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International Marketing

                                    International Marketing  

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Please email your answer to myself directly as text attachment this morning and publish a hard copy for your records (proof). Your answer should form a qualitative description, in essay format, and may als include quantitative (numerical data, relevant tables, charts, or references.  Your answer needs to be descriptive, thoughtful, and demonstrating analysis. We are seeking a demonstration of your understanding and reference to concepts discussed and the Fitt text as applied to your specific project.


You may take the entire class time to complete your work today, providing it in email to me at **  Attendance in the classroom is mandatory-no exceptions as a matter of normal test procedure.

Please refer to internet, Fitt e-text, slides, class handouts, or notes retained on computer/device.

The assigned examination question below refers to our international marketing project:



Since reading/study week break, our course has focussed on adapting e-commerce (B2B, C2B, B2C, C2C) electronic strategies for your export markets selected for entry and introduction of your proposed products/services. Specifically, e-marketing (promotion), e-distribution (channels to market), and export pricing strategies, used in domestic or existing home markets, have been progressively adapted for export markets and e-commerce strategies now form a nucleus of your plans, as you have also adapted your products for export market entry.



In detail, please identify your overall e-commerce strategy, using all sources and your own now completed international marketing plans, plus texts, slides, internet research, handouts or notes, and Fitt text/references.


Clearly identify your e-marketing rationale, that is your e-promotion, your e-distribution, the pricing strategy appropriate to your product, country of entry, the competitive landscape.


In the event that you find you have not developed such a strategy, provide your existing strategy and outline how you would now adapt it going forward, given all e-commerce tools you have knowledge, experience of and how you will apply tools.


As a note, please avoid copying (cut and paste) sections of your plans, for sake of good order (no duplications or plagiarism).


Thank you for all your efforts and I look forward to viewing your project work/presentations in the coming weeks.



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