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Marketing 228 – Brand Management: Pepsi Kendall Jenner Commercial Analysis

Marketing 228 – Brand Management

Case 1 (Individual)

Pepsi Kendall Jenner Commercial Analysis

100 marks – 15% of Final Grade

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In Spring of 2017, Pepsi pulled one of its ads featuring model Kendall Jenner as a protester who hands a can of Pepsi to a police officer facing a crowd of demonstrators.

The ad drew sharp criticism because it was accused of trivializing and mimicking imagery from protests for social justice causes that took place throughout the USA.




  1. Identify what Pepsi was trying to achieve from a branding stand point with this ad and why. (25 marks)


  1. Identify and describe what you believe the problem was with this ad and why it failed horribly. (25 marks)


  1. Identify and describe Pepsi’s brand personality and how this ad hurt it? (25 marks)


  1. How can the Pepsi brand recover from this blunder? What strategies and actions would you recommend that they consider? (25 marks)



  • 6 pages total (including one cover page and reference page)
  • Report reference page(s) must utilize formal APA formatting (don’t forget about including those supporting in-text citations too!).
  • Please recognize that your report WILL BE assessed through the Turn-it-In feature on e-Centennial once submitted. Words that are NOT your own, must be cited.
  • Your report must utilize a font size of no less than 12, and no greater than 14 and is double spaced.
  • You will not be allocated marks for format, grammar, spelling or proper citations. However, you will lose marks if any of these are incorrect.  If your references are not in APA format you will be deducted 10 marks.  If your formatting is incorrect or your grammar / spelling are poor you will be deducted up to 10 marks.

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Order# EE63110-country risk analysis of sneaker brand enter U.K Market

Order# EE63110-country risk analysis of sneaker brand enter U.K Market
we are doing a group paper
we are a sports goods brand that sell sneaker and trying to enter UK market and my parts is country risk
so need to analysis the country risk of UK if we enter the market of sports good in uk. plz only used the data that is 4 years before 2016 only.

Country Risk Country risk (also known as political risk)

■ Differences in host country political, legal and economic regimes may adversely impact firm profitability.

■ Also, laws, regulations and indigenous factors e.g. property rights, intellectual-property protection, product liability, taxation policies, inflation, national debt, and unbalanced international trade, may encumber firm operations and performance.

■ Government intervention: restricts market access; imposes bureaucratic procedures hindering business transactions; and limits the amount of earned income that firms may repatriate from foreign operations.

■ Economic freedom differs among nations- Hong Kong, Singapore and Ireland are known as having the highest levels of economic freedom, see:

below are some useful link that provide from the professor, plz used those

















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