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Focus and write an Business Finance Related Issue related to a currency, company or a commodity.
Possible Topics:

Arizona Mexico Border Financial Issues which affect Arizona or International Business

  1. The Emerging International Financial Markets in the SonoranPlain including Arizona.
  2. A Financial Business Plan for a New or Improved Business(Ready to Submit to a Venture Capitalist
  3. Financial Impacts of Food Safety Issues on the U.S. Mexico Border
  4. The financial challenges of the TPP(Transpacific Partnership) and Arizona Business*
  5. The Financial Impacts of Mexico U.S. Trade in Perishable Products including Fruits, Vegetables and Meats
  6. Business and Market Trade Instruments and Financing Options with NAFTA and FTAA countries including Mexico.*
  7. The Cash Flow Cycle and a business
  8. Financial Bankruptcy and its impact on Arizona Business
  9. International Water Management Finance in Arizona and the SonoranPlain
  10. International Financial Breakevenfor Business and development of Sustainable Bio fuels for Arizona. Do Wind, Solar and Biofuels make business sense for Arizona? **
  11. What international business means for the Arizona and the U.S.  International Business for one country—India, Indonesia, Philippines, China, Mexico, and Malaysia. Look at both Imports and Exports**
  12. Sustainable International Business Investments in the NYSE Stock Market.
  13. International Financial and Business Services from Arizona for the Global Marketplace**
  14. The cost of New Technologies of Transporting Fruits and Vegetables in International Business—“Cold Supply Chains”**.
  15. International Finance and Business in Water Management between Mexico’s Six Border  States and Arizona, New Mexico, California, and Texas**
  16. Financial Changes in Global Air Cargo  with the Pacific Rim within Arizona and America’s Southwest
  17. The Financial Impact of America’s Foreign Trade Zones in Arizona**
  18. Offset Trade with Arizona Companies and Others
  19. Expansion of finance and trade for one of the following Countries—India, Philippines, Iraq,  Indonesia, India,  China, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Mexico, Ukraine, or Korea
  20. European Business and Real Estate Financial Investments in Arizona
  21. Expansion of Finance, Trade and Service Opportunities with one of the following regions, FTAA, Merosur,  CARICOM, ASEAN,
  22. Brazil and FTAA Food Safety and Security Business Opportunities and Risks with Arizona
  23. Financing the Future of Biofuelsin the Sonoran Plain-
  24. Hispanic Market for a Commodity or Product-
  25. BREXIT and US and Arizona Trade Impacts
    ** Ten Extra Points for these topics and try to publish them at IAM, EMI and PRRC


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Paper help: Visual Analysis of Anime

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General Essay Topic: Visual Analysis of Anime


Essay Requirements:

This is an 8 pages long essay. Note that this paper is a research paper and must illustrate your ability to do research and to write in a scholarly manner. You should cite at least ten ACADEMIC sources in your paper. This is the bare minimum. Academic means articles from peer reviewed journals or books. It does not mean websites, wikis, or journalistic sources. You may, of course, make reference to these kinds of non-academic sources, but this should be in addition to academic sources, not in lieu of them. Be sure to use a proper method of citation in your paper. APA citation.


The Purpose/porposal of this Essay:

This is an academic paper about visual analysis of anime, particular in the Japanese anime (but you can illustrate the Disney cartoons as well). Thus, I hope you could focus on specific/concrete anime in order to better analyze the gender/race issue of anime. I would like you to situate this paper in semiotic theory and feminist work on the male gaze. And later take your arguments further to examine the semiotic portrayal of race in those anime and how it overlaps with race. For this paper, I’d like to see a development of these theoretical issues. Take a look on journals such as Journal of Visual Communication to see if you can get more material on visual representations of race and gender. It would be especially relevant if you can find a discussion of these factors in the context of anime.


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Category 5 Excellent 3 Adequate 1 Poor
1. -Writing Process

Organization/ Clarity

*Writing engages reader and enhances
his/her understanding of the topic.

*Vocabulary & sentence structure are

sophisticated and appropriate for the


*Writing clearly demonstrates an effective

pattern of organizing that facilitates the

reader’s understanding.

*Papers have an effective beginning,

sophisticated development, and thoughtful


*Demonstrates use of a carefully executed

writing process.

* Writing enables reader to
understand ideas with little or
no re-reading.

* Vocabulary and sentence
structure are adequate,
especially for discipline, but
may lack sophistication.

* Writing follows an appropriate
pattern of organization.

* Incomplete execution of writing

* Writing requires reader to frequently
re-read in order to understand ideas or
writing is so confusing that reader fails
completely to understand ideas.

* Simplistic word choice limits
description and/ or expression

* Redundancies distract and confuse

* Writing’s overall structure lacks
coherence and organization.

* No apparent writing process used.

2. Explanation/ Evidence * Main points clearly stated and well


* Statements substantially supported with
compelling evidence.

* Effectively addresses audience.

* Main points adequately stated.

* Statements sufficiently
supported with relevant

* Partially addresses audience.

* Main points not clearly stated.

* Statements insufficiently supported or
supported with irrelevant evidence.

* Misses audience.

3. Critical Thinking * Insightful, well-articulated analysis,
synthesis, and critique of the subject

* Sustains a well-focused analysis,
connecting ideas in a sophisticated and
logical manner.

* Thoughtfully considers multiple
viewpoints /  positions where appropriate.

* Cogent, clear analysis,
synthesis, and  critique of the

* Connects ideas logically.

* Identifies multiple viewpoints
where  appropriate.

* Superficial and/or poorly articulated
analysis of subject.

* Fails to connect ideas logically.

* Ignores or superficially evaluates
multiple viewpoints.

4. Research Techniques * Uses appropriate materials from a variety
of  resources to support ideas.

* Consistently employs a standard
documentation style.

* Adequately uses appropriate
materials from a variety of
resources to support ideas.

* Employs a standard
documentation style with few

* Fails to select and synthesize
appropriate resources.

* Makes significant errors in
documentation style.

5. Mechanics / Usage * Sophisticated use of grammatical

* Writing is virtually free from the kinds of
errors that distract from meaning and

* Grammatical structures are
generally  appropriate, although
not necessarily perfect.

* Occasional errors may distract
from meaning and readability.

* Grammatical errors are so obvious

that they seriously distract readers.

Examination questions should be at least one and a half pages in length each.


Final project paper should be at least ten pages in length.


See syllabus also for writing guidelines

Guidelines for Writing Examinations and Final Project Papers

Developed by Joseph A. Huggins

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PEEG 460 Petroleum Economics & Risk Analysis

Spring 2017


Your team has been selected by ADNOC to study an interesting prospect – a sour gas reservoir in a foreign country. The host government is proposing two alternative methods to develop the field, with gas used in local power generation, but at present only limited data is available, primarily from one well test (currently waiting for the service company to provide the data) and other reservoirs in the same country. You need to supplement existing data by consulting the literature and/or making engineering estimates as required.

Working in your teams, you will do the following:

  1. Complete your individual CV as instructed previously. These will be included in an Appendix in your final report. [Deadline Mon. 10th Apr. by e-mail]
  1. Each team member must carry out the following personal assignment:
    1. Divide the following subjects among team members:
  1. Likely future product prices for gas and other products
  2. Decommissioning techniques and costs for facilities after abandonment
  • Political and economic issues in your “host” country (to be revealed shortly)
  1. What new technology could be applied to improve recovery and/or economics
    1. Each team member will write a report on their subject which will form an appendix in the final project report. The report should summarise the issues in the subject area associated with the project description. Then it should make recommendations about what to do or what data to use which relate to the project above. The rest of the project should be aligned with the recommendations as far as possible.
    2. There must be at least one reference to the course textbook and at least three to other published work. You can use web page references but at least one reference must be to a refereed publication or book. Use SPE guidelines for the citation.
    3. The report should use a minimum of 1000 works but not exceed 3000 words.
    4. Don’t forget your Student Pledge of Academic Integrity!
    5. Please submit your agreed assignments for your team by Mon. 10th Apr. by e-mail. The deadline for this individual report is Sunday 16th April but you should try to complete the work earlier, as other project work is likely to depend on it.
    6. This assignment will be worth 20% of the overall project grade.
  1. Make a simple plan stating which team members will be responsible for the remaining tasks on the project as described below (max. 2 per task) and giving target dates for tasks. The work should be shared out evenly. [Deadline Weds. 12th Apr. Send assignments by e-mail]
  1. Based on the agreed assignments carry out the following tasks:
    1. Estimate the reserves and recoverable hydrocarbons for the reservoir.
    2. Make a development plan for the reservoir (number of wells, timing, production etc.).
    3. Develop a cash flow model using Excel spreadsheets.
    4. Plan for the entire field to be decommissioned by plugging and abandoning wells and removing and scrapping all facilities or other more-economic option.
    5. Compare the two development options proposed by the host government:
  1. A special service contract where the operating or service company handles all costs and is paid a fixed price per unit of gas produced (with ownership of any oil or condensate produced being transferred to the host government).
  2. A concession contract in which all costs are handled by the operator, products are sold at market rates, and the government charges royalties and corporate tax.
    1. Estimate financial parameters which management could use to compare your project with others.
    2. Perform a risk analysis, including sensitivity studies using the cash flow model you have built, and use of other techniques to be presented in classes.
    3. Write a report (minimum 2000 words) describing all the work done above, and making recommendations as to which if any development option is worthy of more detailed evaluation. You must take into account the findings of individual projects assignments.
    4. The report must contain the individual reports as appendices (they do not contribute to the 2000 word limit above).
    5. Proof read the report checking consistency, spelling, units, rounding etc.
    6. Submit Word report by e-mail [Deadline Sun. 30th April – start of the final week of the semester]. Note: If for any reason the PI indicates that there will be no deadlines on this day, the deadline will be moved earlier to whichever day is permitted to be a deadline.


  1. You are at liberty to enhance the scenario according to your own ideas, providing these build on the basic scenario.
  2. Teamwork means different members work on different tasks, but communicate with others to ensure work is towards the same goals. If disagreements occur, the team should meet to find a solution.
  3. If a team is unable to agree on the distribution of tasks, let me know and I will attribute them to you by “drawing lots out of a hat”.

More data on your particular project will be send shortly

John M. Williams                    27th March 2017

Khalifa University of Science and Technology

(Note: We have been told to use this new name in all PI communications)

Assignment help_Analysis of Financial Statements

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Assessment type: Coursework 2

Intake 1.0 (Students finishing June 2017)

Overall weighting: 10 per cent of the final mark

Date assignment set: Wednesday March 22nd 2017

Date assignment due:  April 19th  at 23:59

Introduction to Coursework 2

This assignment will involve you researching into the area of ratio analysis and the financial performance of a business (1250-1500 words excluding appendices and bibliography).

The coursework assignment will be made up of a business report.

Sections from the NCUK syllabus 2016-17:

Section J: Business Finance

Section M: Analysis of Financial Statements

Section N: Managing Cash Flows


You will need to demonstrate the following skills

  • Study skills
  • Discussion skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Evaluation skills







Assignment Brief – Cullen Manufacturing Ltd


Cullen Manufacturing Ltd produces a range of saucepans and cooking pots. The manufacturing process is noisy and results in waste products that cannot be reused. The saucepans and pots are sold mainly online. Since becoming managing director of the family business four years ago, John Cullen has taken the following decisions:

  • New machinery has been purchased. This led to higher than expected staff-retraining costs. Half of the necessary finance was borrowed. The government recently announced higher interest rates to deal with inflation.
  • Cheaper raw materials and components were brought in, with orders taking place only twice a year. This was designed to maximise scale economies.
  • Advertising and promotional expenses were doubled in efforts to increase sales.
  • Payments to suppliers have been delayed in order to improve cash flow.

Despite these changes, the overall performance of the business is not encouraging. John has asked the company accountant to prepare a ratio analysis of key performance indicators for the last three years. Table 1 below shows the results.

  2014 2015 2016
Return on capital employed (%) 15 9 7
Gross profit margin (%) 38 42 43
Operating profit margin (%) 20 15 12
Inventory turnover (days) 5 4 3
Current ratio 2 1.5 1.4
Acid-test ratio 1.5 0.9 0.4

Table 1: Cullen Manufacturing Ltd: Ratio analysis of accounts 2014-2016



John is determined to take further action to improve the prospects of the business. He is now working on two further strategies:

Strategy 1: His first idea is to increase the prices of the most popular range of saucepans and pots. This will aim these products at higher-income segments of the market. John believes this should help to improve profitability.

Strategy 2: His second plan is to relocate the factory away from its expensive site near the city centre. This site could be sold and a new factory on the edge of the city would be built. This should lower production costs in the long term. The new site is about 20 kilometres from the present location. It is near good roads but close to a school and a park. John believes that the main stakeholders in the business such as workers, shareholders, customers, local residents and the government would benefit from this move.

TASK: Business Report on Cullen Manufacturing Ltd

As a business advisor, you have been asked to write a report on Cullen Manufacturing Ltd. Your report is structured in two sections.


Section 1.1 Assessing Cullen Manufacturing Ltd’s financial performance

Using the data from Table 1 and the case study, analyse the possible reasons for the changing performance of the business over the last three years.

Section 1.2 Explaining Cullen Manufacturing Ltd’s problems

Explain the problems this business might experience from:

  • Declining liquidity
  • Declining inventory turnover ratio

Total for this section: 500 Words 



Improving Cullen Manufacturing Ltd’s profitability

Discuss which of the strategies suggested by John would be the most effective for increasing profitability.

Total for this section: 1000 Words

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Assignment 2 help: Critical Reflection

Assignment 2 help: Critical Reflection

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 Assignment 2: Critical Reflection

Due: 6pm Tuesday 11 April

Weighting: 25%

Why do you care about the environment?

Write an essay of up to 1500 words that critically reflects on your own attitudes to the

environment. Discuss the eco-philosophies that most inform your attitudes and practices. Draw from the eco-philosophical literature to inform your reflections.


Aim: To reflect upon your own environmental values and motivations and identify how they align or differ from the eco-philosophies discussed in class or in the wider literature.  You may identify strongly with one eco-philosophy or you may find you identify with parts of different eco-philosophies.  You should show awareness of your own ideas and where they may have come from and how these ideas align with eco-philosophical thought.


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Buy Answers for_ Fiscal Policy Questions

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College of Business

ECON 201

Spring                                                                                         Name: ________________________

Fiscal Policy Questions (25 Points)                                           

Dr.                                                         Grade: ________________________

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 Please read chapter 13 on “Fiscal Policy, Deficits, and Debt” and answer the following 3 questions. Identify your answers clearly by using the numbers preceding the questions. Questions must be answered from the book. The book name is mcconnell brue flynn macroeconomics 20th edition.


  1. Discuss the problems that government may encounter in enacting and applying fiscal policy?



  1. Discuss the size, composition, and consequences of the U.S. public debt.




  1. What are the Social Security and Medicare trust funds, and how long will they have money left in them? What is the key long-run problem of both Social Security and Medicare? What are some of the unpleasant options to restore long –run balance to both Social Security and Medicare?


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MEE 312 – Engineering Materials

Homework 7

Due Monday, April 3 in class

1)  Briefly (in a single phrase or short sentence) describe/define the following terms in your own words and, if relevant, include an example:

  1. Solid solution               f)     Hume-Rothery rules
  2. Phase               g)    Freezing range
  3. Gibbs phase rule               h)    Tie line
  4. Unlimited solubility               i)     Lever rule
  5. Limited solubility

2)  How does a binary phase diagram differ from a unary phase diagram?  When a binary phase diagram is referred to as “isomorphous,” what does that mean?

3)  In the context of a binary phase diagram, how does the composition of a phase differ from the amount of a phase?

4)  Based on the Hume-Rothery rules, which alloy would you expect to have unlimited solid solubility?  (Hint: Consult Appendices A and B in your textbook, and make sure you understand which of the H-R rules are violated for the alloys below with limited solubility.)

  1. Cu-Zn alloy
  2. Al-Cu alloy
  3. Mg-Zn alloy
  4. Au-Ag alloy


5)  Use the following phase diagram for a NiO-MgO ceramic to answer the following questions:


  1. This phase diagram is best classified as
    1. Unary and isomorphous
    2. Binary and isomorphous
    3. Binary and polymorphous
    4. Ternary and polymorphous


  1. The liquidus temperature for NiO-20% MgO is
    1. Lower than NiO-40% MgO
    2. Higher than NiO-40% MgO
    3. The same regardless of composition
    4. The same as the solidus temperature for NiO-20% MgO


  • Estimate the solidus temperature, liquidus temperature, and freezing range for a NiO-60% MgO alloy.


  1. The freezing range is largest for ______________, and smallest for _______________


and _________________.


  1. If we wanted to heat treat (anneal) a solid ingot of NiO-50% MgO alloy to enhance its ductility, we would need to do so below what temperature and why?
  2. Use the Gibbs phase rule to prove that there are two degrees of freedom in the regions of the phase diagram where only the liquid L or solid S phase is present, and one degree of freedom in the two-phase (L + S) region. Which form of the Gibbs phase rule will you use to prove this, and why?


  • For NiO-60% MgO, determine the phases present at each of the following temperatures:
    1. 2200 C
    2. 2500 C
    3. 2700 C

Then, at each temperature, estimate (i) the composition of each phase and (ii) the amount of each phase.

  • Describe the evolution of the composition of NiO-60% MgO as it is cooled from a molten liquid at 2700 C, through the two-phase region, to a solid ceramic at 2200 C.


  1. In general, what would you expect to happen to the mechanical properties (e.g., strength and ductility) of a NiO-MgO ceramic as you increase the mol % NiO?


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Assignment help_Market Analysis SP2-17

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MARK 2010: Market Analysis SP2-17

Group Assignment


The Group Assignment consists of two key tasks (and corresponding parts

within each task). These cover key market analysis techniques that require:

v Technical Analysis using Excel (refer Excel file: Assignment_Data_SP2-17)

v Discussion of results according to assignment tasks, and

v Linking findings, particularly the results of data processing, to relevant

theory and appropriate literature using Harvard Style Referencing


v Team size: 2 or 3 maximum members from the same tutorial class

v Present answers and discussions in the form of a concise report

v There is no need to include an executive summary and table of contents

v Use 12-point Ariel or Times New Roman font with 1.5 line spacing

v Maximum length is 3,500 words OR 12-pages, whichever is reached first.

The UniSA cover page and the reference page are not included within

this limitation. Also note that ‘quality of content’ and relevance of your

discussion and explanations are more important than the ‘quantity of


v Include page numbers on every page of the report

v Individual members receiving peer ratings of Contribution Levels C

(below average) or D (substantially below average), may have their

marks moderated accordingly.

v Nominate one member to submit the assignment via Learnonline (it is the

responsibility of the member who submits the assignment to forward the

marker’s Feedback Form to all members in their group).

v Every member is expected to demonstrate the highest standards of

academic integrity. Submissions will be tested using the text comparison

software, Turnitin. One of the main principles is respecting other people’s

ideas and not claiming them as your own. So, any identified use of past

student work will be referred to UniSA’s Academic Integrity Officer for

further investigation.

Key Assessment Criterions:

1) Answering the questions: provide sound arguments and appropriate

explanations to make informed recommendations

2) Clarity of verbal argument: every group member is expected to carefully

proof and revise the final report before submission, to avoid typing errors,

inconsistent use of English, poor sentence structures, grammar and spelling

mistakes, etc

3) Integration of data into verbal argument: use results from the data in your

discussion to support your findings

4) Presentation of results using Principles of Data Reduction: extract only

relevant information from your working-out to present within the main report,

avoid inserting raw data and screenshots of working-out from excel files

5) Evidence of technical analysis – logical calculations & correct working-out

6) Use of references: Provide appropriate acknowledgement of original

academic sources using Harvard Style Referencing (as a minimum, 3

relevant academic references per task is expected, but 4 is more ideal)


Task 1

Sunny Pty Ltd (“The Client”) plans to expand its business into the detergent

category by taking over an existing brand in the category.

In the detergent market, there are six brands that compete with each other. The

Client is interested in the brand that currently ranks 5th in terms of market share.

Your team have been given a data set of 2,000 shoppers (refer Data for Task

1), which reports for each shopper his/her purchases of a set of brands over one


To generate an informed report for The Client, your team need to:

(a) Calculate the observed market share (%), penetration (%), purchase

frequency, share of category requirements (SCR %) and 100% loyals (%).

(b) Run the Dirichlet Model to generate theoretical brand performance

benchmarks in order to answer the following questions;

(c) Does the fifth brand that The Client is interested in have ‘normal’

customer loyalty? Please use the results of data processing to support

your answer.

(d) Based on your technical analysis of the data, can you see any evidence of

niche brand(s) in the detergent category?

(e) What marketing strategy would you recommend for The Client to increase

its market share? In other words, should The Client focus on selling more

to existing customers or attracting new and light customers? [Use theories

covered in your UniSA Market Analysis course as well as the results of

data processing to support your recommendations]


Task 2

“Distinctive” and “Premium” are two competing brands in the iPhone

market in Australia. The “Distinctive” iPhone is market leader and its brand

is more attractive relative to the “Premium” iPhone.

Facing intense competition in the Australian market, the Marketing

Director of “Premium” wants to increase the brand’s market share by

modifying screen size and/or price. He has conducted a choice-based

Conjoint Analysis and collected data from 1,500 respondents (refer Data

for Task 2). The alternatives in the questionnaire are presented in Table 1.

Currently “Distinctive” offers two models with different screen sizes and

prices (Alternatives 2 and 5), while “Premium” offers only one model with

a 5-inch screen at a cost of $400 (Alternative 4).

Table 1: Alternatives in Conjoint Analysis for ‘Premium” and “Distinctive” iPhones

Alternatives Price ($’00) Brand Screen size (inch)

b0 b1 b2 b3

1 4 Distinctive 7

2* 4 Distinctive 5

3 4 Premium 7

4* 4 Premium 5

5* 6 Distinctive 7

6 6 Distinctive 5

7 6 Premium 7

8 6 Premium 5

Note: *existing product structures

To generate an informed report for the Marketing Director of “Premium”,

your team need to:

(a) Calculate the partworths and convert the partworths to dollar values for

a brand of “Premium” and a screen size of 7-inch.

Explain the partworth values and comment on any marketing

implications based on your results.

(b) Estimate the market shares (i.e. choice probabilities) for all eight


(c) Does “Premium” need to change its product structure (i.e the screen size

and/or price of Alternative 4) to make its offer more attractive?

(d) Identify two best product attribute structures for “Premium” based on

the estimated market shares.

(e) Assume that “Premium” can only offer up to two product alternatives in

the market at any one time;

Based on the estimated market shares, provide informed

recommendations to the best of your marketing knowledge about the

most appropriate and realistic product strategies for “Premium”.

In other words, should “Premium”:

(1) keep the current product (Alternative 4);

(2) introduce a new product alternative to replace Alternative 4;

(3) introduce a new product alternative and keep Alternative 4;

(4) introduce two new product alternatives concurrently and remove

Alternative 4?

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Comparison Report

Part 1 Art & Music Characteristics

  1. What are the characteristics of early Christian art and music according to your text and from websites?
  2. What are the characteristics of Islamic art and music according to your text and from websites?

3.What are the characteristics of Indian art and music according to your text and from websites?


Part II Building Comparison:

Christian building: Santa Costanza (Chapter 5, p. 181, figure 5.6)

Islamic building: Sinan, Mosque of Sultan Sulayman (Chapter 6, p.223 figure 6.4)

Indian building: Great Stupa (Chapter 7, p. 249 figure 7.3)



Reflects their culture values


Part III Comparing Philosophies between Christian and Islamic Thinker

Main thoughts and ideas of Augustine


Ideas still influence


Part IV Art, music, & literature research

Pyramid of the Sun

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