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EE 221 – Introduction to Electrical Engineering

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Tuesday, January 23
EE 221 – Introduction to Electrical Engineering
Due – 5
th February 2018 (beginning of the class)
Problem 1: Innovation is the number one driver of US economy. Computer, internet, smart
phones, smart watches, self-driving cars, Amazon Alexa, Google home, military technologies
such as Drones, are some of the examples of innovation and many of these innovative
technologies are utilized by the millions of citizens all around the world.
In this spirit, if all the funds and resources are available to you to do the innovation, what would
you innovate related to your discipline?
To shape up your writing for the innovation topic, please try to incorporate the best answers
(based on your ability) to following questions in your write up:
What is the strong rationale for the topic of innovation?
What are the two goals that will be needed for realizing the innovation?
What are the two objectives of each goal described earlier?
Find and discuss at least one technique or algorithm without which your innovation is not be
Please submit your paper in PDF format in ECampus ‐> Homework Assignment 3 link. Use single
spacing, 10 pts Times New Roman font with 1 inch page margin all sides format. Page limit ‐1
page. Write the title of the innovation in the header space of the page. Use page 2 for graphs,
tables and references. Do not write your name on the document.
For research use following website from WVU computers:

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Custom Essay-Human Resource Management

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This is a capstone course for my major of human resource management and of the utmost importance. This research paper will be gone through thoroughly for content, clarity, originality, critical thinking, and correctness. The paper will also be submitted to TURNITIN to check for plagiarism. This research paper will account for 50% of my grade.


Students will write a 9-10 page paper describing how Human Resource Management as a discipline fits within the scope of the larger discipline of business.

  • Students should incorporate information on how a Human Resource department interacts with a minimum of 3 other functions in one or more organization(s), including, but not limited to: Accounting, Finance, Information Systems, Manufacturing, Distribution, Marketing, PR, Sales, Service, R&D, or Administration.
  • The paper must include a 1-page Executive Summary detailing which organization(s) and which functions are examined in the body of the paper (which does not count as part of the page requirement).
  • The body of the paper should include concrete examples of best practices from recognizable organizations. Examples may be from the same organization, or multiple organizations. Examples may be taken from current events, and/or from organizational analysis found in sources such as textbooks, journals, trade publications, and reliable business, government, and HR related websites (e.g., BLS, DOL, EEOC, SHRM, Forbes, Bloomberg, CNN Money, WSJ, NYT, etc.). Any citations must be cited consistent with APA format. Please also use several of the HR related websites. They have very good information.
  • All papers will be submitted via Turnitin for a required review of originality. No more than 20% similarity index should be reported for this assignment. DO NOT PLAGARIZE!!
  • In keeping with the rubric, papers will be graded on content, clarity, creativity, correctness, and critical thinking.

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Home Assignment; Finance

Form 31: Home Assignment Cover Sheet

Quality Manual Version 5.1 2014-15

Students’ Names and IDs:

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Course Code and Title: BUS 4243 International Trade and Finance
Assessment Weight and Title: 20% Written Group Project
Submission Deadline: Friday 14 April 2017 by 23.59pm via E-mail

Late submission results in losing grades. For every working day delay the maximum grade decreases by 5%, up to a maximum of 35% after a week. Also note, that not following the formatting guidelines an additional 10% may be lost.

Name of the Course Instructor: Dr Nabil Dahdah
Name of the Course Moderator: Dr Panos Thomas

This Assessment and the related Marking Scheme have been pre-moderated and approved by the Course Team Leader/Academic Coordinator of the Business Department according to the following criteria

·         The learning outcomes are covered as indicated in the assessment strategy.

·         The questions are clearly constructed and at an appropriate academic level.

·         The possible marks for each question are clearly stated.

·         The amount of time for the exam is properly allocated.

·         The level of English language is clear and suitable for the course.

·         The marking scheme is clear and detailed

Student’s Score (%):
Academic Format

Reports/Essays submitted must follow the APA (American Psychological Association) the http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/ . Formatting and language contribute exactly ten percentage points to the overall grade.

Warning to Students!

Students must submit their own works as assignments, and they cannot copy anybody’s ideas into their work as their own. Direct reference must be made for every paragraph, even if it is only a summary of ideas from somewhere else. By not directly referencing (or providing only non-specific references) a Student commits plagiarism, i.e. submitting somebody else’s work as his own, and faces the possibility of immediate dismissal from ADMC and from all other Colleges of HCT according to the Academic Honesty Policy of HCT. All assignments must be submitted via LMS, where they are tested by anti-plagiarism software, Safe Assign.

Declaration of the Student

At the moment of submission you confirm that this assignment is your original work, and you have referenced all sources of information according to APA Format. You also confirm that you had fully understood the tasks and assessment criteria before submitting this assignment.


Assignment Description

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Each student will track the exchange rates on a given currency pair as per below list and record the closing rates in New York over a period of six months from September 1, 2016  to February 28, 2017, using a reliable Forex website. Excel software may be used to record the data and produce charts.

Students will then work in groups (three students per group) to prepare a report to analyse the major exchange rate movements by identifying and evaluating the impact of various factors (economic, political etc) on these movements. Your report (approx. 3000 words or 1000 words per currency pair) should include an introduction, major movements (opening/closing rates with charts, high/low for the period), events and activities in the Foreign Exchange Market with impact on the currency exchange rates. Reference should also be made to interest rates, balance of payments and monetary policy.

The written report should include a list of references showing the source of literature review and also an executive summary and conclusion with reference to all currency pairs.


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Student Name Currency Pair
Ahmed Yousuf Abdul Khaleq Abdulla Alkhoori EUR/GBP




Khalifa Mohamed Abdulrahim Mohamed Alfahim EUR/AUD



Saif Ahmed Saleh Ahmed Al Messabi CAD/AUD





























Grading Criteria

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CURRENCY MOVEMENTS – Use of Relevant Information (20%)

Currency movements are complete and accurate. Currency movements are reasonably accurate. Currency movements are not complete or accurate.
A A- B+ B C+ C D F
>90 85-89 80-85 75-80 70-74 65-69 60-64 <60

           Knowledge / Understanding / Thinking / Inquiry (70%)

Used the information found to create an excellent analysis that clearly demonstrates high level of understanding of currency movements and various factors affecting them. No clarification is required. Used the information found to create an analysis that clearly demonstrates good level of understanding of currency movements and various factors affecting them. Minor clarification is required. Used the information found to create an analysis that demonstrates poor level of understanding of currency movements and various factors affecting them. Major clarification is required.
A A- B+ B C+ C D F
>90 85-89 80-85 75-80 70-74 65-69 60-64 <60

Report Format & Presentation (10%)

Report is well written and organized by following the required report format. Reference list is included. Report format is not according to guidelines at times. Few spelling or grammatical errors. Reference list is incomplete. Report format is not followed correctly. Lots of spelling and grammatical errors. No reference list is included.
A A- B+ B C+ C D F
>90 85-89 80-85 75-80 70-74 65-69 60-64 <60

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Business Finance_http://customwritings-us.com/orders.php

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Focus and write an Business Finance Related Issue related to a currency, company or a commodity.
Possible Topics:

Arizona Mexico Border Financial Issues which affect Arizona or International Business

  1. The Emerging International Financial Markets in the SonoranPlain including Arizona.
  2. A Financial Business Plan for a New or Improved Business(Ready to Submit to a Venture Capitalist
  3. Financial Impacts of Food Safety Issues on the U.S. Mexico Border
  4. The financial challenges of the TPP(Transpacific Partnership) and Arizona Business*
  5. The Financial Impacts of Mexico U.S. Trade in Perishable Products including Fruits, Vegetables and Meats
  6. Business and Market Trade Instruments and Financing Options with NAFTA and FTAA countries including Mexico.*
  7. The Cash Flow Cycle and a business
  8. Financial Bankruptcy and its impact on Arizona Business
  9. International Water Management Finance in Arizona and the SonoranPlain
  10. International Financial Breakevenfor Business and development of Sustainable Bio fuels for Arizona. Do Wind, Solar and Biofuels make business sense for Arizona? **
  11. What international business means for the Arizona and the U.S.  International Business for one country—India, Indonesia, Philippines, China, Mexico, and Malaysia. Look at both Imports and Exports**
  12. Sustainable International Business Investments in the NYSE Stock Market.
  13. International Financial and Business Services from Arizona for the Global Marketplace**
  14. The cost of New Technologies of Transporting Fruits and Vegetables in International Business—“Cold Supply Chains”**.
  15. International Finance and Business in Water Management between Mexico’s Six Border  States and Arizona, New Mexico, California, and Texas**
  16. Financial Changes in Global Air Cargo  with the Pacific Rim within Arizona and America’s Southwest
  17. The Financial Impact of America’s Foreign Trade Zones in Arizona**
  18. Offset Trade with Arizona Companies and Others
  19. Expansion of finance and trade for one of the following Countries—India, Philippines, Iraq,  Indonesia, India,  China, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Mexico, Ukraine, or Korea
  20. European Business and Real Estate Financial Investments in Arizona
  21. Expansion of Finance, Trade and Service Opportunities with one of the following regions, FTAA, Merosur,  CARICOM, ASEAN,
  22. Brazil and FTAA Food Safety and Security Business Opportunities and Risks with Arizona
  23. Financing the Future of Biofuelsin the Sonoran Plain-
  24. Hispanic Market for a Commodity or Product-
  25. BREXIT and US and Arizona Trade Impacts
    ** Ten Extra Points for these topics and try to publish them at IAM, EMI and PRRC


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Buy Answers for_ Fiscal Policy Questions

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College of Business

ECON 201

Spring                                                                                         Name: ________________________

Fiscal Policy Questions (25 Points)                                           

Dr.                                                         Grade: ________________________

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 Please read chapter 13 on “Fiscal Policy, Deficits, and Debt” and answer the following 3 questions. Identify your answers clearly by using the numbers preceding the questions. Questions must be answered from the book. The book name is mcconnell brue flynn macroeconomics 20th edition.


  1. Discuss the problems that government may encounter in enacting and applying fiscal policy?



  1. Discuss the size, composition, and consequences of the U.S. public debt.




  1. What are the Social Security and Medicare trust funds, and how long will they have money left in them? What is the key long-run problem of both Social Security and Medicare? What are some of the unpleasant options to restore long –run balance to both Social Security and Medicare?


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Assignment help_Market Analysis SP2-17

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MARK 2010: Market Analysis SP2-17

Group Assignment


The Group Assignment consists of two key tasks (and corresponding parts

within each task). These cover key market analysis techniques that require:

v Technical Analysis using Excel (refer Excel file: Assignment_Data_SP2-17)

v Discussion of results according to assignment tasks, and

v Linking findings, particularly the results of data processing, to relevant

theory and appropriate literature using Harvard Style Referencing


v Team size: 2 or 3 maximum members from the same tutorial class

v Present answers and discussions in the form of a concise report

v There is no need to include an executive summary and table of contents

v Use 12-point Ariel or Times New Roman font with 1.5 line spacing

v Maximum length is 3,500 words OR 12-pages, whichever is reached first.

The UniSA cover page and the reference page are not included within

this limitation. Also note that ‘quality of content’ and relevance of your

discussion and explanations are more important than the ‘quantity of


v Include page numbers on every page of the report

v Individual members receiving peer ratings of Contribution Levels C

(below average) or D (substantially below average), may have their

marks moderated accordingly.

v Nominate one member to submit the assignment via Learnonline (it is the

responsibility of the member who submits the assignment to forward the

marker’s Feedback Form to all members in their group).

v Every member is expected to demonstrate the highest standards of

academic integrity. Submissions will be tested using the text comparison

software, Turnitin. One of the main principles is respecting other people’s

ideas and not claiming them as your own. So, any identified use of past

student work will be referred to UniSA’s Academic Integrity Officer for

further investigation.

Key Assessment Criterions:

1) Answering the questions: provide sound arguments and appropriate

explanations to make informed recommendations

2) Clarity of verbal argument: every group member is expected to carefully

proof and revise the final report before submission, to avoid typing errors,

inconsistent use of English, poor sentence structures, grammar and spelling

mistakes, etc

3) Integration of data into verbal argument: use results from the data in your

discussion to support your findings

4) Presentation of results using Principles of Data Reduction: extract only

relevant information from your working-out to present within the main report,

avoid inserting raw data and screenshots of working-out from excel files

5) Evidence of technical analysis – logical calculations & correct working-out

6) Use of references: Provide appropriate acknowledgement of original

academic sources using Harvard Style Referencing (as a minimum, 3

relevant academic references per task is expected, but 4 is more ideal)


Task 1

Sunny Pty Ltd (“The Client”) plans to expand its business into the detergent

category by taking over an existing brand in the category.

In the detergent market, there are six brands that compete with each other. The

Client is interested in the brand that currently ranks 5th in terms of market share.

Your team have been given a data set of 2,000 shoppers (refer Data for Task

1), which reports for each shopper his/her purchases of a set of brands over one


To generate an informed report for The Client, your team need to:

(a) Calculate the observed market share (%), penetration (%), purchase

frequency, share of category requirements (SCR %) and 100% loyals (%).

(b) Run the Dirichlet Model to generate theoretical brand performance

benchmarks in order to answer the following questions;

(c) Does the fifth brand that The Client is interested in have ‘normal’

customer loyalty? Please use the results of data processing to support

your answer.

(d) Based on your technical analysis of the data, can you see any evidence of

niche brand(s) in the detergent category?

(e) What marketing strategy would you recommend for The Client to increase

its market share? In other words, should The Client focus on selling more

to existing customers or attracting new and light customers? [Use theories

covered in your UniSA Market Analysis course as well as the results of

data processing to support your recommendations]


Task 2

“Distinctive” and “Premium” are two competing brands in the iPhone

market in Australia. The “Distinctive” iPhone is market leader and its brand

is more attractive relative to the “Premium” iPhone.

Facing intense competition in the Australian market, the Marketing

Director of “Premium” wants to increase the brand’s market share by

modifying screen size and/or price. He has conducted a choice-based

Conjoint Analysis and collected data from 1,500 respondents (refer Data

for Task 2). The alternatives in the questionnaire are presented in Table 1.

Currently “Distinctive” offers two models with different screen sizes and

prices (Alternatives 2 and 5), while “Premium” offers only one model with

a 5-inch screen at a cost of $400 (Alternative 4).

Table 1: Alternatives in Conjoint Analysis for ‘Premium” and “Distinctive” iPhones

Alternatives Price ($’00) Brand Screen size (inch)

b0 b1 b2 b3

1 4 Distinctive 7

2* 4 Distinctive 5

3 4 Premium 7

4* 4 Premium 5

5* 6 Distinctive 7

6 6 Distinctive 5

7 6 Premium 7

8 6 Premium 5

Note: *existing product structures

To generate an informed report for the Marketing Director of “Premium”,

your team need to:

(a) Calculate the partworths and convert the partworths to dollar values for

a brand of “Premium” and a screen size of 7-inch.

Explain the partworth values and comment on any marketing

implications based on your results.

(b) Estimate the market shares (i.e. choice probabilities) for all eight


(c) Does “Premium” need to change its product structure (i.e the screen size

and/or price of Alternative 4) to make its offer more attractive?

(d) Identify two best product attribute structures for “Premium” based on

the estimated market shares.

(e) Assume that “Premium” can only offer up to two product alternatives in

the market at any one time;

Based on the estimated market shares, provide informed

recommendations to the best of your marketing knowledge about the

most appropriate and realistic product strategies for “Premium”.

In other words, should “Premium”:

(1) keep the current product (Alternative 4);

(2) introduce a new product alternative to replace Alternative 4;

(3) introduce a new product alternative and keep Alternative 4;

(4) introduce two new product alternatives concurrently and remove

Alternative 4?

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Assignment/Homework help: Essay, Research paper, Dissertation, Term paper, Capstone Project

Assignment/Homework help: Essay, Research paper, Dissertation, Term paper, Capstone Project

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Retirement Planning at J&J Bagel

Retirement Planning at J&J Bagel

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You recently graduated from Suffolk University, and your job search led you to J&J Bagel, Inc.

As you are finishing your employment paperwork, Jerry Chen, one of the co-owners of J&J Bagel,

informs you about the company’s new 401(k) plan.

A 401(k) is a type of retirement plan, offered by many companies. A 401(k) is tax deferred,

which means that any deposits you make into the plan are deducted from your current income, so no

current taxes are paid on these deposits. For example, if your annual salary is $30,000 and you contribute

$1,500 to the 401(k) plan, you will pay taxes only on the $28,500 in income. No taxes will be due on any

capital gains or plan income while you are invested in the plan, but you will pay taxes when you withdraw

the money at retirement. You can contribute up to 15 percent of your salary to the plan. As is common,

J&J Bagel has a 5 percent match program. This means that the company will match your contribution

dollar-for-dollar up to 5 percent of your salary, but you must contribute to get the match. In other words,

if you contribute 5 percent of your $30,000 salary (which is $1,500) towards the 401(k) plan, J&J Bagel

will match your contribution by adding another $1,500 to your plan, so that $3,000 in total will be

contributed to your 401(k) plan.

The 401(k) plan has several options for investments, most of which are mutual funds. As you

know, a mutual fund is a portfolio of assets. When you purchase shares in a mutual fund, you are actually

purchasing partial ownership of the fund’s assets, similar to purchasing shares of stock in a company. The

return of the fund is the weighted average of the return of the assets owned by the fund, minus expenses.

The largest expense is typically the management fee paid to the fund managers, who make all of the

investment decisions for the fund. J&J Bagel uses Imperium Financial Services as its 401(k) plan


Jerry Chen then explains the following retirement investment options available for employees:

  1. Company Stock. One option is stock in J&J Bagel. The company is currently privately held. The price

you would pay for the stock is based on an annual appraisal, less a 20 percent discount. When you are

interviewed by the owners, John Benson and Jerry Chen, they informed you that the company stock

was expected to be publically sold in three to five years. If you needed to sell the stock before it

became publicly traded, the company would buy it back at the then-current appraised value.

  1. Imperium S&P 500 Index Fund. This mutual fund tracks the S&P 500 Index. Stocks in the fund are

weighted exactly the same as they are in the S&P 500 Index. This means that the fund’s return is

approximately the return of the S&P 500 Index, minus expenses. With an index fund, the manager is

not required to research stocks and make investment decisions, so fund expenses are usually low. The

Imperium S&P 500 Index Fund charges expenses of 0.20 percent of assets per year.1

  1. Imperium Small-Cap Fund. This fund primarily invests in small capitalization stocks. As such, the

returns of the fund are more volatile. The fund can also invest 10 percent of its assets in companies

based outside of the U.S. This fund charges 1.7 percent of assets in expenses per year.

  1. Imperium Large-Cap Fund. This fund invests primarily in large capitalization stocks of companies

based in the U.S. The fund is managed by Jenna King and has outperformed the market in six out of

the last eight years. The fund charges 1.5 percent in expenses.

  1. Imperium Bond Fund. This fund invests in long-term corporate bonds issued by U.S. companies. The

fund is restricted to investments in bonds with investment grade credit rating. This fund charges 1.4

percent in expenses.

  1. Imperium Money Market Fund. This fund invests in short-term, high credit quality debt instruments,

which include Treasury Bills. As such, the return on money market funds is only slightly higher than

the return on Treasury Bills. Because of the credit quality and short-term nature of the investments,

there is only a very slight risk of negative return. The fund charges 0.60 percent in expenses.

1 The return on a mutual fund after accounting for management expenses is calculated as follows. If a fund charges 2

percent in expenses and it is expected to yield a 10 percent return before expenses, then the return on this fund after

expenses will be (1 + 0.10)×(1 – 0.02) – 1 = 0.078 or 7.8 percent.


  1. What advantages/disadvantages do the mutual funds offer compared to company stock for your

retirement investing?

  1. One can assess investment risk by looking forward to how assets are expected to react to a particular

set of circumstances or “states of economy”. Use the following set of assumptions for the coming

year to compute the expected rates of return (before expenses) and the standard deviations for the

mutual funds described above.

Expected Rate of Return (before expenses)

Scenario Probability S&P 500

Index Fund








Market Fund

Recession 20% -12% -30% -10% 18% 2%

Near Recession 10% -8% -20% -6% 14% 3%

Normal 30% 12% 22% 12% 8% 4%

Near Boom 20% 22% 38% 15% -1% 5%

Boom 20% 36% 54% 20% -6% 6%

  1. Given the expected returns calculated for each of the mutual funds above, estimate the betas of these

funds. Assume a risk-free rate of 4 percent and the expected market return equal to the expected

return on the S&P 500 Index.

  1. If you decide to invest your money equally in the Small-Cap and Bond funds, what would your

portfolio’s expected return and risk level (standard deviation and beta) be? (Hint: Adjust mutual fund

returns for management expenses as explained in footnote 1.)

  1. What would happen if you were to put 70 percent of your portfolio in the Small-Cap fund and 30

percent in the S&P 500 Index fund? Would this combination be better for you?

  1. The returns of the Imperium Small-Cap Fund are the most volatile of all the mutual funds offered in

the 401(k) plan. Why would you ever want to invest in this fund? When you examine the expenses of

the mutual funds, you will notice that this fund also has the highest expenses. Will this affect your

decision to invest in this fund?

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Need to write 150-175 words for each question

Task 1 Exploring the General System Development Approaches Based on Module 2

Readings: Textbook Satzinger et al,;Chapter 8 (6ed) or Chapter 10 (7ed), BABOK Chapter 2 Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring, also BABOK part 9.3 Brainstorming

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A “College Education Completion” Methodology

Given that you are reading the testbook, you are probably a college student working on a degree. Think about completing college as a project—a big project lasting many years and costing more than you might want to admit. Some students do a better job managing their college completion projects than others. Many fail entirely (certainly not you), and most complete college late and way over budget (again, certainly not you).


As with any other project, to be successful, you need to follow some sort of


“college education completion” methodology—that is, a comprehensive set of guidelines for completing activities and tasks from the beginning of planning for college through to the successful completion.


Sub-Task 1.1 What are the phases that your college education completion life cycle might have?


Sub-Task 1.2 What are some of the activities included with each phase?

 Sub-Task 1.3 What are some of the techniques you might use to help complete those activities?


Sub-Task 1.4 What models might you create? Differentiate the models you create to get you through college from those that help you plan and control the process of completing college.


Sub-Task 1.5 What are some of the tools you might use to help you complete the models?


Task 2 Understanding Project-Oriented Approach in Business Analysis Based on Module 3


Read: Textbook Chapter 11 (Satzinger et al)



Custom Load Trucking


It was time for Stewart Stockton’s annual performance review. As Monica


Gibbons, an assistant vice president of information systems, prepared for the interview, she reviewed Stewart’s assignments over the last year and his performance. Stewart was one of the “up and coming” systems analysts in the

company, and she wanted to be sure to give him solid advice on how to advance his career. For example, she knew that he had a strong desire to become a project manager and accept increasing levels of responsibility. His desire was certainly in agreement with the needs of the company.


Custom Load Trucking (CLT) is a nationwide trucking firm that specializes in the movement of high-tech equipment. With the rapid growth of the communications and computer industries, CLT was feeling more and more pressure from its clients to move its loads more rapidly and precisely. Several new information systems were planned that would enable CLT to schedule and track shipments and truck locations almost to the minute. However, trucking wasn’t necessarily a high-interest industry for information systems experts. With the shortage in the job market, CLT had decided not to try to hire project managers for these new projects but to build strong project managers from within the organization.


As Monica reviewed Stewart’s record, she found that he had done an excellent job as a team leader on his last project, where he was a combination team leader and systems analyst on a four-person team. He had been involved in systems analysis, design, and programming, and he had also managed the work of the other three team members. He had assisted in the development of the project schedule and had been able to keep his team right on schedule. It also appeared that the quality of his team’s work was as good as , if not better than, other teams on the project. Monica wondered what advice she should give him to help him advance his career. She was also wondering if now was the time to give him his own project.


Sub-Task 2.1Do you think the decision by CLT to build project managers from its existing employee base is a good one? What advice would you give CLT to make sure it has strong project management skills in the company?

Sub-Task 2.2 What kind of criteria would you develop for Monica to use to measure whether Stewart (or any other potential project manager) is ready for project management responsibility?


Sub-Task 2.3 How would you structure the job for new project managers to ensure or at least increase the possibility of a high level of success?

Sub-Task 2.4 If you were Monica, what kind of advice would you give Stewart about managing his career and attaining his immediate goal of becoming a project manager?


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Task 3 Investigating System Requirements Based on Module 4


Read: Textbook Chapter 2 (Satzinger et al); BABOK Guide V2.0 Chapter 6


John and Jacob, Inc.: Online Trading System


John and Jacob, Inc., is a regional brokerage firm that has been successful over the last several years. Competition for customers is intense in this industry. The large national firms have very deep pockets, with many services to offer clients. Severe competition also comes from discount and Internet trading companies. However, John and Jacob has been able to cultivate a substantial customer base from upper-middle-income clients in the northeastern United States. To maintain a competitive edge with its customers, John and Jacob is in the process of modernizing its online trading system. The modernization will add new features to the existing system and expand the range of interfaces beyond desktop and laptop computers to include tablet computers and smartphones. The system will add Twitter messaging in addition to continued support for traditional e-mail.


Edward Finnigan, the project manager, is in the process of identifying all the groups of people who should be included in the development of the system requirements. He is not quite sure exactly who should be included. Here are the issues he is considering:


Users. The trading system will be used by customers and by staff in each of the company’s 30 trading offices. Obviously, the brokers who are going to use the system need to have input, but how should this be done? Edward also is not sure what approach would be best to ensure that the requirements are complete without requiring tremendous amounts of time from the stakeholders. Including all the offices would increase enthusiasm and support for the system, but it would increase the time required to compile the information. Furthermore, involving more brokers would bring divergent opinions that would have to be reconciled.


Customers. The trading system will also include trade order entry, investment analysis reports, trade confirmations, standard and customized reporting, and customer statements. Edward wonders how to involve John and Jacob customers in the development of system requirements. Edward is sensitive to this issue because many brokers have told him that their customers are unhappy with the current system, and customer complaints are sometimes posted to the public comments area of the current Web site. He would like to involve customers, but he does not know how.


Other stakeholders. Edward knows he should involve other stakeholders to help define system requirements. He is not quite sure whom he should contact. Should he go to senior executives? Should he contact middle management? Should he include such back-office functions as accounting and  investing? He is not quite sure how to get organized or how to decide who should be involved.


Sub-Task 3.1 What is the best method for Edward to involve the brokers (users) in the development of the updated online trading system? Should he use a questionnaire? Should he interview the brokers in each of the company’s 30 offices or would one or two brokers representing the entire group be better? How can Edward ensure that the information about requirements is complete, yet not lose too much time doing so?

Sub-Task 3.2 Concerning customer input for the new system, how can Edward involve customers in the process? How can he interest them in

participating? What methods can Edward use to ensure that the customers he involves are representative of John and Jacob’s entire customer group?

Sub-Task 3.3 As Edward considers what other stakeholders he should include, what are some criteria he should use? Develop some guidelines to help him build a list of people to include.

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 How to secure aviation from terrorist activity


Course Title/Description:        Aviation Security and Policy Seminar (AERN 45791).  This course examines policies, practices, procedures, and regulatory provisions developed to create and enhance security in civil aviation with a special emphasis on airlines, airports, airspace and governmental agencies responsible for civil aviation security.  As a writing intensive course, AERN is designed to address emerging paradigms in civil aviation security through a scholastic approach that emphasizes descriptive analyses in the study of aviation security policy and practice.  PRE-REQUISITES:  AERN 35340


Required Textbooks:               Price, Jeffrey C. and Forrest, Jeffery S. (2016). Practical Aviation Security:  Predicting and Preventing Future Threats.  Third Edition. Elsevier.



Checkpoints: (5 checkpoints at 5% each; Total of 25%)


The research paper will be written throughout the semester.  To ensure proper time and effort are utilized, each student will be required to submit stages (checkpoints) of their work by the indicated times as listed in Section F of this syllabus.  These Checkpoints are designed to help the students complete the Research Paper throughout the semester.

  1. Checkpoints turned in by start of class on the day indicated on the syllabus via Blackboard. Checkpoint (e) will be submitted electronically via email by class start.  Failure to submit the work will result in a 0% assigned for each checkpoint missed.


  1. Thesis statement (submitted electronically via Blackboard)
  2. Main points (minimum of three, submitted electronically via Blackboard)
  3. Outline (Intro, main points, subtopics, conclusion, submitted electronically via Blackboard)
  4. Sources (16 total, 8 non-internet, submitted electronically via Blackboard in proper APA format)
  5. Rough Draft (4-5 pages, submitted electronically via Blackboard)


  1. The professor will provide details on expectations, format of submission and other checkpoint requirements. Students are expected to ask any pertinent questions to ensure their work complies with the expectation of the professor.
  2. The listed checkpoints are required to be turned in by start of class on the due date listed on the syllabus. For each calendar date past the due date, 5 points will be deducted. In the event a student misses a deadline, he/she must still submit the missed checkpoint(s) prior to submitting the completed research paper.  Even though a checkpoint is considered late, it is still required to be submitted for review to ensure the final paper will fall within the expectations of the course.  Final papers will not be accepted without the checkpoints being completed.


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