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Order# FE856, Real Estate Finance and Investment

 Order# FE856, Project for real estate
RE 7042: Real Estate Finance and Investment
University of Cincinnati Lindner

College of Business
well estab
lished, non
profit organization
interested in a long
term, low
risk real estate investment
to help support
organization is
targeting a
9% annual return on their equity of
The organization is
very interested in
multifamily housing
market around universities
and have identified
the area arou
UC as a potential
area for acquisitions
a broker who told them that there was a
property for sale
near UC
. Using the
information provided below
you are to evaluate the suitability of this investment.
The Property
Clifton Castle
is a mixed
use project
, class A property,
which include
residential, retail, and parking
facilities. For the residential
component there are 45 one
bedroom, 45 two
bedroom, and 5 three
bedroom apartments. There are also 118 parking spaces available for the residential tenants
leased at $600 per year per space to residential tenants. Rents in the market are highly
should conduct your own re
search on current lease rates for rents
in the UC area
The building also
includes 18,000 square feet of retail space. For the retail space, 12,000 square feet is currently leased at
a rate of $1
per square foot (PS
F). In addition, there are 91 car parking spaces available for retail
rates for the parking are charged at $1 per hour, up to a maximum of $5 per day.
operating expenses for the property
(including property taxes)
are estimated to be $728
The broker indicated there are three potential tenants ready to sign a lease for the last 6,000 SF of retail
known local bar/restaurant willing to pay rent of $24.00 PSF year one and increasing a $1.00
PSF each year for a total of fiv
e years.
They require $60.00 PSF in tenant improvement allowance
from the owners.
They have $5,000,000 in equity on their c
ompany balance sheet;
tenant with cool new retail concept of selling bourbon with a 24 hour gaming area but will need
free rent
for the first 12 months to offset the costs to purchase their FFE (fixtures, furniture and
They are willing to pay $27.00 PSF in rent year two and
.50 bumps each year in
years three four and five. They will require $35.00 PSF in tenant impro
vements from the
Their cousin is going to help design and construct the space.
Their credit score is 689 and
they have no money so they are borrowing $500,000 from their rich uncle to help with the start
n office tenant who is a 10
year old architectural firm moving from downtown to be closer to the
new construction activity.
They are willing to pay $19.00 PSF in rent with
.50 annual bumps for a
total of five year term.
They will require $35.00 psf in tenant improvement allowanc
Their credit
score is 950 and they have $500,000 of cash in the bank.
All te
nants can open by August 1, 2016
and all require the landlord to pay a 6% commission to the
The property can be financed using a
commercial mortgage
with a fixed
interest rate of 5.25%
up to 70%
of the value of the property
. The loan
will have a
term of ten years and loan amortization will
calculated on a 30 year basis
. Cap rates for selection of comparable properties currently average around
Would you b
uy this property and if so, which tenant would
you put in the vacant space?
Fully explain
your investment advice to the non
profit organization.
Clearly state any assumptions you make to
complete the analysis.
5pm, April 28, 2016
Word limi
t: Max 2
00 words in addition to any calculations shown.

Order# FP652; Human rights and global justice

Order# FP652; Human rights and global justice

Please answer (choose) ONE of the following questions
1. ‘International human rights law is both practically and conceptually incapable of addressing poverty.’
Evaluate the above statement.
2. ‘The idea that individuals should not be discriminated against due to characteristics or features inherent to them, is one of the central notions upon which the international human rights law edifice is built. The paradox is, that notwithstanding this, international human rights law entrenches discrimination against women in the name of religion or custom.’
Evaluate the above statement.
3. ‘Global human rights enforcement mechanisms, be they treaty based or Charter based are simply not fit for purpose’.
Evaluate the above statement.
Dear writer,

– I am a master of law student in an English university. So, I would like UK writer not American writer please.
– I need to get distinction in this assignment of the module (Human rights and global justice), so if (Human rights Law) is not your specific area in law, lets change the writer from the beginning please as I had some problems and failed in the module in the last semester, and my order online was not useful last time and I wasted my time and money!

1. Before you start writing, tell me what did you choose please.
2. Have a look at the attached files please. You will find these files:
* Module Introductory Pack, I sent you this file so as to depend (mostly) on the Reading and Resource Lists that the teacher depends on.
* Questions and Instructions, so as to choose one of the topics
3. Use as much references as you can please.
4. My assignment should be written in the UK system, it called OSCOLA , I didn’t find it in the options of Paper citation style! do you have an idea about that please?
5. Please, be careful of grammatical and spelling mistakes as I am not perfect in English language and it maybe hard to me to get them correct.
6. If I like your paper, I may choose you to write my dissertation in June.

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