • Stage 1: Identifying Demand
  • Stage 2: Optimizing Solutions
  • Stage 3: Capturing Value (LAWANDA MARION)
  • Stage 4: Defending Share
  • Stage 5: Revitalizing Growth
  • 6: Doing the Job of Finding the Job


Each team member only has to cover one (1) of the above topics. So, teams with 4 members have four topics; teams with 6 members have 6 topics, etc. The team leader must consolidate the reports and submit a single report to your instructor.


Hint: The jobs-to-be-done framework is also covered in my virtual lecture slides this week (found in each weekly topic under What’s Due This Week), but it is not in the textbook. You will probably see exam questions about the “jobs-to-be-done” framework and I will expect some attention paid to it in your marketing plans, so take the time to understand the concept

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Practicum Project focus, Including the Goal and Objectives

The proposed Practicum Project will involve creating an evaluation tool for the new Responder 5 nurse call system in the emergency department (ED) at my practicum site. The ED has implemented a new system to deal with overcrowding, throughput, and bed availability.

The goal of the practicum project is to create and evaluation tool (survey tool) that will be used to evaluate the impact of the new Responder 5 nurse call system technology implementation in the emergency department on the environmental services response times, staffs’ perception of safety using the new panic button features, the efficiency of the car process, and efficiency of the radiology process compared to the previous nurse call system. The new Responder 5 nurse call system has a wide range of functionalities and designated buttons that are meant to notify specific individuals to respond to their duties and improve workflow. Consequently, the following objectives have been developed to help achieve the objective:

  1. Within three weeks of my practicum session, I will create an evaluation survey tool that will be used to determine the staffs’ perception of the safety realized by using the new panic button feature of the new nurse call system.
  2. By the end of March 2017, modify the survey tool to accommodate the evaluation of the efficiency of the radiology process and environmental services response time enhanced by the implementation of the new nurse call system.
  3. By the end of April 2017, utilize the evaluation skills learned in class to explain the process of creating the evaluation tool and the evaluation process.

Methodology and Explanation of how to Meet each Objective Using this Methodology.

The project focusses on developing a survey tool which is centered towards the evaluation of the impact of the Responder 5 new nurse call technology implementation in the emergency department on the environmental services response times, staffs’ perception of safety using the new panic button features, the efficiency of the care process, and efficiency of the radiology process compared to the previous nurse call system. The survey tool will contain questions that allow respondents to specify how often they utilize the panic buttons, to detail how often they use it each day, to describe the efficiency in conveying message through care and radiology processes, and provide detailed list of problems or issues encountered while using the new Responder 5 system. Also, the survey tool will include a section to allow nurses rank 20 different characteristics of the Responder 5 nurse call system on a 1 to 5 scale.

The creation of the evaluation tool is based on the technology acceptance model (TAM) which is a theory that models how information technology users establish trust on a new technology. The theory suggests that when users of introduced to new technology, two factors impact their decisions on when and how to use. These factors include: the perceived usefulness of the new system; and the perceived ease-of-use of the newly introduced system (Pellegrino, 2010). Within three weeks of my practicum session, I will create an evaluation survey tool that will be used to determine the staffs’ perception of the safety realized by using the new panic button feature of the new nurse call system.

Evaluation Plan, noting when Formative and/or Summative Evaluation Will Occur.

The practicum projects will involve creating an evaluation tool that will be sued to evaluate the impact of the Responder 5 new nurse call technology implementation in the ED on the environmental services response times, staffs’ perception of safety using the new panic button features, the efficiency of the care process, and efficiency of the radiology process compared to the previous nurse call system. The evaluation plan for the survey tool consist of four stages. The first step consist of developing goal and objectives of the evaluation plan. Once the objectives are identified, a detailed description of the methodology is provided to facilitate creating of an evaluation tool that meets the project objectives. The third step incorporates summative evaluation to help develop survey questions that measure success of an already implemented system (Duers & Brown, 2009). Summative evaluation allows assessment of system after it has been fully implemented to help in making informed decision about the system (Gantt, 2013). Hence, it forms the prime approach for this project. At the end of the evaluation process, a report will be prepared detailing the evaluation tool and the sections incorporated to help in evaluating the newly implemented system.


Pellegrino, J. W. (2010). Technology and formative assessment. In P. Peterson, E. Baker, & B. McGaw (Eds.), International encyclopedia of education (3rd ed., pp. 42–47). St. Louis, MO: Elsevier.

Gantt, L. T. (2013). The effect of preparation on anxiety and performance in summative simulations. Clinical Simulation in Nursing, 9(1), e25–e33.

Duers, L. E., & Brown, N. (2009). An exploration of student nurses’ experiences of formative assessment. Nurse Education Today, 29(6), 654–659.


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Please respond 350 words or more APA & REF

For years, Publix Grocery Stores have attempted to develop a strong brand image and has recently started to develop a strong brand relationship. How can Publix use social media to assist in the development of brand relationships?

Include in your discussion post personal observations as well as concrete examples to support your views. Initial posts should be at least two paragraphs and include direct references to the readings and/or additional articles. Word choice and sentence structure should be suitable for professional level work, and all sources should have appropriate

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references and citations.

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assembler language

Project 1

What is my assignment?


Getting Started (Items you have to review or learn to do for the project)

In order to get started on creating your assembler you must be able to have the program understand basic syntax of a text file containing a program.  In this first part of the program you will deal with the basic functions of string processing and reading files.  The following is a list of items to complete to help you do the project.


1) You will need to be able to read in arguments pass from the command line.

Ex: project1.exe inputfile.txt outputfile1.txt


2) You will need to be able to parse a string.

Ex: You will need to use the strtok() function in the string.h file.


3) You will need to convert all letters to lowercase letters.


4) You will need to compare a string to a list of know words.

(add, load, store, r0, r1, r2)


5) You will need to have a number in text 123 be converted to a number (integer) in the C program.


6) You will also need to be able to read and write files.


Project #1

Your assignment is to make a simple assembler for the DLX processor.  We will simplify the assembler by only using the core instructions, we will not do the floating point instructions.  The registers will be named as r0, r1, r2, … r29, r30, r31.  We will also not allow any advance naming for saving constant or memory locations the assembly source code we write will hard code any constant and memory location to read and write to.  The only advance item we will do is use a label for branching and jumping in code.


Items to turn in: a report that tells how you created your program, source code, test files and a flow chart.



It is common to run an assembler in a two pass structure.  The first pass goes through the source files and finds all the labels and addresses for each instruction.  You can start your program by assuming the first line of code is at memory location 0.  You will make a table of label and address.  On the second pass you will then convert the assembly instruction into machine code and fill in any labels using your table.



What to turn in


The following is what needs to be turned in for project 1:


The report is made up of the following 4 parts:

1) The first part tells me if the project was successful or unsuccessful. If unsuccessful tell me which parts work and which parts do not work.

2) I need a documentation of each function of your code. Give me the name of the function, the inputs/outputs, and a description of what the behavior of the function is.

3) Instead of a flow chart give me a written set of steps that occur in your code design, reference the names of function calls as needed. You will write is as

Step 1 – what is done in step 1

Step 2 – what is done in step 2. If you have decisions write if X occurs go to step Y.

4) Project output. I need you to write a test file that test one instruction of each type (Load, Store, Branch, ALU, ALUi, JR, J). Write out the instructions in the test file and give me a screenshot of the output. Show the output of the encoding done by hand and compare it to the encoding of your program.


Source Code


Test Files (SubI r12,R20,255

start: lw r7,-16(R31)

SLT r3,r1,r9


SGTI r3,r7,-5

stop: sb 16(r11),r9

jalr r4

All of the files should be placed in one zip file. Name the file as P1_lastname.zip I do not want the files sent in an email. Post the file in blackboard under the Project 1 assignment. I will take

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off 20 points if I receive an email of your project.

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Moral Hazard Critical Thinking Essay Assignment

Financial Management Spring 2017


Professor Frank Werner



The prompt

The term “moral hazard” has been in the news over the past few years.  What does this mean?  Why is it a concern to many financial market observers?  What role, if any, did it play in the financial crisis of the last decade?  What, if anything, do you think should be done about it?



The details

Your essay should be 3 pages (approximately 750 words).  It will be graded twice:  (1) by your Financial Management professor for responsiveness and the accuracy and of your content and (2) by your class’s English Department TA for the quality of your writing; the flow and coherence of your paper; the use of references; and the mechanics of spelling, grammar, syntax, etc.


Submit your essay by uploading it to Blackboard no later than midnight on the date specified on your course syllabus.



Critical Thinking Essay Assignment – Financial Management Spring 2017


Content Grade Rubric




Prompt 4 3 2 1 0 Score
What does the term “moral hazard” mean? Fully defined Partially defined Incorrectly defined Not answered  
Why is it a concern to many financial market observers? Fully explained Partially explained Incorrectly explained  
What role, if any, did it play in the financial crisis of the last decade? Fully explained Partially explained Incorrectly explained  
What, if anything, do you think should be done about it? Thoughtful, complete answer Partial answer Inappropriate answer  
Total Score  
Final Course Score Points:   (Total Score / 16) x 2.5  



Fordham University

Gabelli School of Business


Sophomore Core Critical Thinking Essay English Grading Rubric – Spring 2017


The English Department TAs will grade essays on a 10-point scale, with five points assigned to writing mechanics and the other five points assigned to your argument.   Within each category, the TAs will be looking for the following:


Mechanics: /5 1)     Grammar

2)     Spelling/punctuation

3)     Syntax

4)     Clarity/cohesion

5)     Citation


Argument: /5 1)     Argument is clearly stated

2)     Organization/flow of essay

3)     Logic

4)     Supporting evidence

5)     Creativity of presentation


10/9—A – An “A” paper contains no or very few grammatical errors, as well as few or no logical flaws in argument.  The essay shows evidence of research, paired with a clearly stated thesis.  The evidence presented within the argument must link to the thesis and adequately support all points presented.  The thesis statement follows the prompt and the essay itself remains on topic at all times.  An “A” paper has good organization and logic.  An “A” paper is PROOFREAD and contains clear and flowing transitions from one idea to the next.


8/7 – B/C—A “B/C” paper contains grammatical errors and does not appear to be closely proofread.  The essay contains logical flaws, but still attempts to answer the prompt.  The thesis is somewhat unclear, and is less developed with evidence or research.  Grammar and spelling may hinder comprehension in a “C” paper, and transitions are choppy.


6/5 –D/F—A “D/F” paper does not follow the prompt and has an underdeveloped or missing thesis statement.  The essay contains many grammatical errors, and does not appear to be proofread at all.  There is no evidence of research and the essay lacks flow of transitions and logic.


4 & under – F – An F paper is totally unresponsive to the prompt and/or is extremely poorly written.




As with everything you write at the Gabelli School of Business, you will be expected to uphold the highest standards of honesty and integrity.  Plagiarism is against college policy, and completely unacceptable in this class. Students found plagiarizing will be referred to the Dean of CBA.  The following is an excerpt from the Fordham University  Policy on Academic Integrity, available online as well as in your student handbook.


Plagiarism occurs when individuals attempt to present as their own what has come from another source.  Plagiarism takes place whether such theft is accidental or deliberate.  It is no defense to claim that one has “forgotten” to document ideas or material taken from another source.

Examples of plagiarism include, but are not limited to:

  1. Using the ideas of another person, whether or not such ideas are paraphrased, from whatever source including oral, print, broadcast, or computer-mediated communication;
  2. Rewriting borrowed material by simply dropping a word here and there, substituting a few words for others, or moving around words or sentence;

iii.  Presenting borrowed material, whether a phrase, sentence, or whole paragraphs without placing quotation marks around the borrowed material in the approved style;

  1. Presenting, as one’s own an assignment, paper, or computer program partially or wholly prepared by another person, whether by another student, friend, or by a business or on-line service that sells or distributes such papers and programs;
  2. Failing to use proper citation for information obtained from print sources or the internet, according to citation criteria specified by the instructor or in cases where instructor guidance is not given, by standard manuals of style (e.g. The Chicago Manual of Style).


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Evaluating (Writing Project 2)


First, select a topic. It can be an event (concert, holiday, festival, etc.), a place (restaurant, public garden or park, the student union, etc.), a thing (a specific car or bike, a computer or phone, a piece of jewelry or an accessory), or a perspective (vegetarian food in the East Valley, 24-hour restaurants [or the lack of them], the local street racing scene, etc.).

Next, select criteria for your evaluation and share them with your audience. You may also need to explain WHY they have been selected.

Then observe your subject, as much as possible. Restaurants are not the same during weekday lunch and weekend dinner time. The fair might be fun, but is it the same every year? How does Poly’s student union compare to the Memorial Union at Tempe? If your subject is a car, how does it drive on open freeway vs. in the city?

Your paper should be 3-5 pages. You are not required to use outside sources, but some topics essentially require them. If you evaluate a restaurant, check out its website. If it’s a new album or game, read some reviews online. Cite all sources appropriately in either MLA or APA style, both in the paper and on a Works Cited or References page.


Mon. Feb. 27: Read pp. 320-322 and pp. 327-330.

Wed. March 1: Read pp. 331-336 and 337-343.


March 6-10: Have a happy and safe Spring Break!


Mon. March 13: Find an evaluation of a product, Bring it with you to class to analyze and discuss.

Wed. March 15: Read pp. 344-348. Thesis workshop.


Mon. March 20: Invention due.

Wed. March 22: Rough draft due. Read pp. 349-351.  Peer review.


Mon. March 27: Continue peer review. Revise.

Wed. March 29: Final draft due.

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Retirement Planning at J&J Bagel

Retirement Planning at J&J Bagel

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You recently graduated from Suffolk University, and your job search led you to J&J Bagel, Inc.

As you are finishing your employment paperwork, Jerry Chen, one of the co-owners of J&J Bagel,

informs you about the company’s new 401(k) plan.

A 401(k) is a type of retirement plan, offered by many companies. A 401(k) is tax deferred,

which means that any deposits you make into the plan are deducted from your current income, so no

current taxes are paid on these deposits. For example, if your annual salary is $30,000 and you contribute

$1,500 to the 401(k) plan, you will pay taxes only on the $28,500 in income. No taxes will be due on any

capital gains or plan income while you are invested in the plan, but you will pay taxes when you withdraw

the money at retirement. You can contribute up to 15 percent of your salary to the plan. As is common,

J&J Bagel has a 5 percent match program. This means that the company will match your contribution

dollar-for-dollar up to 5 percent of your salary, but you must contribute to get the match. In other words,

if you contribute 5 percent of your $30,000 salary (which is $1,500) towards the 401(k) plan, J&J Bagel

will match your contribution by adding another $1,500 to your plan, so that $3,000 in total will be

contributed to your 401(k) plan.

The 401(k) plan has several options for investments, most of which are mutual funds. As you

know, a mutual fund is a portfolio of assets. When you purchase shares in a mutual fund, you are actually

purchasing partial ownership of the fund’s assets, similar to purchasing shares of stock in a company. The

return of the fund is the weighted average of the return of the assets owned by the fund, minus expenses.

The largest expense is typically the management fee paid to the fund managers, who make all of the

investment decisions for the fund. J&J Bagel uses Imperium Financial Services as its 401(k) plan


Jerry Chen then explains the following retirement investment options available for employees:

  1. Company Stock. One option is stock in J&J Bagel. The company is currently privately held. The price

you would pay for the stock is based on an annual appraisal, less a 20 percent discount. When you are

interviewed by the owners, John Benson and Jerry Chen, they informed you that the company stock

was expected to be publically sold in three to five years. If you needed to sell the stock before it

became publicly traded, the company would buy it back at the then-current appraised value.

  1. Imperium S&P 500 Index Fund. This mutual fund tracks the S&P 500 Index. Stocks in the fund are

weighted exactly the same as they are in the S&P 500 Index. This means that the fund’s return is

approximately the return of the S&P 500 Index, minus expenses. With an index fund, the manager is

not required to research stocks and make investment decisions, so fund expenses are usually low. The

Imperium S&P 500 Index Fund charges expenses of 0.20 percent of assets per year.1

  1. Imperium Small-Cap Fund. This fund primarily invests in small capitalization stocks. As such, the

returns of the fund are more volatile. The fund can also invest 10 percent of its assets in companies

based outside of the U.S. This fund charges 1.7 percent of assets in expenses per year.

  1. Imperium Large-Cap Fund. This fund invests primarily in large capitalization stocks of companies

based in the U.S. The fund is managed by Jenna King and has outperformed the market in six out of

the last eight years. The fund charges 1.5 percent in expenses.

  1. Imperium Bond Fund. This fund invests in long-term corporate bonds issued by U.S. companies. The

fund is restricted to investments in bonds with investment grade credit rating. This fund charges 1.4

percent in expenses.

  1. Imperium Money Market Fund. This fund invests in short-term, high credit quality debt instruments,

which include Treasury Bills. As such, the return on money market funds is only slightly higher than

the return on Treasury Bills. Because of the credit quality and short-term nature of the investments,

there is only a very slight risk of negative return. The fund charges 0.60 percent in expenses.

1 The return on a mutual fund after accounting for management expenses is calculated as follows. If a fund charges 2

percent in expenses and it is expected to yield a 10 percent return before expenses, then the return on this fund after

expenses will be (1 + 0.10)×(1 – 0.02) – 1 = 0.078 or 7.8 percent.


  1. What advantages/disadvantages do the mutual funds offer compared to company stock for your

retirement investing?

  1. One can assess investment risk by looking forward to how assets are expected to react to a particular

set of circumstances or “states of economy”. Use the following set of assumptions for the coming

year to compute the expected rates of return (before expenses) and the standard deviations for the

mutual funds described above.

Expected Rate of Return (before expenses)

Scenario Probability S&P 500

Index Fund








Market Fund

Recession 20% -12% -30% -10% 18% 2%

Near Recession 10% -8% -20% -6% 14% 3%

Normal 30% 12% 22% 12% 8% 4%

Near Boom 20% 22% 38% 15% -1% 5%

Boom 20% 36% 54% 20% -6% 6%

  1. Given the expected returns calculated for each of the mutual funds above, estimate the betas of these

funds. Assume a risk-free rate of 4 percent and the expected market return equal to the expected

return on the S&P 500 Index.

  1. If you decide to invest your money equally in the Small-Cap and Bond funds, what would your

portfolio’s expected return and risk level (standard deviation and beta) be? (Hint: Adjust mutual fund

returns for management expenses as explained in footnote 1.)

  1. What would happen if you were to put 70 percent of your portfolio in the Small-Cap fund and 30

percent in the S&P 500 Index fund? Would this combination be better for you?

  1. The returns of the Imperium Small-Cap Fund are the most volatile of all the mutual funds offered in

the 401(k) plan. Why would you ever want to invest in this fund? When you examine the expenses of

the mutual funds, you will notice that this fund also has the highest expenses. Will this affect your

decision to invest in this fund?

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AVI 344: Corporate Aviation

AVI 344: Corporate Aviation

Chapter Review Questions:

Chapter 12 (Page 295-318) & Chapter 13 (Page 321-347)

Management Guide – section 1.3, 1.4, 1.17, 1.20 and Appendix E

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Please replace “name” and save this document with your first and last name.  Do not convert this document into a PDF or any other format.  Please answer the questions in the area provided (“click here to enter text”).  Please do not change the text size or formatting of the document.


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  1. Sharing safety information with other companies, some who may be your competitors, is a critical part of safety and risk management. Why is that and why is it critical to share best practices and other safety related information?  [5-points]
    Click here to enter text.


  1. Your CEO has heard that having an IS-BAO (International Standard for Business Aviation Operators) is a critical aspect of being able to fly internationally. She approaches you and asks you what IS-BAO is and what advantages it has to getting investing money in getting that certification.  Write a response to her inquiry in no more than two paragraphs.  [15-points]
    Click here to enter text.


  1. Briefly describe the five (5) fundamentals of safety risk management, specifically as it applies to the company you have chosen to write your POM. [15-points]
    Click here to enter text.


  1. Briefly describe the five (5) control measures you can implement in your operation to mitigate risk as it applies to the company you have chosen to write your POM. [15-points]
    Click here to enter text.


  1. The NBAA Management Guide provides a number of suggested elements of a flight department’s safety program. Please discuss how you can implement these or how they would look like within the company you have chosen for the POM?  Please discuss a minimum of five (5) ideas.    [20-points]
    Click here to enter text.


  1. The Textbook chapter and the NBAA guide discusses a number of ways in which your company can avoid a breach of security and also how to respond to such breaches in security. For each of the following areas, please describe avoidance policies as well as responses to breaches.  [10-points each]


  1. Passenger, Crew, Cargo and flight INFROMATION
    Click here to enter text.


  1. Passengers and other personal working in and around your aircraft
    Click here to enter text.


  1. Home-Base Facilities
    Click here to enter text.


  1. Away from home-base and security of not only your aircraft, but also your crew and passengers
    Click here to enter text.


  1. Baggage, cargo and catering supplies
    Click here to enter text.



  1. Briefly describe your company’s “pre-accident plan” based on the guidance given by the NBAA           [15-points]
    Click here to enter text.
  2. Briefly describe your company’s “response to an aviation accident” plan based on the guidance given by the NBAA. [15-points]
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