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BUS4353: International Human Resource Management

Course Name:                      International Human Resource Management

Course Code:                       BUS4353

Weightage for Project:        30% (20% group report; 10% individual reflection/defense)

NOTE; We have this assignment done by our expert writers. For example; we will provide a good writing in the following case (as in the attached file). We will provide all the sources/references in the format requested by your professor/lecturer, eithe APA, MLA,etc.

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We have a case for company known as Emaar ( https://www.emaar.com/en/ ).


Group Project Report: (20%)

In groups (4 to 5 students), interview a HR Manager of a global company to collect the following information. Collect International HR related data with focus on international staffing methods, approaches towards training and development of staff for international assignment, performance management of expatriates, and compensation strategies. Analyze the data and apply relevant international HR concepts/theories/models discussed in class. Investigate the current International HR practices to identify the gaps and make appropriate recommendations to improve the existing practices (Due week 14 – 23/24 April)

Individual Reflection: (10%)

On the basis of Group Project report, individual reflection based on the questions provided by the Instructor. The focus will be to evaluate the understanding of the process and concepts applied in the group project report. (Due week 14)


You must conduct interview and be able to answer the questions:

1: What are the different international staffing methods used to hire employees for international assignments?

  1. 2. What are the different training and development methods used by Global companies, both pre-departure and on-the-job, to prepare employees for international assignments?
  2. 3. How do companies manage the performance of international employees?
  3. 4. What are the compensation strategies for international employees?

You will also conduct secondary research on current international HR practices in the UAE/World (it must have one in UAE and other countries). The data will be collected from general sources (internet sites, newspapers, group work). Your research will also include additional specifics on best HR practices as found in the academic and industrial journals. These are available in the Library databases. All sources must be fully referenced in APA format.

Before the interviews you must prepare a list of 18 – 25 questions that will elicit meaningful answers about international HR practices from the interviewees. Your instructor will review these questions prior to interview. Your questions should explore the interviewees’ opinions and experiences about international staffing, training & development, performance management, and compensation strategies reflecting the current international HR practices, trends and challenges faced by international HR, and their opinions about the future HR practices.

The above research and interview of HR leaders will be considered as foundation work that will support the group project report and individual reflection paper.


  1. Develop a list of 18 to 25 questions. (it’s ready and approved by the teacher)
  2. Have the questionnaire approved by your instructor. (Foundation work for Project)
  3. Identify a global HR leader/manager (possibly from your work experience placements or place of employment) and ask them if you can interview them. Show them the list of questions ahead of time. Make sure you have their permission for the interview. (Keep a copy of confirming emails as an appendix). (Foundation work for Project) Make a fake and reasonable interview
  4. Summarize your findings, analysing the responses, whilst applying relevant knowledge collected during class.
  5. Propose a plan to improve current international HR practices in alignment with best international HR practices.


  1. Questionnaire ( the Qs is ready )
  2. A complete interview transcript (included as an appendix) (you should fabricate an interview)
  3. Interview permission and confirmations
  4. Written report of findings and analysis, with application of relevant international HR theories/ models/knowledge collected during classes. (12 – 15 standard pages, double spaced, Time New Roman, plus appendices as required)
  5. Include the proposal to improve current international HR practices in alignment with best international HR practices. (2 – 3 standard pages, double spaced, Time New Roman +  appendices as required)
  1. Introduction (of the company)
  • Provide information about the company you are researching.
  • Provide when the company was established, what they are selling, and some important information (number of employees etc.)
  1. (Body) Each of the topic below, it is expected that you provide a summary of each topic based on the information you have gathered from the interview or from the company’s information sheet, website etc.(secondary data).
    1. International Staffing methods
    2. Training and Development methods
    3. Performance Management of International Employees
    4. Compensation Strategies for international employees
  • Analysis of the findings(In this part, it is expected that you pick out the most important points that you have gathered from Part II and you have to analyse (say whether it is effective or not, advantages and disadvantages, compare and contrast with what we have learned in the slides) of the strategies they are using and apply relevant models/theories you have learned in this subject(from our slides). Observe correct citations/referencing)
  1. Conclusion
  2. Recommendations to improve HR Practices
  • Based on your analysis of findings, do you think there is/are strategies or approaches that you have learned in class that would be helpful to improveor a much more effective method than the company’s current approach? If so, what is/are those? Why is that effective for this company?
  1. References
  1. ASSESSMENT CRITERIA (100 marks for Group)
Assessment Point/Value Maximum Project Maximum
Questionnaire is complete to match the goals of information collection. (see if it needs any changes) Foundation 5
Complete Analysis of the Interview data including the analysis of the interview results. Project 20
Application of relevant international HR concepts/ theories/ Models Project 40
Recommended proposal to improve current HR practices Project 20
Signed  Media Authorization Releases for all interviews Foundation 5
A full reference list is provided in APA format Foundation 5
Professional Document (including grammar, spelling, layout, organization) Foundation 5

HRM; To what extent does personality predicts employee performance?

HRM; To what extent does personality predicts employee performance?

Type of service: Writing from scratch
Work type: Argumentative essays
Academic level: College (1-2 years: Freshmen, Sophomore)
Subject or discipline: Human Resources Management (HRM)
Title: To what extent does personality predicts employee performance?
Number of sources: 12
Provide digital sources used: No
Paper format: MLA
# of pages: 6
Spacing: Double spaced
# of words: 1650
# of slides: ppt icon 0
# of charts: 0
Paper details:
You need to include the definitions of both personality, and employee performance in the introduction. Based on the argument, you should cite studies that claim that personality predicts employee performance and studies that claim the opposite ( I want to support the argument that personality DOES predict employee performance, the body paragraphs should discuss mostly the studies supporting this view. However, in order to demonstrate critical thinking in the essay, in a short paragraph it should also briefly state the limitations of the studies that claim personality predicts employee performance or you should cite studies that show no link between personality and employee performance). You should conclude the essay with a summary and opinion (whether personality predicts employee performance or not based on the argument) based on previous research (studies that claim that personality predicts employee performance, and/or studies that claim the opposite).
– You must cite at least 10 academic references
– Provide a full bibliography (references) at the end of the essay
-Less than 28% plagiarism
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