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Geography-Article Review

Find one current news article (After April 18,2016) MUST related to one of the themes in this course. The theme of our textbook include Chapter2: Weather, climate & climate change; Chapter3: Landforms; Chapter4: Biosphere; Chapter5: Population; Chapter6: Migration; Chapter7: Language and Religion; Chapter8: Political geography; Chapter9: Development; Chapter14: Resources…Note: You must indicate which topic is related, include the chapter number!


For the news article you have chosen, write and submit a summary of the article . Your submission MUST include: the title of the news article, a one-paragraph summary of the news article in your own words (do not cut and paste from the web site) and the reference for the source of the news story (APA format).  Your one paragraph summary must include explicit mention of the course theme and textbook chapter number that the news story links to. The summary should provide an objective account of the event that is featured in the article, and should describe the wider context and significance of the event.


Please do this work twice for me. Each summary should be about one page.

(i.e., Find two different news, and write two different summaries. The theme of our textbook can be the same and can be different).

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