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Homework Help: Buy Essay 1: Ideal Learning Environment

Homework Help: Buy Essay 1: Ideal Learning Environment

Essay 1: Ideal Learning Environment


Purpose: •      To formulate a thesis that conveys YOUR ideal learning environment

•      To support the thesis with reasons and examples

•      To provide development and support for your examples


Readings: ·      Children Full of Life (film)

·      Frederick Douglass’ “Learning to Read and Write”

·      Ines Hernandez-Avila “Para Teresa”

·      “Changing Education Paradigms” (video)

·      This American Life’s “Harper High School” (podcasts)

·      NPR’s “Struggle for Smarts: How Eastern and Western Cultures Tackle Learning” (NPR broadcast)

·      Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave”


Background: Oftentimes when a teacher applies for a position, he or she must submit a statement of his or her education philosophy. Essentially, this is a statement about what the person feels education should be. For this assignment, we are going to slightly tweak that idea and have you write about YOUR ideal learning environment.


To help you brainstorm, consider the following questions:


•         What does your ideal learning environment look like? Think about the physical setting, the people, the facilities (ex. computers, supplies, etc.).

•         What do you expect from your teacher (ex. teaching style, types of assignments, personality)?

•         What do you expect from yourself (ex. work habits, attitude, etc.)?

•         How do the texts listed above illustrate these ideas?

•         What personal experiences do you have to support your statement?


Writing Task:  

What is your ideal learning environment?


This essay is an expository essay written for a general academic audience, meaning that you will explain to the reader what your ideal education environment looks like by offering supporting statements and examples (both personal and from the readings) to illustrate your opinion.




3-4 pages (750-1000); MLA formatting

(see http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/747/01/ for help.)



 Homework Help: Buy Essay 1: Ideal Learning Environment


Write my Essay on Failure in History

Write my Essay on Failure in History

Failure in History


Write my essay on a failure in u.s history

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Need Help-Roles of Credit review Bureau

Need Help-Roles of Credit review Bureau

Roles of Credit review Bureau


Write an essay of literature review explaining the role of Credit review Bureau in enhancing financial security in the east African countries Economies.

Need Help-Roles of Credit review Bureau

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CIS2005-S2-16-Assignment 2 – SAP Practical Written Report

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Due date: 26th August 2016

CIS2005-S2-16-Assignment 2 – SAP Practical Written Report

Assignment 2 – SAP Practical Written Report

Marks : 100

Weighting: 15%

The key concepts and frameworks covered in modules 1–4 are particularly relevant for this assignment. Assignment 2 relates to the specific course learning objectives 1, 2 and 3:

1. analyse information security vulnerabilities and threats and determine appropriate controls that can be applied to mitigate the potential risks

2. demonstrate an ability to communicate effectively both written and orally about the management of information security in organisations And assesses the following graduate skills: The Academic & Professional Literacy and Written & Oral Communication at level 2. Assignment 2 consists of three specific tasks regarding SAP R/3 System Security.

Your Assignment 2 report must be structured as follows:

● Cover page for your assignment 2

● Table of contents

● Body of report – main section for each task with appropriate use of subsections for each task sub report

● Task 1 Login to SAP System Student Account and Complete and Save System/User Profile/Own Data Fields

● Task 2 – Eight reports as specified (include an Excel spreadsheet or Access database) with your submission of Assignment 2 report

● Task 3 – SAP System Security Settings

● List of References

Task 1 Specifications – Login to SAP R/3 System using your student SAP userid and password and Complete System/User Profile/Own Data fields that are currently blank as per Screenshot below

Task 1 Requirements – Complete and save following fields in your SAP R/3 Student Account User Profile Title, Last name, First name, Function, Department, Room Number, Floor and Building and provide a screen capture of completed fields in System/User Profile/Own Data Screen in your SAP R/3 Student Account for Task 1 in your Assignment 2 Report 2

Task 2 Specifications – Analyze SAP Security Audit Log Data.

Userdata.xls is a spreadsheet log file containing summarized records of user activity on a client’s SAP R/3 system. Each record contains the following fields:

Field Description

USERID USERID identifies an unique user

YYYYMM YYYYMM describes when the user action took place.

YYYYMM is useful for summarising user activity by month.

TCODE TCODE refers to the transaction (option on the menu) performed by the user.

TEXT TEXT describes the outcome of the transaction action, including its success or failure. Some tcodes are blank.

TCODESTAT TCODESTAT is an invented transaction code for each action indicating whether the action was successful (-0) or failed (-1).

TCD TCD is the same as TCODESTAT, except there is no -0 or -1.

TSTATUS TSTATUS indicates whether the action was successful or not (0/1).

TCOUNT TCOUNT is the number of times the user has performed this action, with this outcome, in the month

YYYYMM. TTEXT TTEXT is the narrative description of the TCODE.

Task 2 Requirements Use a software of your choice (spreadsheet, database, statistical package etc) to analyze the provided SAP Security Audit Log File (Userdata.xls), and generate the required eight user activity reportslisted below and provide a brief description for each user activity report (About 500 words in total for all eight required reports/graphs) (hint this assignment 2 task 2 is best done using MS Excel pivot tables or Microsoft Access database SQL queries). The required eight user activity reports are: 1. Alphabetic list of all actions and their frequency by any selected user, e.g. USER-040. 2. List of users performing unsuccessful activities. 3. List of transaction codes performed, with their frequency by each user. 4. List of users engaging in security-related actions. 5. Top 10 users in terms of frequency of activity. 6. List of users who are dormant – in the range USER-001 to USER-050. 7. You should also produce at least 2 reports or charts based on any of the above previous reports that summarise user activity over time using YYYYMM date format. 3 TASK 3 Specifications – Analyze and discuss SAP System-Wide Security Settings. You are required to review the system-wide security settings on a SAP R/3 system. The data file SAP_RSPARAM_Basis.xlsx contains an extract from the client’s system. Note you should open this file using an excel spreadsheet to view the system-wide security settings so the fields are aligned correctly. Hint you can use the search function to locate the appropriate SAP system wide security settings and their related values in the data file SAP_RSPARAM_Basis.xlsx. Note you will need to research the relevant SAP System Security literature in order to determine what are recommended values for each SAP System Security Setting. Task 3 Requirements complete the following sub tasks: Task 3a) For each SAP System Security Setting listed in Table 1 complete the User Defined Value, System Default Value and Recommended Value based on your analysis of the SAP_RSPARAM_Basis.xlsx file and the relevant SAP System Security Literature. GLOBAL BIKE COMPANY Table 1 SAP System-Wide Security Settings Date: Prepared by: SAP System Security Settings User-Defined Value System Default Value Recommended Value No auto user SAP* Failed logins to end Failed logins to lock Auto failed unlock Min password length Password expiry (days) Idle Screen logout (seconds) No check on Tcodes Login client No Task 3b) Provide a written evaluation of each SAP System Security Setting, in terms of User Defined Value, System Default Value and Recommended Value in the completed Table 1, describing the SAP System security setting, highlighting any weaknesses exist and if so provide recommendations for improving the current SAP System Security Setting. Your discussion here should be supported by appropriate in-text references (1000 words approx). Note some relevant literature resources on SAP System Security Settings will be provided in Tutorials and Assignment 2 discussion forum. Note: Submission of your assignment 2 report documents will be via the Assignment 2 submission link on the course studydesk. Assignment 2 submission consists of two documents (1) a word document for the Assignment 2 report and (2) an accompanying spreadsheet or an Access database for task 2 of Assignment 2. Note carefully University policy on Academic Misconduct such as plagiarism, collusion and cheating. If any of these occur they will be found and dealt with by the USQ Academic Integrity Procedures. If proven Academic Misconduct may result in failure of an individual assessment, the entire course or exclusion from a University program or programs.

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Marketing in an entrepreneurial context for Eco-Friendly Nursery

Marketing in an entrepreneurial context for Eco-Friendly Nursery

In this scenario, you are still the VP of marketing for Eco-Friendly Nursery; the firm has had some great success, thanks in part to your market analysis that you prepared in Week 3. Due to this success, the founder and CEO has been invited to speak at an industry event about entrepreneurial marketing to offer insights about traveling through the marketing process as a start-up. Mr. Johnson, the CEO, is delighted at this opportunity and has asked you to create a speech that he will deliver about entrepreneurial marketing.

Your Role/Assignment

You are the vice president of marketing for Eco-Friendly Nursery, a small, newly formed nursery that specializes in raising and selling environmentally friendly plants and flowers to flower shops locally, as well as to walk-in customers. Using only organic pesticides and environmentally friendly procedures, your company prides itself on the way its green methods are changing the way nurseries are run throughout the area and eventually the world. You have been asked by Mr. Johnson, owner of Eco-Friendly Nursery, to write a marketing speech to be given at an industry event to highlight your approach.


For this assignment, you will draft a three- to five-page speech that will discuss marketing in an entrepreneurial context for Eco-Friendly Nursery.

You will not actually deliver a speech, but your paper should be constructed as if you were going to do so. You should focus on what you did throughout the start-up process and why, not just recite material from the text.

Be sure to listen to Mr. Johnson, the owner, and Ms. Samantha Smith, the chief horticulturist, because they will describe some of the content they would like to see expressed in your upcoming speech. The information given by these two will not outline all of the criteria that should be included, so you can be creative and add whatever you desire within reason and consistent with the Eco-Friendly Nursery mission and the knowledge gained in this course.


Mr. Joe Johnson, founder and owner of Eco-Friendly Nursery


Thanks for coming to this meeting. Before we begin, let me tell you how impressed we were with your marketing analysis report you did a few weeks ago. I am sure you will do well on this assignment, too.

As you know, we do things differently at our company, and we have amazing products that are grown in a very environmentally friendly way. Thanks in part to your great market analysis, we have found rapid success. As a result, I have been invited to give a speech on entrepreneurial marketing.

This speech should focus on the entrepreneurial nature of our marketing approach. Although we have an amazing product and a great marketing plan that we want everyone to learn about, this speech should highlight what we did in the past few months and the approach we took.

First, in the introduction of the speech, please describe how we view marketing (definition, steps, purpose, and process) and how we view marketing in the context of a new venture as being different from traditional corporate marketing. This part is critical for the audience to understand.

Then describe the processes we used for idea sourcing and scanning, assessing environmental forces, opportunity evaluation, and business modeling.

After that, point out the various methods we used to become intimately familiar with the market and what we learned through this research process.

The last part of this speech, from my perspective, is to show how we conducted an in-depth customer and competitive assessment and analysis, listing what data and insights this yielded for us to help guide the business. In doing this, how did we segment the market? Discuss our process and method selected, the results, how and why we selected the target we selected, and how our firm is positioning the product and why.

That is all I have for the first part of the speech. Samantha will talk with you about the product and branding requirements that she feels are important to include, as well.

I am heading to another meeting, so I will let you and Samantha chat. Have a great day, and I look forward to reading your speech.

Ms. Samantha Smith, Chief Horticulturist

Thanks, Mr. Johnson. We have been friends for several years, and I have never met anyone better at running the day-to-day operations of a world-class nursery.

As he just mentioned, I want to talk about the part of the speech that discusses our product and branding strategies.

In this part, please provide an overview of the product—specifically, the characteristics—and discuss our competitive advantage in the industry.

Once you have done this, you can explain how we branded the product and discuss our plan to build brand equity.

After this, you should end your speech with the last three Ps. We already spent time talking about the environmentally friendly product; now we should end with a discussion on the promotion tactics, pricing, and distribution plan.

As you may realize, there is much to discuss in our marketing speech, but the reward to explain our strategies to other marketing executives will create tremendous buzz for our company.

Good luck on creating the speech.

Category Points Description
Criteria/Creativity 50 Demonstrate a strong grasp of the problem at hand. Demonstrate an understanding of how the course concepts apply to the problem. Be sure to include the basic concepts and criteria of entrepreneurial marketing. Show creativity with the assignment, and outline interesting ways to create the proposal.
Understanding 25 Be sure you show mastery of the course content. A demonstration of research outside of the course work will be evaluated. Did you find criteria that are not explained in the details?
Execution 25 Write your answer clearly and succinctly using strong organization and proper grammar. Use citations correctly.
Total 100 A quality paper will meet or exceed all of the above requirements.


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